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Tracey4t is my sister!! :D I'm giving this a shot for my own stories. Thought this would be fun. Excited to see what I can learn. I'm working on one really big project, based off of the Story of why Lucifer became what he is. Though it's not really fully about him... LOL hard to lightly describe. But I'm excited and hope you all can help me keep my project from going out of control like I have them do sometimes. I get caught up making things VERY complicated and detailed that it can get a little out of control.

I'm a huge nerd, played WOW for MANY years but stop after Cata for there are just too many jerks now on there. Now I'm waiting for Old Republic to come out!!! WAHOO!!! and I play Minecraft a lot. 1.9 Fighting Snowmen baby!!!!!!!!!!!:D I like Harry Potter and Eragon ( i think that's how you spell it lol) Excited for the new and last book. Favorite movies would have to be; The Birdcage. The big Lebowski, and Death to Smoochy. Umm.. not sure what else to write. I'll update later then :D