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Hey Fan fiction browsers, this is MJ dancer and Sonic lover. In case you didn't know, I changed my pen name, it's just that the firsts bits the old one. I'm 25, I'm male, I'm christian and I'm a fan of Michael Jackson. I liked and/or loved him when I was a kid and more so now a days. And I'm also a fan of Sonic the hedgehog and his first two games were the ones I had fun playing rather I win or lose when I was a kid. That's why they my favorite.

My favorite things to read in books: Sonic the hedgehog, nature, forests, trees, Australia, renewable energy, Star wars and Bible.

My favorite Sonic people: Sonic the hedgehog, Tails the two tailed fox, uncle Chuck, Sally Acorn the cross breed of squirrel and chipmunk, Elias the cross breed of squirrel and chipmunk, Max the squirrel, Nicole the digital lynx, Knuckles the edcina, Amy Rose the hedgehog, Shadow the hedgehog, Rotor the walrus, Burnie the rabbit, Jules the robotizied hedgehog, Bunnie he hedgehog, Sonia the hedgehog, Manic the hedgehog Silver the hedgehog and Rouge the bat.

My hated Sonic people: Inxus, Mammoth Mogul,Dr Robotnick/Eggman, Grounder, Scratch, Coconuts, and Snively.

My favorite movies: Michael Jackson moon walker, Michael Jackson ghost, Michael Jackson this is it, This is the end, Over the hedge, Shrek, The lion king, The lion king two: Samba's pride, Titanic, Independence day, Terminators 1, 2, 3 and 4, Jingle all the way, The star wars saga, Harry Potters 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, I am legend, Men in black 1 and 2, Happy Gilmore, Big daddy, I robot, Theory of everything and Alvin and the chipmunks.

My favorite cartoons: Alvin and the Chipmunks. Sonic the hedgehog.

My favorite television shows: Life after people, Aftermath: Population zero, Top gear, the Australian version for Top gear, Everybody loves Raymond, King of queens, The adventures of Sonic the hedgehog, Sonic the hedgehog SATAM and Sonic underground.

My favorite shout film is Bad from Michael Jackson. Did you know the song bad was part of the film.

My favorite foods: Corned beef pie, tortillas, tacos, pizza, nachos, cookies which in Australia we call biscuits, Ozzie stayed chili dogs with beetroot for a final topping and beet root juice , witch I came up for a chilidog recipe myself,vegetables like pumpkin, regular potato's, sweet potato's, broccoli, carrots, peas, silver beet, beet root, lettuce, onion, and red onion and some fruits like bananas, peaches strawberries, mango's, avocado, cherry's and pears. Some of the pop stars favorites are on my list of favorite foods. You can find out what all of Michael Jackson's favorite foods are on ifood.tv by clicking on that link, select blog on it's search engine and typing down Michael Jackson's favorite foods except for apple turn overs and sweet potato pies which I read in a book of him called Michael Jackson the magic and the madness written by J. Randy that they were at a time.

My favorite songs from Michael Jackson: don't stop till you get enough, rock with you, human nature, P.Y.T (pretty young thing), say, say say, the girl is mine, bad, Billie jean, beat it, thriller, we are the world, man in the mirror, jam, you are not alone, black or white, heal the world, earth song, blood on the dance floor, you rock my world, one more chance, this is it, hold my hand, Hollywood tonight, keep your head up, monster and behind the mask.

My other three favorite songs from him and his four brothers: I want you back, a,b,c and can you feel it.

My favorite songs from Alvin and the chipmunks: Christmas don't be late, which doctor, we're the chipmunks, Vinny's lullaby, we're the girls/boys of rock and roll and acceptance.

I also like the epic rap battles of history, mainly cause they had Nice Peter and an eleven year old African American eleven year old boy imitate Michael Jackson in one those ones for season two for ERB. My YouTube account's finally verified yesterday so I can comment on any video's I watch and subscribe to the channels I like. YAY! anyway, the epic rap battles of history is the least of my interest, but they inspire me to write down some creative ones for Alvin and the chipmunks. Oh and did I mention the chipmunks have their own rap song for Christmas named "Stay in line" and that Michael Jackson's a fan of rap. Not the battles, just rap songs. They'll be a second season coming and I'm adding OC's to it. But it won't be happening til November. Oi, I'm busy with other things.

My favorite animals: Common raccoons, chipmunks, kangaroos, koalas, lions, elephants, dogs and cats.

My favorite victual games: Simcity 4, Simcity five, Sims two pets, Sim animals, Michael Jackson the experience, Sonic the hedgehog, Sonic the hedgehog two, Sonic the hedgehog 3 which I can play on my PC, Sonic CD, Sonic pinball party, Sonioc advance Sonic jump, Sonic jump fever, Sonic and Sega all stars racing Sonic and Sega all stars racing transformed.

My favorite activities: Dancing like Michael Jackson, Computers with internet, writing fan stories and doing fan art for Sonic the hedgehog Alvin and the chipmunks and such, Doing fan art of Michael Jackson, reading, walking, walking the dogs, cycling, basketball, exercise and Nintendo Wii.

I like reading books about animals, nature, ecosystems, the climate, renewable energy, cars (including super cars), Michael Jackson and the bible.

My favorite color is green. Although I like other sorts of colors, but I find green to be an Eco color to be honest.

I'm a member of the deviant art website. My profile name is 129375.


If you are a complete and true Alvin and the Chipmunk fan like me, get older and love them more, dream and write endless fan fic on them, and known as the weird one just because of that then you are not alone, and I have some advice for you all, don’t let anyone push you around, love your life an live it the way you want to, if your friends tell you to stop and it isn’t right then they ain’t worth your time, if you get call weird or strange every two seconds because of it they ain’t worth your time, you don’t need those people if they want to be your friend let them but if they take to p* all the time they can go away especially if they don’t support the thing you love the most, and aren’t being the friend they should be, no one is perfect and BELIEVE ME everyone has faults, copy and paste this to your profile if you agree and don’t give a s* what people think about you

Also remember to check Quizfarm.com to test which chipmunk you are! (put the word chipmunk in search there)- ChipmunksRule4ever. This has been copied from the profile of Chipmunksruleforever. don't worry, he said it can be copied and paste from agreement.


If you are a ture Sonic fan like me, you should love Sonic always no matter how things turn out for him. For he's been in more things than 16 bit and 32 bit video games like series shows, a movie and comic books. Sure he went downhill in 64 bit at a time, but he never gave up till he made it back up and succeed. Keep dreaming of Sonic and write endless fan flcs of that heroic hedgehog. If Sonic the the hedgehog taught me anything, is that once you fail, you don't give up till you succeed in doing what's good and what's right. You must face your fears for the good of others and not let your fears get in the way of bring there for others. Don't be selfish. It can only only cause people your friends to hate you. Bring selfless and resrouseful gets people to trust you, want to be you mate and back you up if you need help. And don't worry about what bad stuff people say about you. They just want to bring you down with insults cause they thought it would make them feel less bad about themselves, but if they see how good you are or what you're capable of, they might find it wrong to insult you. Your family and friends know what you're capable of and how good you really are and even if you can get things done on your own, remember, your friends and family are there to help you if one person is not enough, for people are stronger if they work together you're to treat people the way you want to be treated. Now, about Sonic, like his former rival Mario are in more than 64 bit video games, show series, comics 32 bit games and movies and Sonic out did Mario in all but video games. But I don't care if Sonic did any badly, as long as he done better in other things then I'm still satisfied with him. Cause everyone and everything have their ups and downs so we shouldn't let our fails get in the way of our successors for failure is what helps us learn the mistakes we make so we can figure how to avoid them to get a better chance to succeed.

What I can't stand: The four words "Dave and the others", for it sounds to me like Dave's the only one that's visible and the chipmunks and chipettes are not. I would prefer just "the others", for they're a whole family even if they live in separate houses. I'm a big fan of Michael Jackson, so if I find any insults about him, I'll have them reported. People accepting suggestions and not using them for who knows what the excuse is. Authors using people's ideas and stealing credit. What I can't stand the most is cyber bullying, for it brings people down that don't deserve it and whoever does it should be banned from membership of all the internet.

What I don't mind: I'm okay with mixed couples, gay couples and lesbian couples for Alvin and the chipmunks and some others, I still like the matched couples best. People borrowing my ideas with my permission, just don't take the credit for my ideas. Given suggestions when I'm low on ideas and I'll let anyone who gave me a suggestion take the credit. movie and song based stories, as long as something is made up for them. criticism's allowed, just not too harsh and I don't accept thrusts.

If you're a fan of Michael Jackson, add this to your favorite authors list.

If you love god, add this to your favorite authors list.

If you're a fan of Sonic the hedgehog, add this to yopur favorite authors list.

If you care about the world and love children and animals, add this to your favorite authors list.

If you like animation, add this to your favorite authors list.

If some of your favorite songs are Michael Jackson's, add this to your favorite authors list.

If you love the chipmunks, add this to your favorite authors list.

If you agree that cyber bullying should be banned, add this to your favorite's list.

If you choose to read M - rated love stories on your own free will, add this to your favorite authors list.

Now, not every fan fiction writer would write a fan fic and add oc's for the king of pop or a song he sang or two or more and some dance moves he did in his honor to every one but I would because I believe that everybody loves Michael Jackson. Anyway, I would like to the apologize to the authors who read my first two M-rated stories for Alvin and the chipmunks. Yeah I know I deleted them, but I had to because I have the finished first chapters replaced with the unfinished second chapters by mistake. Oops... but I promise I'll have them re updated some day. Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll might have them better written than they had been. I just need more time because I'm working on some others too. And sure I add some sex scenes to some, but that's under my free will, so I don't care what I put on ion the M ratred ones, they're just written for adults reading.

My OC's

Susan the raccoon: Female with slightly tanned fur and beautiful green eyes. She likes to cook, dance with her husband, sing with her husband, and reading about forest and woodlands. She will be RJ's wife and the Seville's next door neighbor/friend for the come back of my crossover for Over the hedge and Alvin and the chipmunks which I will tell about later.

John: Cartoon versed chipmunk with brown eyes, no tail and stripes, wears black socks, brown shoes red pants and a green shirt. He will be Vinny's wife and biological father of the chipmunks, Alvin, Simon and Theodore for the comeback of "How did Vinny get her three sons.

Trevor: Vinny's Biological father. Also cartoon versed. Pretty strong, has medium dark brown fur, has blue eyes like Vinny, wears an old worn out, patched up yellow shirt, red pants that are also worn out and patched up, write socks and black shoes. He's an excellent piano player, good at building things, very capable at washing up and loves his wife, daughter, son in law and grand son's dearly but can also be over protective of them and badly tempered at some times. Will also be on How did Vinny get her three sons.

Lucy: Trevor's wife and Vinny's biological mother. Is too cartoon versed. she has blond fur, Has green eyes, wears a pick bonnet, a pink dress that's worn out and patched up and a white apron. She's a great dancer, almost as good at washing up as her husband Trevor, also a great cook and loves her family just as dearly, but she can also be quite a nag and gets scared of people getting upset. Luckily, her family doesn't express it when she's with them and only do so when she's not around. Will be in the same story as the other two OC's for Alvin and the chipmunks.

Mickie Jackson: A Michael Jackson based OC since no one's allowed to use celebrities on FanFiction.net anymore. Slim the same as Simon, has very dark fur, wears clothes and has long strips of fur at the top of his head like Michael Jackson for his first performance for Billie Jean from the Ninety Eighties, and has a birth mark on his right paw that resembles Michael Jackson's vinyl glove. He's an sensational, talented dancer, can dance it and move it like the real Michael Jackson, has a lovely singing high pitched voice, Favors every song and film by Michael Jackson, very friendly, also very smart, Smarter than Alvin, Theodore, Brittany and Eleanor but not as smart as Simon and Jeanette, knows how to make people laugh, is very, very good with children but is also very sensitive and doesn't like bring told what to do. Well who does anyway? Will be in the chipmunks and chipettes furry, squeaky tribute to the king of pop in both cartoon and C.G.I verses.

Jessica James: Not based on anyone I know, I made her up. She's skinny with her wight just bring half way to Alvin Seville's, has light to medium dark fur, a regular white dress, white skirt, white pants and white heels and has black hair. She too is a sensational talented dancer like Mickie Jackson but is not as good at singing as him, not as smart as Simon and Jeanette but smarter than both her siblings like Mickie Jackson, Favors heal the world and moon walker, outgoing, pretty good with children, but can be a little pushy. Will be on the same story as Mickie Jackson in both cartoon and C.G.I verses.

Asperger's the hedgehog: Sonic doesn't need much OC'S, so I'm only doing one named after the kind of autism I got and what I know about it. He's blue with pink chin, arms and belly as Sonic, his parents and Uncle Chuck are but has a high level of intelligence and taught himself something even his own parents didn't know about.

Jim the hedgehog: Yeah, I changed my mind about doing one OC for Sonic. This one's named after my mate from church. He looks alot like unclke Chuck but older

Fan fics I'm planning up

Epic rap battles of Alvin and the chipmunks season two: A second season for the chipmunk rap battles. Bigger and better than the first one. OC's will be included, the chipmunk, chipettes, Vinny, Harry, Dave and some other charectors from every generation from the ninety fifties to the twenty tens will be on there and it will be M-rated for higher course language.

Amy Rose's lesson: Set in the boom universe, Sonic gets fed up with Amy trying to control everyone in the team of heroes that she hasen't even put in second of command of, so he decided that it's time to show her who's boss.

Alvin and the chipmunks: A furry, squeaky chipbute to the king of pop: The chipmunks and chipettes do Michael as a furry, squeaky tribute to one of they're inspirations in song and dance and wind up meeting two special chipmunks that are also new to their school and are two years younger than them. One which has a birth mark that resembles Michael Jackson's glove. They found out that they're talented and which to make them become stars one day but the boy one starts falling for Brittany whom Alvin's in love with. But the other one is a female so can the chipmunks and chipettes help the two new spacial chipmunks find love in each other before either boy has to beat it as they all do Michael together? It will be in both cartoon and C.G.I verses and both written differently. Now I like you to know, I'm not using Michael Jackson, the thing that would be written in two different ways is in tribute to my favorite dancer who has also inspired the chipmunks.

The MJ restaurant: A comeback for my crossover for Over the hedge and Alvin and the chipmunks, but with a new name for the restaurant and without using celebrities. It;s just that it'll be a restaurant built in his honor. RJ and Alvin Seville are next door neighbors, best friends and work mates in the story. Alvin and RJ plan up a restaurant with everything about Michael Jackson while RJ's wife Susan gets pregnant. The chipmunks and chiettes will be in I-munk verse. I know they only done Alvin so far, but I checked they're planning to add his brothers and the chipettes to I-munk verse.

The cloning machine: A sequel to my first story for Alvin and the chipmunks "I wanna be big." The chipmunks beat the chipettes in a dancing competition and Dave takes the family to a tour on what used to be Never land ranch. During the tour, Simon finds a lurk of black hair and wonders if it belonged to a person that used to live there. He decides to finish his cloning machine quickly and get the cloning in process. Will be in C.G.I verse.

Proposing to the counterparts: A second sequel to "I wanna be big" and a prequel to "Honeymoon fun night." Alvin plans a surprise proposal for Brittany and Simon and Theodore follow on for Jeanette and Eleanor. Will be in C.G.I verse.

Living with Asperger's syndrome: Sonic's cousin named Asperger comes to Knothole village to stay with Sonic and his parents for a few days while his parents are remodelling the house. Sonic and Tails both learn why their cousin is called Asperger but also found out the advantages.

How did Vinny get her three sons: Another comeback story. Vinny gets married and has a one night of honeymoon and sex with her newly wedded husband. She gets pregnant with three cubs. Will be in cartoon verse.

RJ's dance school: RJ gets caught by the porcupine triplets and Hammy gliding and body poping to a song on the stereo. So he chooses to teach them how to do it like Michael Jackson which is what they seen RJ doing it as anyway.

Show me how to dance: An Alvin and the chipmunks and Sonic the hedgehog crossover. Alvin Seville the chipmunk shows Sonic and uncle chuck how to dance and in return, Sonic shows Alvin how to seduce Brittany. Will be in cartoon verse.

Driving evil out of Eggman: Sonic the hedgehog discovers an old religion that used to be popular with many humans when his home planet Mobius used to be earth. When he saw the God of that religion and found nthat it's the only true one the humans had, he studied about it and decided to test out God's power's on Dr. Eggman after defeating him again.

The church of Mobotopolis: Sequel to driving evil out of Eggman, Sonic request permission from king Max to build a church for the ancient and probably ture religion that has the son of God coming to Mobius to show the Mobians that his powers are what helped Sonic drove evil out of Eggman.

"We'll always love you Dave.": Dave has a nightmare of the chipmunks and chipettes abandoning him for bring fed up from his over protectiveness. He wakes up yelling from the nightmare and finds Alvin and Brittany in his room who would be comforting him. Will be in C.G.I verse.

Alvin and Brittany's new family: Alvin and Brittany have started a family of their own. It's the first birthday of their litter and they plan a special party for them. Will be in cartoon verse. Inspired by "Never too old to love" from Chipmunksrule4ever.

Sonic team munksitting: A Sonic the hedgehog and Alvin and the chipmunks crossover. Sonic decided that him, Tails and Knuckles should do some babysitting. And they had been hired by Dave to look after the chipmunks while his away for the week. Suddenly, Dr egg men gets up to no good during the week of munksitting. Would the Sonic team be able to stop doctor egg man and keep the chipmunks safe? Will be in cartoon verse.

I wish I have a family: Shadow visits Sonic at his home in Konthole village to ask him for help on another mission to stop Dr. Eggman. After the mission, Shadow grows sad from seeing how Sonic gets to have parents to always be there for him and Sonic's father Jules notices it. Can Jules help shadow with what's up with him?

How king Sonic and Queen Sally have normal bred children: Have you wondered about how Sonic and Sally's children aren't hybrids? Well, this story explains how it happened.

Sonic the hedgehog SATAM aftermath: After Robotnick's defeat, Sally's renamed the knothole freedom fighters to freedom builders, Sonic's set to be builder due to his fast building skills, Tails starts going to School, Rotor and uncle Chuck are working on a derobotizer, Bunnie has her own hair dresser and Antoine's destined to guard duty all by princess Sally, but what they don't know is Snively's up to his own plot to take over and his not alone. Set after the second cartoon series.

Change back reality: Sonic in the current Genesis wave Sonic the hedgehog misses his parents and everyone else expect for the villains who had been wiped out during the events of worlds collide. His only hope to bring planet Mobius back to it's former prime wave is to restore his Uncle Chuck's memory of it, but what's in the way of it is princess Sally acorn. Will Sonic be able to convince Sally to have her and the freedom fighter's agree to have his uncle Chuck bring Mobius back to it's former self?

After world's collide in the orgainal reality: Once again, Sonic has stopped Eggman from changing Mobius to his image. Now him and the rest of team fighters must restore Mecha Sally's free will so she can help them distory the eggbase. Later on, the Knothole freedom fighters reform for the second time and they must join forces with Elias and his secret freedom fighters, team freedom Led by Rotor and the Chiotix to bring down Nagnus, bring the Acorn family back in rule, restore Sally back to her orgainal organic form and distory Dr. Eggman's empire so that Mobius will recover.

Tricked by the princess: Inspired by what Insaw on an highly rated website, Sally tricks Sonic into thinking that her inbred child is his offspring. But what price Sally, the princess of the royal acorn family and main leader of the Knothole freedom fighters would pay for if Sonic finds out about it?

Sonic the hedgehog’s diner: Uncle chuck passed away, but before his passing, he made a list of all his belongings and all his loved ones that he wanted to be passed on to. Sonic got informed from it that his beloved uncle left his resterant in his own hands and gets excited about really bring his own boss. Would he wind up letting the power of bring boss get to his head?

Mad Max (Sonic style): Planet Mobius faced an energy crisis of it's own as does Moebius in it's mirror universe, followed by Mobius having motorcycle gangs from both Mobius and Moebius. Also the planet warmed up because of almost all the oil bring used up by Eggman's falling empire. In this sudden changed world, even Sonic stops believing in bring a hero. (Spoiler alert) His adopted little brother and best friend gets burned, his parents, dog Musski and even his most beloved uncle Chack gets killed during a family holiday by a motorcycle gang, making his fight with them personal. It won't be on this website, it'll be on my Deveient art. Profile name, 129375.

Sonic and Tails in Fury road: Shortly after the end of the second Robotnick war, Sonic and Tails addidentity travels to a different zone where he winds up in the post apocalyptic world of Mad Max and gets spotted by the so called Immortal Joe. What propose does he have for the two of them? And if they get captured, will they manage to escape and help Max and Ferosa with a bunch of women? Will they be able to get out of the hell hole?

Mad Max: (Sonic universe): While Max is drifting in his beloved V8 trobo supercharged 1979 Falcon on the Tarmac road stretching out in the desert, he has visions of a different reality of the worlds future then ends up in Sonic the hedgehog's universe at a time when it's been five mouths after Sonic gets married to Sally Acorn but Sally's father called the same name is still on the throne. When he told the royal Acorn family of where he's from, the King who's also named Max decided that the humans from his world are a threat and sentences him to be locked up. But Sonic and Sally plan to help him bust out and take him home. But what Max didn't know is his world will be changed into the visions he had of it.

Now not all the stories I'm writing are planned up, but whatever I flashily thought up or already published will be updated. I looked up on the internet last week that they finally made a poster for the new upcoming series for Alvin and the chipmunks. The first episode of the the first new series is coming up in about two years. I'm so looking forward to watching it in my country if a television channel broadcast has a time slot for it. I'm so excited about it. I just hope it'll be better than the C.G.I/LIVE movies made for them. If it would, maybe it'll be even better than the old cartoon series.

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Alvin and the chipmunks - Rated: K - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,370 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 1 - Published: 9/13/2012 - Brittany M., Eleanor M. - Complete
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my first M rated story hope you like it the chipmunks and chipettes are having a typical day at school but what happens when ryan and his buddies go after the chipettes how far will the chipmunks go to protect their girfriends CGI version I don't own the chipmunks or the chipettes warning for strong language and song choice R&R
Alvin and the chipmunks - Rated: M - English - Suspense/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 18 - Words: 15,874 - Reviews: 81 - Favs: 18 - Follows: 15 - Updated: 9/10/2012 - Published: 6/12/2012 - Alvin S., Brittany M. - Complete
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While watching tally with family and guests, king Sonic and Tails took notice of a small hand of village heroes that are pretty much like them, Knuckles and Amy complete with an wacky badger dressed in rags, but quite different. Thought of them as knock offs, Sonic decided to form a secret a dusk to deal with them.
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Knuckles owns Blaze money for a new phone and Sonic decides that him and the team should do a job babysitting. Dave hires them to look after the chipmunks while he's away for a week and Dr. Eggman suddenly gets up to no good. Will the Sonic team stop Dr. Eggman and keep the chipmunks safe? Read and find out.
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Just some news of why I've been taking my time to publish, but due to the rules, Alvin from the 1990's will be telling it.
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Not a story I planned up, but it's still a story. Alvin decided that him, his brothers and the chipettes should do a dance up for the school talent show. Jeanette gets worried about messing up and Simon ofers her that he'll get her her though it. Rated T for romance in later chapters.
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