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Hi!! i love horses!

I love my loan ponies - Freddie, Magic, Laddy and Smartie!

RIP Ollie (my old pony) :(


I love books! (hence by name)

Fandoms I am part of:

Harry Potter

Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus

The Maze Runner

The Hunger Games


The Mortal Instruments

And many more!

So many books...

anyway yeah...

Name: Rebecca

Nickname: Becky

Age: somewhere between 10&40 - TAKE A WILD GUESS!!!!

Hair Color: Chesnut Brown

Eye Colour: Dark brown

My cousin is Brambleberry214 on this website!


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Horse(typical of me, I LOVE HORSES!!!Oh yeah!)

About my stories

Fang's destiny: the life of a cub called Fang that is born to Bloodpack, but experiences life in many different packs. Then, he meets Thunderclan...How will he take it? Will he kill the cats? After all, he is a fully grown male wolf...

Warrior Cats: Razorstar's story: Razorkit is a normal kit in ThunderClan. He likes to play, like all kits do. He likes to investigate, like all kits do. He LOVES to play hide and seek with the other kits in Thunderclan, so he does. What could go wrong with playing hide and seek?...

Thanks for reading!!!

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