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Author has written 3 stories for Phineas and Ferb, Pokémon, and Ninjago.

I finally get an account! FREEDOOOOOOOMMMMMMM-- Okay, sorta. :'D

Okay! Starting with meh profile:

Name: Tip top tippy top secret! (No, that wasn't my name, in case you were wondering.)

Species: Oh, yeah... I'm a robot. XD

Favorite shows: The Penguins of Madagascar, Pokemon, SpongeBob, Storm Hawks, T.U.F.F. Puppy, Hero Factory, Phineas and Ferb, Digimon, iCarly, VicTORIous, The Secret Show, and Yu-Gi-Oh... AND NINJAGO!!! And Level Up, Adventure Time, How to Rock, Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra, Good Luck Charlie, and Austin and Ally.

Favorite movies: Jimmy Neutron (There isn't one time where it's not amusing. :D), Lucario and the Mystery of Mew (Pokemon!), Oliver and Company (Why isn't this on everybody's list?), SpongeBob the Movie (This needs no explanation.), Rio (Singing. Birds.), and Nemo! (Again, why isn't this on everybody's list?!) And Men in Black (1, 2, 3).

Movies I... STRONGLY DISLIKE.: Barbies. *shudders*...for OBVIOUS reasons. No, wait. It's not obvious. I had a bad past with those, let's just put it at that. : (Lolz, it wasn't THAT horrible, just.. creepy. O_o)

Weird facts: I can't keep track of my weird habits. You have to tell me so I can post it. :D

Writing Style: I try to do a lot of humor and adventure-type stories. Probably all of them will be rated K or K because I really have a hard time with ratings higher than that. XD

Okay, this is a weird bit. It's me and my description if I were a Pokemon. XD I am very bored right now, I'm just doing this because I'm doing this.

Ability: Pick Up

Moves that suit me: Volt Tackle, Rock Smash, Mega Punch, Double Slap, Sesmic Toss, and anything else violent... And Flail. :D

Nature: Um... a rough and carefree style. Anyone messes with me, it's not good luck for them. A little paranoid, too.

Terrain: Anything, really. Mostly grassy and maybe a patch of forest there. Maybe a river...

Reasons: Ability, I tend to steal things. Moves, I am very agressive, okay? Nature, depends what happens around me. Terrain, easy to adapt to.

Alrighty, time for the boring parts. MY OC'S. Eheh, greatly appreaciated if you read them. It's long though, just find the section you wish to read. :)

And, uhh... this is an edit, because I have thought of completely new and different characters! Yay... for... the first characters... I made... 8'D:


Name: Kaiden (KAY-den)

Gender: Male

Personality: A very outgoing, fun, and optimistic person. He's a little oblivious to things, but he's pretty stubborn as well. He can be your bestest friend, or the annoying Joltik on your shoulder that keeps sucking away at the electricity in your Pokedex. Depends what kind of person you are. Kaiden's a very sweet boy, and will ask if you're feeling okay if you don't look like it. He's got a "fiery" passion for Pokemon battles and tries to have strong connections with his Pokemon. He's a little paranoid, training his Pokemon a little more than he should when he prepares for gym battles, but not too over-worked to the point that they're ready to collapse.

Appearance: Dark brown, spiked hair that leans forward and light brown eyes. Red t-shirt with a black Charmander print on the front, black jacket, jeans with a black belt, red fingerless gloves, and red sneakers.

Extras: He mostly nicknames his Pokemon anything related to fire. The reason for that is because when he was little, there'd be a carnival that came to town once a year for two days (Does that sentence sound funny or is it just me?), and his favorite activity was the Fire Show. To which he got Furno as an egg when he was younger for winning a competition that was related to the Fire show. (Originally, it was supposed to be what I thought Kai, from the show Ninjago, would be like as a Pokemon trainer, but Kaiden turned into my own character. :D)

Pokemon Team: (currently) Furno the Charmeleon, Sear the Staravia, and Spark the Bagon.

Stories: None. (Planning to do one about him some time.)

Name: Furno

Species: Charmeleon

Appearance: Regular ol' Charmeleon. (I'm thinking of something to make him more noticable. :D)

Personality: He's sort of like his trainer, but a bit more under-control. He can be level-headed at times and can have a short-temper when he's having fun or not.

Moves: Flamethrower, Ember, Fire Fang, and Slash.

Extras: His bio is sort of above in Kaiden's extras as well. He was Kaiden's starter Pokemon. He doesn't get along well with Sear, just because they have many different opinions.

Gender: Male

Name: Sear

Species: Staravia

Appearance: He's got a scar around his left eye.

Personality: He's pretty serious, stern, but gets along with his trainer pretty well. He's very determined.

Moves(in order): Fly, Wing Attack, (And I now be lazy to finish the rest. :D)

Extra: Nothing special.

Gender: Male

Name: Taylor

Gender: Female

Personality: Energetic, peppy, innocent minded, and very nice. Sometimes easily scared. She can be a little on the weird side, but if you get to know her you get used to her weird-ness and she turns our very sweet.

Appearance: Dirty blond hair tied up into a pony-tail, a pink shirt with a v-neck, a white inside shirt, bright gray(a little of blue) eyes, a navy blue vest, skinny jeans, and white high-heel like boots.

Extras: Runs out of breath a little easily. Not very athletic.

Name: Lewis

Gender: Male

Personality: A happy go-lucky kind of guy, very smart, and a passionate battler. He's very friendly and also a problem solver. When he's mad he just ignores everybody for a couple of hours.

Appearance: Short black hair, black rimmed glasses, brown eyes, a t-shirt with the left side white and the right side black(FUNNEH), loose jeans, and black tennis shoes.

Extras: A black belt at tae-kwon-doe...

Name: Dylan

Gender: Male

Personality: He's not like a...bad-guy or anything, but he's grumpy sometimes. Cautious to new people, friendly, and creative. He has random outbursts of suspicion like, "...I'm on to you!"

Appearance: Spiky black hair with gold-ish highlights, brown eyes, a white shirt that stops at his elbows, a short sleeve blue jacket with a half white circle on the front, loose jeans, and red tennis shoes.

Extras: Nothing special...


Name: Arrow (Or Swiftpaw/claw)

Personality: Very outgoing. Is a very, very rough tomboy and stubborn. Always starting fights and can't control her actions. Outoing and soemtimes plain sly.

Appearance: Gray with black stripes, blue eyes, scratches all over, and a weird sythe-shaped tail. In a different story, Arrow has a red bandana.

History: Name was kept because later on got an 'X' scratch mark on the left cheek by a human. Best friend is Pitch. Until they were separated when they were kits.

Extras: Very fast and has anger issues that Arrow can't fight against.

Clan: If Arrow was in a Clan(instead of rogue) it would be WindClan.

Gender: Female

(This is my friends :D)

Name: Pitch(Pitchnight)

Personality: Very outgoing and caring. A bit silly but very serious about work. She has natural leadersip skills and is sometimes independent. She's optimistic sometimes and is always on the move and looking after cats.

Appearance: Pitch black pelt with yellow-green eyes. She has a scar over her left eye and a maine-coon tail.

History: Same as Arrow's. When they were separated, she grew up and found another cat named Falcon. They spent time together until they reunited with Arrow.

Extras: Is a good singer('cause she's a rogue! Whadaya expect?!) and sometimes overreacts.

Clan: If Pitch was in a Clan(instead of rogue) it would be ThunderClan.

Gender: Female

Name: Falcon

Personality: Very silent and a little oblivious. But cheery, nonetheless. Sometimes secretive and very calm. Sometimes he's just plain serious.

Appearance: Very, very light gray. Almost white. Feathery pelt and bright yellow eyes. He has a ruffle on his head that sways to the right.

History: Easy. Lived in the forest, when he was old enough to live in the forest himself, he separated from his parents. Blah, blah, blah.

Extras: He can tell emotioins from a person's best poker face. XD He can figure things out very easily too.

Clan: If Falcon was in a Clan(instead of rogue) it would be ThunderClan.

Gender: Male

Phineas and Ferb:

Name: Cody Sumner

Species: Cat

Personality: Very outgoing and fun-spirited. Optimistic and carefree too. Sometimes that gets her into trouble, though. She's a little naiive ad oblivious. But very serious about work. A little crazy.

Appearance: Tan-colored, really dark brown eyes, a pink colored bow around the neck, and, when working, a little brown fedora. A ruffled on top of the head, too.

Gender: Female

Extras: Can play guitar. :D Heh, and loves music.

Future stories:

I will most definately do a story called, "Pika and Pach's Adventures!"

I'll do a Warriors story, but it'll be from NYC. And let's just say these are very different from the actual series.

I'll make a T.U.F.F. Puppy one's basically the organization but not the one Dudley works at.

Another one was a Pokemon adventure of a certain OC of mine. (OC's will be accepted)

And lastly!...Oh I forgot...

(The next day) I REMEMBER!!! Okay, it was a Phineas and Ferb one. Perry gets a partner. OC's will be accepted for agents.

Funny things my teachers have done/said that your teachers should do:

1. "Fwubawuba."

2. "Just to check so there's no poop or swear words or anything."

3. "STOP TALKING." (Okay, let's admit it. It's not as funny when my science teacher says it)

4. Gives you a birthday card the day before your birthday, then says, "Well happy late birthday."


6. Talks in a high-pitched voice while moving a puppet.

7. "Unfortunately I have A.D.D. and I ran out pills to control it, so stop talking...that means you Sam."

8. Plays the tape of a lady singing opra and mimics her in front of an open door.


10. "Okay, for now on, this is the day-care center for your egg projects-I mean look at them, they're so cute!"

11. "NYAAAAHHH!!!"

Awesome quotes from, "The Penguins of Madagascar.":


"My over! It's over, over, over, over!"

"Delicious dipped in butter; what's your point?"

"Get it? 'Cause it's spelt like...'steel'...and then the...Private's...idea..."


"But Skipper. Earth has some of my favorite things like, cookies, and...oxygen."



"The cow may have a chocolate marshmallow."

"Just a chip off the old...monkey bus."

"Flibbity jibit man, I'm as-" I forgot the rest. XD


My gosh, do you really want me to pick? XD

Okay! That's my profile! Don't read my fanfics! Goodbye!

Okay, these are a couple of funny lines my friend made up. She was bored...:

Penguins of Madagascar:


Dr.Blowhole*looks at Arrow's claws* Wah? Girl, you need a manicure.
Kowalski: Oooh, do you like my nails?


Pitch: *looks at watch* C'mon, it's been five hours!
Kowalski: *walks out of lab, singed* Gah! I.. finally... made something that doesn't destroy the world! *holds up pencil*
Pitch: Really, Kowalski?
Kowalski: W-what?! Ugh. *falls on his face*



Jay: Fishsticks


Spear: I have to plot revenge on my sister, Arrow!
Claws: Do it in your own time!
Azulan: Wha-? 'Arrow'? 'Spear'? What's your mom's name? Swiss army knife?

WAIT!!! Copy/paste time!

Wait, nah. Those things are taking over my LIFE. *rolls around in misery* :D

OKAY. I am currently obssesssssssssed with 'Ninjago' right now. It tiz just so freakin' awesome and cool. I mean, come on, ninjas and idiotic skeleton villans? Tooootally mah thing. And the characters are just so cool I love them all.

Kai- Main charrie? Oh yeah. His hair sort of annoys me in a natural way. I mean, it's dark brown, spiked, loopily wet, and awesome. Maybe I'm just lealous of his hair... nah! My hair is more awesomer! AND he gets fan mail. Doesn't get any better than that. And he's got a red ninja suit. RED. The ninja of fire, one who rules the sword, give it up for Kai!

Jay- OH MAH GOSH. He is just... sooo... ugh! See? He's too awesome for words. His akward personality will catch your eye and throw it in a bucket. I mean, he's just too funny to ignore! Just optimistic! His many 'talent's are true, and rather akward. He also wears a blue ninja suit. BLUE!! The ninja of lightning, one who rules the nunchucks, give it up for Jay!

Zane- Ahh, oblivious, CAN'T laugh, oh yeah. You will love Zane when you watch the shows. Even though he can't tell if somethings a joke, he's still funny in his own 'Zane-ish' ways. He rocks. He's sort of sweet 'cause he really doesn't understand anything. And instead of black, he wears a white ninja suit. WHITE. The ninja of ice, one who rules the shurikens, give it up for Zane!

Cole- OOOOOOOHHHH MAAAAAHHH GOODYNESS. He is like my alter-ego. He's a little stubborn, 'tough', what else does this ninja not have? His element is earth. MY FAVORITE. And he is just sooo Cole-y. He's definately a guy I'd hang out with. If I somehow turned into a LEGO. And... he wears a plain black ninja suit. Yep. The ninja of earth, one who rules the scythe, give it up for Cole!


"This is a job for tha ninjaah."


"Ha ha! Look what color I am!"

"Heh, that's not all I'm the master of. I do a little inventing, I dabble at model-building, a touch of cooking, a little poetry...!"

"'SIGN ME UP!!!'"

"Alright guys, let's chop-sockey this lemonade stand."


"Yes, it was a joke. Ha. Ha."

"I sense you do not stand a chance." (the bad guys start running away)

"I-I sense we will not be able to 'spin' our way out of this one."


"And for the record, there ain't nothin' in this world that I'm afraid of."

Zane: Except for dragons.

"Dragons aren't... from this world, Zane. I said in this world...?"

(driving the ship, crashes) "Uhh, wasn't me."

"Okay, I counted ten boney-heads to one of us. I think I like these odds."

Gosh, everything is just funny. One of my favorite moments are:

Kai: But whatabout my sister!
Jay: *gasp* We're savin' a girl? Is she hot?
Cole: Jay.
Jay: I-I just wanna know what we're gettin' ourselves into!
Kai: *turns attention back to Sensei Wu*
Jay: Does she like blue-?
Kai: *whips around* Back off.

Oh yeah! And...

Jay: Ack ah ga ah blah blah!
Cole: You feel an odd sensation?
Zane: You ate an odd crustacean?
Jay: Gah bluuh bluh!
Kai: I got it, I got it! Two natives... on vacation. Huh?

This is some serious chizz. PEOPLE. GO WATCH THEIR EPISODES. Oh, mah gosh. Did I mention their theme song? The Weekend Whip. It is aaaawwwwweeesssoooommmmeeee. I wish I was some kind of ninja. I'd be like... the gray ninja. With black stripes! Ah, yes. I love Cole.

Well, not in that completely fangirl awkward way, but, uhh...

And if you saw Zane in a pink apron? OMGIZZLEZ. You are gonna flip. I guarantee it. I was so hyped up on Ninjago, I kept saying, "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE." Literally. Ask Kaori Koriryu. I would not stop saying that evverytime I mentioned Kai's lines. "This is a job for tha ninjaah." I'm just 'squeee-ing' and 'squeee-ing'.

Oh, the villan, Lord Garmadon goes totally balistic when he says this line:


He's flailing his arms around and all crazy. Haha, it's sooo funny. His voice sort of cracks... but it's hilarious.

And the villans crack me up, too. They're plain weird and funny. Something that clashes together very well. They're skeletons that work for Lord Karmadon. And they izz epiczz.

So, that's my info. about 'Ninjago'. I seriously don't know how a little fan thing turned into a big report. But, NINJAGO FOREVER BABY!!! :D

Oh, if any of you are Storm Hawks fans, here's the link for a role-play I've started! I'd like it if you could join, please!:

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