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I am back again after a long wait and really quickly I need to address something. This is really to nip a problem in the bud before it gets out of control. I know it may seem like it's "over-reacting" but I like to take precautions so things don't go over board. I get bad reviews sometimes and some of my reviewers may say the worse things about my stories but everyone is entitled to their opinions. I want everyone to know not to retaliate to any bad reviews and vice-versa. What a person says will not have an affect over my story writing or feelings. So please don't not argue in the reviews.

With that said, I saw some of you asking for more of both stories I wrote and would like to apologize for not updating. I have been procrastinating for awhile, however, recent reviews have brought my focus back to this site. So both stories will receive updates in about a week from now. Starting with the FNAF fanfic. A Twist in Fate will be updated the week after next. As always readers ENJOY the stories, new chapter will be up next Saturday.

Twitter name to follow @JeanMoore117


D.O.B: Feb 10th

Favorite color(s): black, dark green, grey, white, silver

Hobby: Gaming, Basketball, not being a noob!

Sport i play: Basketball

Favorite Car: The Mustang

favorite food: pizza pockets!!!, mini tacos, corn dogs, CUPCAKES,(don't worry i eat healthy at times)

favorite drinks: water, Gatorade, mtn dew, monster energy, nos energy drink

favorite video game(s) of all time: The Halo Series, Five nights at Freddy's 1,2,3, Gears of War Series, Spyro the Dragon, Twisted Metal 4, Super Smash Bros Melee

Favorite cartoon(currently): SpongeBob Squarepants, Adventure Time, MLP:FIM, Tuff Puppy, Amazing World of Gumball,

My major: Computer Science, focus on programming.

favorite fanfic of MLP FIM of all time: Cupcakes(this story is the reason why i watch my little pony and became a brony in the process)

A little bit more about me: I will admit i am random most of the times(reason...don't ask). I am a hard core gamer and i still play basketball(and yeah it is hard to balance the two) I am into F.P.S games because it makes you feel like your part of the game. FPS games are my fav but not the only genre i play. Gear of War is awesome, i use to play Pokemon but that was when Pokemon gold and silver came out, I loved the game ratchet and clank(i wish i could have a ps3 but its sooo damn expensive!) I love playing twisted metal with friends oh and the Spyro series was awesome, didn't like the alternate one with Cynder because it was more dark. Oh and 007 golden eye for the n64 was the game that made me an FPS fan, gawd I remember the days of arguing over who gets to be Odd Job. oh back to other games i liked, i am a big fan of tekken, i still have Tekken 6 with me somewhere.

now for my fan character

Name: Jean Moore (This is me but i won't give out my real name. and no i am not 15, i made him younger because i felt like it)

Age: 15(during the story A Twist in Fate. I might make him older if i come up with a way to make the story longer.)

Height: 6'1

Weight: 161

Likes: Video Games, Mtn Dew, pizza pockets, Lucky Charms cereal, women.

Dislikes: Bullies, spiders, waking up early in the morning(he isn't a morning person you'll see later in the story)

Jean tends to be...oblivious to his surroundings at times. The reason is unknown. He's sometimes nice towards people who are nice to him but if threaten will shout out rather hurtful words. example he calls people noobs if he thinks the person doesn't know what he or she is talking about when trying to make fun of him. Lag is often used by Jean when someone is taking to long on doing something or explaining something(or if he doesn't want to hear the rest of the sentence). Jean makes video game references as a result of his gaming addiction. On a side note(Jean is perverted as fuck you will see that throughout his story)

His Current appearance: African American male, black long dreads, brown eyes, small hickey on the right side of his neck given to him by Pinkie Pie.

Current feelings towards Roy: Deep Hatred

Current feelings towards Najmi: Not Sure

Current Feelings towards Bubble Shine: Deep Hatred

Big Macintosh:

current feelings about his situation:

Name: Roy Fury

Age: 18

Height: 6'2

Likes: Puzzles, Women, Manipulating others, having fun, adventure

Dislikes: Idiots, boring people, waking up, doing nothing

Roy is a manipulator, he spends his time finding out the best course of action to take that will benefit himself. He puts up a front around others but has a soft spot for the women he cares about. He is so calculative that he will miss some obvious signs. He is big on adventure and a fan of Free Running.

His Current appearance: Caucasian, light hair, in shape, Cerulean eyes

current feelings about Jean: Regret

current feelings about his situation: Excited

Other OC's

Name: Najmi (Na-gee-mee) Porche

Age: 18

Height: 5"7

Weight: 156 lbs

Personality: He is kind and enjoys having fun with people around him.

Cloths: White T-shirt, Black Biker Jacket with Skull and Crossbones on the back. Black Jeans, Black Belt, Skull and Crossbones as the Belt Buckle and Skull with Crossbones Necklace. Black Nikes.

Likes: 360 games, listening to I Pod, having fun, fighting anyone that messes with him or friends, and helping others.

Dislike: Assholes, ignorance, 2 faced people, Insulted, Being used, and being outsmarted.

Bio: Najmi Porche was just a normal Black teenager who had everything, friends, good grades (Except Math), good family, and everything he wanted.

current appearance: Shirtless, blue long loose fitting pair of jeans, black tennis shoes.

current feelings about Jean: Sad

current feelings about his situation: Confused, shocked, and horrified

Name: Bubble Shine

Height: 5"1

weight: 142 lbs

Personality: Mischievous but only around Jean. Other times just laid back.

Clothes: N/A

Likes: Jean, apple's, staring at the moon at night before going to sleep, reading, painting.

Dislikes: Loud noises.

Bio: Before Jean arrived, Bubble Shine was a talented painter who had a deep crush for Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie but after Jean arrived and captured their hearts he became angry. However his whole life changed once he noticed that his feelings for Jean changed after seeing a side of him he liked.

Cutie Mark: Bubble Shine cutie mark is three circles one red, one blue, and one yellow signifying his love of painting.

current appearance: Green fur, brown hooves, male

current feelings about Jean: Confused

current feelings about his situation: Confused (odd memories are coming back to him)

Name: Snicker Doodle

height: 4"3

weight: 112lbs

personality: tomboy

clothes: N/A

Cutie Mark: Black Shooting Star(racing). current job is a delivery pony.

current appearance: light brown fur, dark green eyes. Long black straight hair.

current feelings about Jean: Worried

current feelings about her situation: Angry

bio: Not too much os known about Snickerdoodle other than the fact that she used to live in thw human world under the name of Jennette where she was apperently Jean's girlfriend. She is a firecracker, stubborn, and never hesitates to speak her mind.

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