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May 27, 2015

Thank you for reading SS Omega: Dawn of End. This is the first time that any story of mine, in one month, has reached over 100 views shortly after its debut. It's almost two months.

At the moment, Howl of Gray Wolf has the most total views, but on the month it began and the month afterward, it never reached twenty five views. That's the case for most of my stories. Penitent Feathers doesn't get over fifty views until the month after its debut.

It's a surprise to see Dawn of End's progress.

I'm going to take a quick break from it so that I can finish P.Feathers. Again everyone, thank you.

May 22, 2015 (Friday)

Nearly a week later.

Another new chapter of OMEGA Meio Shinwa (canon: Saint Seiya). Again, the scene atop Athena's Temple is taking a bit longer than originally planned, so I am trying to get out of it. But I also need to finish P.Feathers. It might need two more chapters. To be honest, I am kind of lost on how to end. Maybe I don't like what I had planned and want to modify, because I see that people are reading it and like it. So I'm trying to be careful.

Note: I don't use Honorifics, so no "Saori-san". Jabu will appear and say "Lady Saori" (ojousan), but Koga and Seiya say "Miss Saori".

Looks like I might hit 100 views for the first time.

IRL still makes me miserable.

What is next:

- Finish Penitent Feathers

- HoGW

- New chapter of UZUMAKI

- Calm before the Sword II (canon: Saint seiya),

- Law of the Sword II (canon: Fire Emblem/FE: Rekka no Ken)

Here are the "Monthly results" for March:

MOST VIEWS: Penitent Feathers (1st), Howl of Gray Wolf (2nd)

MOST VISITORS: Penitent Feathers (1st), Dawn of End (2nd)

For once, since I've been here, I've nearly hit 100 views. But just nearly.


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UPDATE May 24: CH. "DECLARATION OF WAR". A Ω Meiō Shinwa (Ω冥王神話) story; takes place after Omega's 2nd Season. Kouga and Eden return as Saints to avert the revival of the Underworld, a plan devised by a Goddess who is targeting the Saints out of revenge and to obtain a key. The Goddess's selfishness brings upon a new Holy War, and the Bronze Saints struggle to reunite.
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