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*hi, I'm Jenny and I'm taking over my older sister's profile since she no longer writes. I'll be posting all of my own stories on here. Hopefully, I'll write things that make people happy, or things that make them think and such. *


comics // fixing things // coming up with wacky plots and scenarios for my fanfictions // brown eyed men // being a daredevil // general hospital :3 John Zacarra // oldies music // history is a subject that always interests me // that i'm easily amused // that i'm not the type to follow a crowd and I don't give a shit what anyone things of me // dr.pepper // lady antebellum // Hurricanes N Bama football // fireworks // summer, because it makes me sooooo lazy // lemon iced tea with a buttload of sugar in it // spending time with my niece bella // cats // the color turquoise

I am a Mattaholic. I am also a Kaneanite. I've been a wrestling fan for a while, maybe since my senior year of HS, and a considerable amount of my childhood was devoted to wrestling also.

Undertaker//Punk//Stone Cold// Kane // Shawn Michaels // Triple H // X Pac // Jeff Hardy // Matt Hardy // Miz // Randy Orton // Dean Ambrose // LOVE LITA// Edge // Christian // Chris Jericho // the entire Attitude Era in general, good times man, good times. // SHIELD, I FUCKING LoVE THOSE GUYS!



I primarily write AU and sometimes I'm not the greatest at nailing a character's personality. If you read something I wrote and don't like it, oh well. I write for my amusement, - i love reviews but.. - so it's not like it's going to hurt me. I'm secure enough I can accept someone's opinion. I however try not to rate things often, if I read them and dislike them, because I'm just not into the bullshit and drama that goes down when someone leaves a so called flame. I mean seriously people, gtfo. My point in this is to let you all know that I really don't care what anyone says about my work, because if I enjoy reading it, and a few others do as well, then hey, I've done my job and made someone's day a lot brighter, in my opinion. And in the end, that's what I wanted to accomplish.


-I love romance. I also love alternate universe, rewriting endings, and original characters pairings with canon characters. If you don't then you won't like or get anything I've written. Bearing that in mind, I rate all my stories Teen, but if an M rated chapter comes into play, which usually happens at some point, I make damn sure I tag it.

-I can get ooc badly sometimes, I'm sorry but it happens to everyone every once and a while.

-the thing to understand, about me, is i'm most likely not gonna respond to whatever an opinion given might be. i have a way i like doing things, and i won't change it. if you have an opinion, then that's your god given right, who am i to stop you? but, so you know, you do you, i'm gonna do me. it's a waste of time to get bent out of shape when one person doesn't like something, and frankly, i only really write for the amusement of myself and the few others that might happen to read and like. so, flamers, go ahead, flame away, all i'm going to do is keep going exactly how i want. it's not like i'm hurting you, or you are forced to read something i've written.


& I'm gonna try and cram them all below with as much complete information about them, as I can get. If it's messy, sorry loves.


First in the series, Dean Ambrose x OC

Dark romance, slight graphic abuse, sex and violence, occasional !protective Dean and tons of !possessive Dean - for now, it's 'complete'.. What that means is that I'm not posting anything else to it.. For now, but who knows about the future. One day, I might continue the thing. I've got other stories I might post on here.

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