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How much does a Polar Bear weigh?

Enough to break the ice, Hi my name is Tegan :)

I dont think that I will be writing but I will definetely be reviewing! I would LOVE some replies :)

If anyone's interested go look at the Facebook Page "My Patronus would be Awesome" Where I am the admin Tonks :)

I will try to review every chapter, or at least every story.

I'm in denial of Fred, Sirius, Hedwig, Dobby, Remus, Tonks, Mad-eye, Dumbledore and Snape dying.

I make the unbreakable vow to review every story I read from this moment on, regardless of length, type, genre or writing ability .

I may not review the M rated stuff. LOL. Sorry.

Top 6 things that annoy me when reading a story.

1. Spelling a main charecters name wrong. (If you can't be bothered picking up the book to check a name dont be bothered to put the story up.)

2. Putting 'i' instead of 'I'. (when you proofread, this should be the first thing you check.)

3. Writing in huge blocks. (sometimes I look at it as a challenge, other times it just annoys me. I saw a story that was one continuous block and it had 1 review saying 'spacing' but it was an AMAZING story, but the spacing put alot of people off.)

4. Saying you suck at 'summeries' ( I don't mind when people put 'I suck at summaries' because then I either think "No you dont!" or "Yeah, we know" but when people say "summeries" I just think, "yeah and you suck at spelling summaries." And I wont read the story because that indicates there will most likely be more spelling mistakes.

5. When people use words in the wrong context. (I know these are usually simple mistakes or it might be the wrong understanding on my part, but god damnit it annoys me! Eg, "Fred spat fondly at Hermione." When I read the word 'spat' it reminds me of someone being so angry everything comes out really fast and sharply. To me it means the same as 'snap'. (not like snap as in the snapping of two things together, like "Hermione snapped harshly at Ron") but in a meaner way. Or when people use "weather" instead of "whether").

6. When people say 'defiantly' instead of 'definitely' oh my god! sometimes its acceptable with defiantly, but other times it just p*sses me off! It puts me off for the whole chapter or story, in some cases! Please check this! >:)

~End Rant~

I have reconsidered writing. I am now attempting to write a few stories, :) Please watch out for them! I really need some feedback. I have no idea if my writing is good or not.


Fred/Hermione (I LOVE THIS PAIR!)



I will read basically any pairing except maybe,

Harry/Hermione (they're practically brother and sister, but not.)

Neville/Ginny ( I think I like Harry/Ginny too much to read any other pairing involving them)

Hagrid/anybody. (unless its mentioned as like Hagrid/Madam Maxime, in passing but otherwise it just freaks me out :/ )

I, withoutthespaces, do solemnly swear to review all fics I read, regardless of the number of reviews, its age, or anything else.

I have joined the Review Revolution.

(To join the Review Revolution simply copy and paste the above into your profile and then do your bit and review the fics you read. It's only fair)

Sooo yes. That is my profile right there ^ I dont know why I'm even writing this. Probably no one will ever see it because I dont believe I will write.

I may try it if I get a really good plot that I can actually continue with, but I dont actually think I'm any good. I might be! Not likely. But I might just write 5 short one-shots so I can become a beta-reader. I would LOVE to proofread stories, because it means I may be able to stop some of the annoying things I've stated above.

Well thanks for reading (if anyone is actually reading),

Withoutthespaces :)

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