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Author has written 2 stories for Pokémon, and Ninjago.

I finally get an account! FREEDOOOOOOOMMMMMMM-- Okay, sorta. :'D

Why, hello, stranger! :D I am awyeah21, but a lot of my Internet buds just call me Arrow! I don't write a lot of stories anymore, but I might drop a short one off on this profile every now and then.

I am most active on my deviantART account: (I will soon set up a commissions account for anyone who wants to commission drawings from me!)

And below is my Ninjago-obsessive rant-thingy from waaaaay back. I still freaking love LEGO Ninjago so I'm keeping it there. XD Ahhh, memories!

OKAY. I am currently obssesssssssssed with 'Ninjago' right now. It tiz just so freakin' awesome and cool. I mean, come on, ninjas and idiotic skeleton villans? Tooootally mah thing. And the characters are just so cool I love them all.

Kai- Main charrie? Oh yeah. His hair sort of annoys me in a natural way. I mean, it's dark brown, spiked, loopily wet, and awesome. Maybe I'm just jealous of his hair... nah! My hair is more awesomer! AND he gets fan mail. Doesn't get any better than that. And he's got a red ninja suit. RED. The ninja of fire, one who rules the sword, give it up for Kai!

Jay- OH MAH GOSH. He is just... sooo... ugh! See? He's too awesome for words. His awkward personality will catch your eye and throw it in a bucket. I mean, he's just too funny to ignore! Just optimistic! His many 'talent's are true, and rather awkward. He also wears a blue ninja suit. BLUE!! The ninja of lightning, one who rules the nunchucks, give it up for Jay!

Zane- Ahh, oblivious, CAN'T laugh, oh yeah. You will love Zane when you watch the shows. Even though he can't tell if somethings a joke, he's still funny in his own 'Zane-ish' ways. He rocks. He's sort of sweet 'cause he really doesn't understand anything. And instead of black, he wears a white ninja suit. WHITE. The ninja of ice, one who rules the shurikens, give it up for Zane!

Cole- OOOOOOOHHHH MAAAAAHHH GOODYNESS. He is like my alter-ego. He's a little stubborn, 'tough', what else does this ninja not have? His element is earth. MY FAVORITE. And he is just sooo Cole-y. He's definitely a guy I'd hang out with. If I somehow turned into a LEGO. And... he wears a plain black ninja suit. Yep. The ninja of earth, one who rules the scythe, give it up for Cole!


"This is a job for tha ninjaah."


"Ha ha! Look what color I am!"

"Heh, that's not all I'm the master of. I do a little inventing, I dabble at model-building, a touch of cooking, a little poetry...!"

"'SIGN ME UP!!!'"

"Alright guys, let's chop-sockey this lemonade stand."


"Yes, it was a joke. Ha. Ha."

"I sense you do not stand a chance." (the bad guys start running away)

"I-I sense we will not be able to 'spin' our way out of this one."


"And for the record, there ain't nothin' in this world that I'm afraid of."

Zane: Except for dragons.

"Dragons aren't... from this world, Zane. I said in this world...?"

(driving the ship, crashes) "Uhh, wasn't me."

"Okay, I counted ten boney-heads to one of us. I think I like these odds."

Gosh, everything is just funny. One of my favorite moments are:

Kai: But what about my sister!
Jay: *gasp* We're savin' a girl? Is she hot?
Cole: Jay.
Jay: I-I just wanna know what we're gettin' ourselves into!
Kai: *turns attention back to Sensei Wu*
Jay: Does she like blue-?
Kai: *whips around* Back off.

Oh yeah! And...

Jay: Ack ah ga ah blah blah!
Cole: You feel an odd sensation?
Zane: You ate an odd crustacean?
Jay: Gah bluuh bluh!
Kai: I got it, I got it! Two natives... on vacation. Huh?

This is some serious chizz. PEOPLE. GO WATCH THEIR EPISODES. Oh, mah gosh. Did I mention their theme song? The Weekend Whip. It is aaaawwwwweeesssoooommmmeeee. I wish I was some kind of ninja. I'd be like... the gray ninja. With black stripes! Ah, yes. I love Cole.

Well, not in that completely fangirl awkward way, but, uhh...

And if you saw Zane in a pink apron? OMGIZZLEZ. You are gonna flip. I guarantee it. I was so hyped up on Ninjago, I kept saying, "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE." Literally. Ask Kaori Koriryu. I would not stop saying that every time I mentioned Kai's lines. "This is a job for tha ninjaah." I'm just 'squeee-ing' and 'squeee-ing'.

Oh, the villan, Lord Garmadon goes totally ballistic when he says this line:


He's flailing his arms around and all crazy. Haha, it's sooo funny. His voice sort of cracks... but it's hilarious.

And the villans crack me up, too. They're plain weird and funny. Something that clashes together very well. They're skeletons that work for Lord Karmadon. And they izz epiczz.

So, that's my info. about 'Ninjago'. I seriously don't know how a little fan thing turned into a big report. But, NINJAGO FOREVER BABY!!! :D

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