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Hey there, everyone, nice to be back here.

I know I've made it a point to post something new about every year or so and it would seem that I've had an issue with keeping up with stuff. But that'll hopefully change.I used to be big on anime, but now I've discovered my new obsession- Dead Like Me.

My new story The Way Things Go (and the title may change later depending on how I feel about things) should be updated regularly. It's actually as a gift to a friend of mine and is dedicated to her so Allyson, Happy Birthday!

Okay, everyone...I made it to school and aside from the tiny dorm rooms and slightly difficult classes I am enduring. It's taking me a little longer to do a chapter, but I'm hoping to get 2 a week...or so.If not I'll go home for vacation and compensate for my lost time greatly!

What else is there to say? You guys have my email so feel free, I'd love to talk!
Okay, people. Sarah needs feedback so her work can improve.Please please PLEASE comment. Even if nothing really, you know, spoke to ya. I just want to know I'm doing a good job here. Especially on The Way Things Go, I really want to know what Dead Like Me fans think. Or hell, any person who reads it thinks. Oh, and just as a thought I was considering a Harry Potter fic too (is that blasphemy for a DLM fan?) so...tell me if any of you would read it. Oh, and Criminal Minds(the show Mandy Pantikin is on currently) Season 1 DVD comes out on the 19th(and I've already pre-ordered it because I am, in fact, a nerd) so you might see some of that here soon. I hope. But the point of this rant was to R&R, folks! It makes my sad little world go round!

5.7.07 This is my equivalent of jumping on a table and ringing a bell here to get some attention. RING RING Okay, now that we have that taken care of, I have a few announcements that need to be made:
1. The first year of college has been completed(err, it's finals right now, but close enough)
2. As I will, in fact, be home for the summer I'm going to have much much much much MUCH more time to update, post, whatever.
3. I am currently still involved with The Way Things Go and To What Do I Owe The Pleasure? and will probably rotate back and forth between the two.
4. The Way Things Go is (sadly) almost completed, but have no fear! There shall be others!
5. I plan to be obnoxiously good about posting on a day-to-day basis on one story or the other(depending on what I watch that day) so please look forward to that!

Everyone enjoy the summer!!!


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