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Note: I'm not currently writing anything, nor do I really plan to in the near future. But I'm still on the site and if you want to contact me about my fics or your fics or even just what you had for lunch, feel free to send me a PM.
PMs containing ideas are always welcome, as are reviews on my stories. I also allow guest reviews, so you don't even need to be a member to submit a review on a story.
I would like to thank all those who are using guest accounts and leaving reviews. I normally PM my thanks, but since I can't do that with Guests, I can only thank you here on my profile and hope you read it: thanks! All your reviews really mean a lot to me!

Hi, I'm Javanos!

Almost anywhere I use this username, I get "What does Javanos mean?" or "What's a Javanos?" and many other similar questions. (You can only imagine how tired I got of this while playing xbox)
So to answer, Javanos is a made up thing by my cousin. He had a pet named Java and took a picture of Ragnaros and pasted a picture of his pet's head on it and called it Javanos. That is pretty much it.

I'm 22 years old right now, and sometime this year I'll turn 23, then on the same day next year, I'll turn 24, and so on and so forth until my body ceases to exist.


I have many interests, so many that I would prefer not to use the limit of characters to list them all... what's that? There isn't a character limit? I already knew that... Hence why I said it. But I guess I could list a few off

Pokemon (Yay for the few people I have found on the internet that have been with it from when it first got to America, and still enjoy it!...If that made any sense to you readers...)

Reading (as long as it is decent with a good story-line, I'll read it, especially if I'm bored)

Listening to Music (I'm not sure of anyone who doesn't enjoy listening to at least some type of music)

Playing video games (be it RPG, FPS, RTS, the list goes on and on and on)

Watching/displaying/listening/playing all of the above said interests on my EPIC ALIENWARE LAPTOP!!! (Yeah, that's right. I pwn nwbz wit dis ting >:)

Running and Core (I used to run cross country, indoor and outdoor track for my school, if you are into that stuff then you might have heard of my high school team Rush-Henrietta)

Programming (I'm using too many witty comments so I'll leave a few without one)

Writing poetry: I like to use similes and metaphors to create a beautiful picture. I'll occasionally have an urge to write some lyrics too (though I have yet to find someone who will make a song from them sadly)

Christianity (what I mean is things like going to church, reading my Bible, etc. please no comments about how I'm a goody two shoes or how I'm closed minded just because I'm a christian and religious)

Photography: I love taking pictures of nature! I have discovered a way to get my pictures on my computer! YEYZ!

Anime: After watching TTGL I got sucked into the world of Anime.

-Angel Beats, Toradora!, To Aru series, Accel World, TTGL, Guilty Crown, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, Detective Conan, Stein's;Gate, etc.

well I feel like that is probably a large enough list of my interests to keep you people who don't know me satiated :)

I probably should have something here about which ships I like or support or hate or etc. With me, it's pretty simple


1.) Pearlshipping- I just think Dawn is really cute with Ash. I could go and pour over every episode and over-analyze every bit of it and give you a list of reasons why "they belong together", but I'm not trying to convert people here. Edit: Well funny story, so one day, Javanos decided to analyze the shippings and made a list of hints of pearlshipping. Javanos also analyzed the behaviors of each shipping, but isn't going to put the list here...yet, muahahahaha (I just felt like typing muahahahahaha, I haven't done it in a while)

2.) I don't really support more than one ship at a time since I believe Ash should only be going out with one girl at a time... wait, why did I put this on the list then... *looks at self in mirror confused* well I guess I would have to say advanceshipping would be my second favorite.


Pretty much every other shipping

Don't like:

Ikarishipping (I don't really like Ikarishipping, but if Paul is wrote well (meaning he is nice, therefore OOC) I'm fine with it.)
Palletshipping( or any maleXmale or femaleXfemale shipping, sorry it just doesn't appeal to me, no matter how you make the characters.)

I try to plan my stories out before publishing them here so if I manage to hook any of you, you won't be waiting too long for the story to progress. So you might not get much activity from me for a while, then I'll randomly post a story, only to fall back and not be seen again for however long.

Happy Reading!


Below you will find A guide I typed up. It outlines what I view as qualities that a good fan fiction or story has. Note that I don't really care if you disagree with my opinions, I've read plenty of fan fictions and what is below is what I've taken and try to use in planning my fics. To the more knowledgeable, it probably won't be too much help, but feel free to read it anyway. Happy Reading!

Javanos' guide to a quality fan fiction:

Primary storyline/plot

Main event

In a story there normally is one main event, the rest of the events that occur are driven by this event. (Like in Lord of the Rings the Main event is getting to Mordor and destroying The Ring.)

Primary events

I don't know if this is an actual term or not, but nonetheless:
Primary events are big points in the story. There is a buildup to the Primary event normally, it would be mentioned a few chapters before so there is an objective for the chapters between to follow, without going straight to the Main event. (Continuing with the Lord Of the Rings theme: Primary events in LOTR would be like the forest battle when Boromir dies, Battle of Helm's Deep, Battle of Minis Tirith.) Generally, Primary events are important, and a story would have holes in its plot if one were skipped or missed.


Unsure what else to call them
Events are the little things, if you were to list the events of a chapter, you would end up with essentially a summary. Multiple events are used every chapter, and the length of the chapter changes how many events there are. (Such as: characters arrive at castle, characters warn king, king ignores, characters leave... etc.) This bullet is slightly unneeded due to people naturally writing events in.


The Sub-plot is essentially filler, it is used to give the reader a break from constantly moving towards the Main event in a story. Unless the story is a romance, the sub-plot is most commonly the development of a relationship between two characters in the story. But it could be other things.(I.E: a romance in an action film, the Main event of an action film probably isn't going to be a wedding.)

Secondary events/chapters

Secondary events give your story life, they don't contribute to developing the Main event usually, They could be seen as details or contributing to the sub-plot. (Characters decide to take a break from traveling, comic relief character is more active in these chapters, character relationships grow.

Character development

A good fan fiction has character development. The main character is introduced having this attitude, emotions, intelligence, etc. And it is through character development that people start to connect to the character. Revealing personal thoughts, having them act a certain way, or just reaffirming their initial traits. Through character development, an author can make a character the readers absolutely hate at first, but by the end, the readers love the character
(A good example is Darkrai from the 10th Pokemon movie. He started as a dark, evil seeming character who just randomly attacked people and pokemon, but it is revealed slowly that Darkrai is actually just trying to protect the garden.) essentially, by talking about the character and his/her thoughts, actions, behavior, you are adding character development.

Grammar, spelling, word choice, punctuation

Yey! The technicalities of whatever language you use! We all know the very basics and few people actually abide by all the rules. But the closer you follow the rules, the better your writing turns out.


Things such as proper placement of commas, periods, semi-colons, colons and any other punctuation is very important. A misplaced comma, or the failure to place a comma, can change the meaning of an entire sentence.


Spelling is important, if you have too many spelling errors it can make even an expertly made storyline look like trash. Besides making you look less intelligent, having too many spelling errors can make reading your story a pain as the reader has to constantly thing of what the word is supposed to be. It keeps the reader from really getting into the story.

Word choice:

This has many qualities that can be matched with spelling. Often people will say something like “Look over their!” This is improper and should be “Look over there!”

Too many of these errors, and it has the same effect as too many spelling errors. So make sure you know the word you are using is the correct one!
But word choice can also come when you are deciding how you are typing something. Are you using a word that fits in with the rest of the words you are using? In other words, if you are not using “big words”, don't throw one in randomly, it will seem out of place and take away from the scene. Word choice could also be included under details.


In general, besides giving the reader an image to see the scene, details slow down the pace of the story. It is a good idea to have a sub-plot since it allows for more details to be put in. But there are cases where it is fine to not have a sub-plot, just be sure you have enough details to fill the space then.

Word choice/phrasing:

The way the writer phrases an event, and the words used to describe it are important!Through details, the writer paints a canvas for the reader to see. Simple things like instead of saying “ They entered the forest.” you could say “They walked through the tall green trees as they entered the forest.” It gives the reader a better view of what is going on. If you phrase everything blandly, it makes the story seem very linear and gray, since the reader has more difficulty seeing what is being wrote.


I put the sub plot here because the Sub-plot is not needed in the sense of moving the story along, but it is needed to slow the pace down so the story doesn't seem rushed. It also creates more openings for descriptive scenes, character development and overall quality of the story.

Even though I love stories with tons of detailed descriptions of events and places, make sure you don't over do it. You need to find a balance between plot progression, and details. (so don't spend an entire paragraph describing a pebble on the road.)


Original Characters:

Adding OC s to your story is a good way to prove you are not just following some template and that your story is different from the rest. Make sure you have a physical description, but then also make sure you give them their own unique personality, attitude and mannerism. If you just give a physical description, while it shows creativity, it is just a template. When you add mental and emotional aspects to the character, it brings the character to life.

Storyline/plot or overall idea

While it isn't too bad if you write it well, using an overused storyline/plot and/or overarching idea leads to repetition, which eventually leads to a cliché. Yeah, of course it seems like a great idea. That is why it is a cliché, because everyone thought it was a great idea. When a writer makes an idea that is unique and different from everyone else, it draws attention to that writer/story. Originality in making your story makes it much easier to hook people on your story. (So that means while there are some great high school shipping stories, one that isn't stands out and is more likely to be clicked on.)


Most writers will vehemently tell you to never use any cliches in your writing ever, I don't like this. One, because people that are like that, act like if they see even one cliché in a great story, the entire story is ruined. Now the actual reason I don't really like that is because cliches are labeled as so because they were great ideas. Sayings such as “light as a feather” or “not the brightest bulb...” The trick is to use them in a way, that is unique. The easiest way to acceptably use cliches would be for sarcastic humor (For example: "Oh yeah, because snorlax is just, light as a feather."). Cliches can be dangerous though, if you can, try your best not to include any well known cliches, and if you can't figure something out on your own, make sure you have only one or two per few chapters (so like one or two cliches over a total of 4 chapters).

Now please note that if there is something stupid, or a mistake or anything else of the sort, I typed this up, finally finishing at 1:33AM, being quite tired (but for some odd reason, not wanting to go to bed yet...) Please point out if I have some gross error in my guide, like saying punctuation isn't important... That would be a bad thing to have in a guide. Feel free to PM corrections (especially the character development part)

Below is a list I compiled of Pearlshipping hints. It does not include all hints or suggestions that I found, just a few. Some I felt unneeded to be listed, others were just a bit too far out there. Either way, I may decide to make a full list later. Thanks to Bulbapedia since they have a massive list there.

Overview: (not really, just some more of my thoughts)

Ash helps and comforts Dawn, occasionally saving her, Dawn responds to Ash's kindness by doing as much as she can for the boy, she occasionally worries about Ash. They argue every now and then, usually leading to something that people spectate as shippy. The large amount of similarities between the two is often used in support of the shipping also. (unknown father, both saw a legendary at the start of their journey, both their pokemon prefer to stay outside of the poke ball, Both attempt to save their first pokemon from a large group of pokemon, only to have the pokemon risk itself, both are highly confident and have a strong determination...etc.)

Speculated evidence: (things that could possibly be hints, but no hard backing)

Stuck in the Valley Windworks: Lyra asks Dawn if Ash is her boyfriend, she hastily denies and Lyra continues to say “Ash is quite the catch.” Dawn is intrigued and thinks about it for a moment

While trying to catch a rouge gibble, Ash runs into a trapinch's sand trap. Ash is saved by Khouri, and Dawn scolds him. They get into an argument and Lyra comments “Nothing like two people who care.” (or something like that)

The group camped out and Dawn refuses to come out of her tent until her hair is fixed

At the end of the 11th movie, Ash and Dawn are looking up in the sky, Ash turns his head slightly, almost as though he is looking at Dawn, with a confused look, which changes to a smile and he looks back into the sky.

At the end of the 10th movie, while looking up at Darkrai, Ash looks far to his right, so he can see Dawn. It is probably argued that Ash was looking at Pikachu, but Pikachu gave no signs hinting that he saw Ash looking at him, despite the fact that Ash's head moved directly into Pikachu's field of view.

Friendship evidence: (things friends would do, but could be read into to create a deeper meaning)

High fives: become something of a trademark between Ash and Dawn (secret handshake)

cheering at contests: Ash always cheered for Dawn, not missing any of her contests

cheering at gyms: For important battles, Dawn would get dressed up in a cheerleader outfit and cheer for Ash (Often used as hard evidence, but it could be attributed to Dawn's personality.)

Opening scene in 12th movie (Arceus and the Jewel of Life): Ash and Dawn and Brock go swimming in a steam (standing more but you know), Ash splashes Dawn and she splashes him back, Brock is standing off to the side smiling as he watches his two friends playing together.

Ash will often use Dawn's catchphrase “No need to worry” to cheer her up or encourage her

The night before the Hearthome collection, Ash compliments Dawn's dress designs. (was on the balcony and the scene was just Dawn, Ash and Pikachu)

Dawn chose to go and cheer Ash on in the Sinnoh League, over traveling with her childhood friend, Kenny.

Warm milk after contest: After a contest loss, Ash walks over to Dawn with a cup (I think it looked more like a mug, but doesn't really matter) Ash says something like “Here Dawn, I brought you some warm milk.” Dawn makes a comment (I think, I can't exactly remember), Ash admits that it was actually Brock who suggested he do so.

Strong evidence: (indisputable, shows there is either an extremely close friendship or feelings for other)

10th Movie (Rise of Darkrai):

When Dawn falls out of the balloon, Ash grabs her hand and tries to pull her back in but he looses his grip
Ash falls from the tower and Dawn grabs him, trying to save him, but ends up falling
(showing she is willing to give her life just to try to save Ash's), buizel saves the two ( piplup who was trying to help Dawn), once back on solid ground, still holding each others hand,Dawn places her free hand on top of Ash's.

Dawn is watching Ash train after helping out at the cafe, she gets sad and starts crying. Ash walks over and tenderly asks if she is crying (“got something in your eyes right?”)
(This is evidence because it is one of the few times an emotional display gets past Ash's thick skull... almost, hahaha, still a rare, tender moment)

After Ash's first battle with Paul:

Dawn expresses how bad she feels for Ash, sadly stating his name right after the battle,

Dawn is saddened because she wants to do something to help Ash, Brock is helping Nurse Joy heal Ash's pokemon. Piplup gives her the idea to put on a circus, Dawn goes so far as to put on her contest dress for the show.

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