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Hey guys!!

You can call me Charlie, I'm a girl and I'm obssesed with "Lord Of The Flies".

So, I love writing and I love reading fanfiction of Lord of the flies (Mostly Simon), and yes, most of my friends think it's pathetic reading stories about other stories that can't really change, but I like to read about posibilities and different situations about stories i love -but think should be better.- so I don't really care what they think :) (did that make any sense?, haha)

I'm also a Lost fan and I love Shoone so much, i dont know why on earth they had to kill Boone so early, but anyway, I can make him live by writing about it. God, I'm such a Shooner!.

I love writing parodies and senseless stuff, however, im not sure if i will be posting funny stuff here, i mean, i will, but not that much as sad stuff. i'm a very dark writer, well, i wouldnt use the word "dark" either, but when it comes to death, I love writing sad scenes and death moments, powerful emotions, and dialogues - I love dialogues so much i think i should be a scripter- .I dont know why, but the only mention of death, inspires me. I'm such a freak.

Now, Talking of my big obssesion with Lord of the flies: I waited two years to get the book, three months to get the 1990 movie and six months to get the 1963 movie, but it was totally worth the wait and I ended up as obssesed as you can see. why? it has shown me that my thoughts about humanity were true and i had never felt so conected to a character other than Simon, EVER.

Oh and I'm love with the 1990 movie because even though it changes a lot of things, the kids are all perfect and I fell in love with little James Badge Dale who is so hot now and was so cute then, I love him and I have a picture of him as display in my cell phone (wich I named Ralph because Ralph's my second favorite character ).

I don't understand why everybody likes Jack and Roger if they're crazy savages, and everybody dislikes Ralph and Piggy when they're just amazing!!, I know that if I were 12 and it was 1954 and I was in england and the boys were real.. I'd probably be in love with Ralph - yes, i know, I'd say Simon but as I said, it would pretty much be like being in love with myself and that'd be a little akward.

Feel free to PM me, getting messages makes me happy, and I love happiness.

now, some random info,

I was a choir girl!!!! and I'm pretty proud of that.

I can sing C Sharp.

Music touches my soul.

I can't stop writing, I even write in my sleep.

I normally joke about everything and thats because its hard for me to show to the world that I'm such a cheesy-smart-serious person. Dang it.

I have the randomnest taste in music, it goes from country, to metal, to rock, to basically whatever that makes me feel something. my favorites are: Three days Grace, Rascal Flatts, Lonestar Cristina Perry, The Fray, Jason Walker, Disturbed, Anathema, all-disney-songs-ever, Red, 30 seconds to mars, My chemical romance, Taylor Swift, oh and of course I love soundtracks, and some classical music, Michael Giacchino is my favorite composer ever and i dont know what else to say. I love Gary. (Gary LeVox), he's my idol and, and my all-time favorites songs are: Down by Jason Walker, Kissing you goodbye by the used, Simon by Lifehouse, Here comes goodbye by Rascal Flatts and Tragedy by Cristina Perri

My favorite movies are: Tangled (yes. I love Flynn Rider), Romeo & Juliet (1968)(the music's amazing), Hercules, Brother bear, Anastasia, Lord of the flies (1990), Jurasic Park

Favorite TV shows: Once Upon a Time, Lost, the Vampire diaries. used to like Smallville and Supernatural.

I don't like anime.

I'm an art lover. I wanted to be an artist before i found out i could write. I like drawing.

I want to be an explorer, because it seems cool and i like adventures.

Charlie isnt my real name, but I think it fits me better :)

Well, basically that's it. :)

If you read some of my stuff, please review it, I love reviews, reviews make me soooo happy :)

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