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Hey! You're looking at my profile! That's awesome! If you're here, that probably means you want to find out about either me or the stories I'm writing. We'll go with me first.

I'm a seventeen year old male, and I'm in love with Glee. If you can't tell by my story, I'm especially in love with Puck and Blaine. I also love a variety of other things (since who only likes one thing?) but those don't matter. What matters? My stories!

I'm pretty much entirely finished with P&B: When I Saw You, I'm just now going back and reviewing and revamping each chapter. After i make sure everything is perfect, I'll update. What does this mean? I should have the whole story up in no time!

Oh, and a special shout out to RavenHeart101, your the reason i got into fanfiction, Thank you! (sorry i never review, I read all of your stuff before i started reviewing)

If you care about my opinion (or you want to know who is most likely going to be in my fics)- then these are my favorite artists. I put some introduction songs you should listen to in parenthesis.

1. Mariah Carey (We Belong Together, When You Believe, Fantasy, Emotions, Hero, Dreamlover) (She has two of my favorite albums of all time, Daydream and The Emancipation of Mimi)

2. Nicki Minaj (Romans Revenge, her "Monster" verse, Fly, I Get Crazy, Go Hard (omg epic))

3. Lady Gaga (You & I (eargasm), Born this Way, No Floods, Bad Romance, Future Love)

4. Haley Reinhart/Melanie Amaro

Seeing as both of these girls were just in American Idol/X Factor, you'll have to listen to their TV performances

Haley (Bennie and the Jets, The House of the Rising Sun, You've Really Got a Hold on Me, I (Who Have Nothing))

Melanie (Feeling Good (especially the last ten seconds), The World's Greatest, Desperado, When You Believe)

5. Rebecca Ferguson (Shoulder to Shoulder, Run Free, Too Good to Lose, Teach Me How to be Loved, Amazing Grace (X factor performance))

Other Female artists i love, but aren't in my official top 5

Adele (One and Only, Crazy for You)

Demi Lovato (Skyscraper, Fix a Heart, Your Love Is Like A Star)

Alicia Keys (If I Ain't Got You, That's How Strong My Love Is, Fallin', How It Feels To Fly)

India.Arie - special thanks to nubianarmy, thank you for showing me her! (He Heals Me, This Too Shall Pass, Complicated Melody, India's Song)

Christina Aguilera (Come on Over Baby, Fighter, Beautiful, Elastic Love)

Leona Lewis (Colorblind, Brave, Bleeding Love)

Beyonce (1+1, Schoolin Life, Single Ladies, Baby Boy)

Cheryl Cole (Parachute, Don't Talk About this Love, Heaven)

Kelly Clarkson (If No One Will Listen, The Sun Will Rise, Miss Independent, Low)

Male Artists.

Van Morrison (The Healing Game, Burning Ground, Piper at the Gates of Dawn, Days Like This)

Adam Lambert (Fever, Better Than I Know Myself, Tracks of my Tears (idol performance))

The-Dream (Florida University, Right Side of my Brain, Falsetto)

Drake (Make Me Proud, Headlines, Miss Me, Fireworks)

Anything David Guetta

Anthony Hamilton (just getting into him, so don't know much, but try - Pray for Me, Writing on the Wall, Broken Man)

Jason Aldean (You're the Love I Wanna Be In, Tattoos on this Town, Laughed Until We Cried)


Sugarland (Love, Stay, All I Want to Do, Little Miss)

One Direction (That's What Makes You Beautiful, Up all Night, Taken, Moments)

The Exies (Ugly, Baptize Me, Tired of You, My Goddess, Lo-Fi)

Zac Brown Band (Colder Weather, Chicken Fried, Free, Highway 20 Ride)

Blink 182 (ADAMS SONG!, Miss you, All the Small Things, Give Me One Good Reason)

The Civil Wars (Poison & Wine, Barton Hollow, 20 Years)

Cute Is What We Aim For (Risque, Finger Twist and Split, The Fourth Drink Instinct, Navigate Me)

Five For Fighting (100 Years, Superman, The Riddle)

Florence and the Machine (Shake It Out, Cosmic Love, Never Let Me Go)

MGMT (Congradulations, Electric Feel, Time to Pretend, Kids, I Found a Whislte)

Don't be afraid to PM if you want to talk about any of these artists, really i love talking about music. I'm kind of crazy about it, so if you want to maybe introduce me to someone you think I'd like, please, tell me. And if you found anybody new after looking at this list, you neeeeeed to tell me.

Music :)

Librarians and Pools by RavenHeart101 reviews
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"You're seriously going to do this? You're not going to stop until somebody has sex with you?" "Only you could make me feel more useless and like a piece of shit than I can. Thank you, Derek. Thank you." He started to tug away, but Derek gripped him tighter. "Than it'll have to be me."
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A Heart as Loud as Lions reviews
In the summer after seventh grade, Blaine Anderson returned to Lima. He didn't think anybody would notice how broken he was. He didn't expect anybody to really understand him. He didn't expect to find a boy that he trusted completely. He didn't expect to share his horrible life story with anybody, especially not with that Noah Puckerman kid. Then again, Noah was broken too.
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