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Name: Yeah, like I'd put that on the internet.

Age: Not gonna tell you that either! :)

Country: USA!

Stories: Dear Santa, and Look Again: the 325th Games (I'm co-authoring that with tylee4ever). They're both for the Hunger Games.

Things that irritate me: bananas and other mushy fruit; my little brother; cats; cat hair; dog hair (though i do like dogs); autobiographies (they sound so conceited); physics; earth science; the majority of the people in my school (they have NO PERSONALITIES!!!!!); the popular girls that think that they're better than you; the unpopular girls who still think that they're better than you; the fact that stupud people often think that they're smart and smart people often think that they're stupid; those stupid blonde jokes (Hey! Some of my friends are blonde and they're (or at least most of them are) super smart), racist jokes; commercials, infomercials, those stupid books that are so boring that they should never have been published, etc.

Crazy is when you cut off the blood circulation in your foot and laugh uncontrollably when it starts to feel tingly. Crazy is when you hide your injured friend’s crutches. Crazy is when your friend pretends to ride a horse and you’re the horse. Crazy is when you steal ice. Crazy is when you slap people just for the fun of it. Crazy is when you and two of your friends all fall on top of each other. Crazy is when you scream and jump around like a chicken with its head cut off when someone jumper cables you. Crazy is when you try to rip a jelly donut in half. Crazy is when you walk off a diving board with your eyes shut. Crazy is when you dress up like a killer demon hobo for Halloween. Crazy is when you literally rofl. Crazy is when you call your new friend ‘New Bestest Friend’ and can’t stop. Crazy is when you use the words: epic, legit, and random way too many times in one sentence. Crazy is when you eat 20 donuts in only one hour. Crazy is when you lay on stairs and all the blood rushes to your head. Crazy is when you were normal until you met the psychopaths that you call your friends. Crazy is when you didn’t realize your friends were, in actuality, twins. Crazy is when you’ve known an exchange student from Asia for a couple of years and she’s one of your best friends and then she goes back to South Korea and your heart cracks open and dies. Crazy is when your music teacher calls you a nutcase. Crazy is when you consider your English teacher to be one of your friends. Crazy is when your English teacher considers you as one of his friends. Crazy is when you call your friends ‘Fuzzy’. Crazy is when you want to have a pet squirrel when you turn 20. Crazy is when your friend probably won’t live past her 21st birthday because she is just that crazy. Crazy is when you write horror poems about nightmares and death. Crazy is when you laugh hysterically about your friend’s voicemail. Crazy is when you spray bug spray (which happens to be extremely flammable) on a match to try to light a fire (don't try this at home, children). Crazy is when you roast candy over a candle. Crazy is when your finger catches on fire twice. Crazy is when you almost get lost going to the bathroom. Crazy is when you have to go to the bathroom behind a tree in a park at 6:00 am. Crazy is when you have a funeral for a snail. Crazy is when your friend kills a water bottle with an arrowhead she found in your car and you name the dead water bottle Philip and you have a funeral for it. Crazy is when you pretend to be protists. Crazy is when your friend thinks that ‘protest’ is just a misspelling of the word ‘protist’. Crazy is when you make up the exclamation ‘crapfats’. Crazy is when you open a bunch of lockers and then run down the hall slamming them. Crazy is when your friends give you piggy-back rides down the hall. Crazy is when you call your friend the wrong name. Crazy is when you forget what day it is. Crazy is when you trip over pretzels. Crazy is when you can’t close your locker. Crazy is when you laugh so hard your sides hurt. Crazy is when your new friend gives you yummy brownies for no reason. Crazy is when your friends steal your stuff. Crazy is when you obsessively read fanfiction and forget to eat. Crazy is when you can’t stop blinking. Crazy is when you are easily amused. Crazy is when you pet pillows because they are so fluffy. Crazy is when your friend calls your other friend a ‘creepy stalker weirdo’. Crazy is when you have an unhealthy obsession. Crazy is when you abuse pillows. Crazy is when your friend hits you with algebra textbooks. Crazy is when you accidentally smash your brother’s legos and he spazzes. Crazy is when you make modern art on a spiky tree. Crazy is when you get lifesavers stuck in your hair. Crazy is when you scream so much your throat hurts and you lose your voice. Crazy is when you repeatedly sing “Red Robin! Yumm!”. Crazy is when you say “The Roscoe Diner! Exit 94!” in a British accent. Crazy is when you try to do a backbend in the mall. Crazy is when your friend bites you. Crazy is when you get neon colored shoelaces. Crazy is when it physically hurts to miss someone. Crazy is when you run like a maniac to give your former teacher a hug. Crazy is when you doodle lollipops. Crazy is when people Sparta-kick your locker shut. Crazy is when a nun Sparta-kicks your locker shut. Crazy is when you crawl up stairs. Crazy is when you get drunk on grape juice. Crazy is when you film/ take pictures of your friend and they don’t notice. Crazy is when your friend uses your phone charger. Crazy is when you collect gel pens. Crazy is when you are proud to be insane. Crazy is when you eat ketchup on your ketchup. Crazy is when you’re always always always too optimistic. Crazy is when you have hardly any classes with your friends. Crazy is when your friend tries to kill you. Crazy is when you just wasted at least ten minutes of your life reading this.

Sorry if this is super duper long but my friend tylee4ever and I saw some of that Crazy stuff on various profiles and decided to make our own. If you like it copy it onto your profile/ add something to it!!! :-)

Y'know who's really cool? ALBERT EINSTEIN!!!! But I'd never say that he's my role model. Why, you might ask? Because...

1) Ever since he was a child, he failed at everything except for math and science.

2) He got expelled from his high school.

3) He didn't get very far when he worked at the Swiss patent office, because he was lazy.

4) He wouldn't let his wife go back to college, and he put his research before everything else, including her.

5) After she divorced him, he married his cousin.

6) He helped the United States create technology for our bombs in WWII.

So, even though I admire him, he would NOT be a great role model.

~SmileyFace365 :-)

Favorite Books: The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, Ranger's Apprentice, The Alex Rider books, Hercule Poirot, The Shadow Children, Winnie the Pooh, The Percy Jackson Books, The Inheritance Cycle Books, The Shadow Thieves, Maximum Ride, Witch and Wizard, Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer, The Secret Series, The 39 Clues Series

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