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Author has written 3 stories for Xiaolin Showdown, God of War, Yu-Gi-Oh, Chaotic, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Elder Scroll series.

What's up? I'm JumperCable2, also known as JC. If it takes me a while to upload a new story or more chapters to a story in progress, I'm having delays (mostly writer's block) writing additional chapters. Like I said in my first story, I need more challenges for Total Drama Xiaolin Showdown to come up with more episodes.

It may be a while before I can update any of my stories, or even get started on the new ones I have ideas for, like a Dishonored story that takes place 200 years after the game's events (low chaos by the way.) I just got a new laptop and it doesn't have Microsoft Office Word on it yet.

A friend of mine on this site showed this to me, and I'm trying to spread the word about it. http:///it4fwk

One of my favorite scenes from Xiaolin Showdown EVER! It's from Enter the Dragon.

Raimundo, Kimiko, and Clay return to the temple on Dojo

Omi (Locked inside Dojo's box): My fellow warriors, I would be most appreciative if you would be so kind as to OPEN THIS DOOR!

Clay: Omi? How in tarnation did you get yourself in there?

Raimundo: Wait. What if it's Dojo morphed into the form of Omi.

Omi: Oh No. It is not Dojo doing me. It is ME!

Raimundo: Hey that's pretty good Dojo.

Omi: I AM NOT DOJO!!!!

Kimiko: Where's the real Omi?

Raimundo: Must've abandoned his post. Pfft. Figures.

Omi: I did not abandon my post. I am at my post. Actually, I am inside my post. But that Dojo pulled his sweater over my eyes.

Raimundo: Ok. That's got to be Omi. (Lets Omi out.)


I'm gonna try to get more hits on "The Secret of the Shen-Gong-Wu" and "Power Rangers Gormiti" by posting trailers for them on my profile. I'll even help you picture the trailer by telling you what music from the trailer from what movie it works best with. I'll even post trailers for other stories I'm planning.

The Secret of the Shen-Gong-Wu

Movie trailer music: Star Trek (I just learned the actual name of the song. It's called Freedom Fighters by Two Steps from Hell)

Dojo: Guys! Guys! We got a live one!

Raimundo: What does the thing even do?

Dojo: I don't know. But it's called the Eye of Chaos.

Xiaolin Showdown is owned by Warner Brothers Entertainment. Chaotic is owned by 4kids TV.

Master Fung: The most mysterious weapon is often the most dangerous, and the most sought by evil.

The monks race against Chase and Jack to the red gem.

Master Fung (holding blue crystal): The Eye of Chaos has awakened.

They all touch it and it emits a bright flash.

Najarin: I know. I fear the time has come. Though I prayed it would not be this soon."

They are all sucked into a huge swirling vortex.

A fanfiction crossover by JumperCable2.

Raimundo appears in a huge desert. Kimiko appears next to a lake of molten lava. Clay appears inside a huge bug's nest. Omi appears next to a raging river.

Sobtjek: All four tribes of Perim speak of an ancient prophecy. It says that four warriors from another dimension will save our world from a great evil force and bring unity to the tribes.
Screen shows cave walls with the Xiaolin Team using the power of the elements.

Any life can change in a single moment.

Khybon: We found something in Ice Pillar.
Camera moves through a cavern of ice. Khybon melts Phelphor free.

Phelphor: At long last I am free.
Phelphor controls minds of the muges guarding the Doors of the Deepmines.

Phelphor: Brothers. The day of our conquest has finally come!
Guards open the doors and a green tidal wave rushes out.

Some secrets can or should be buried for centuries.

Chase: Master Fung never told you the real beginning of the story. Did he?
The monks and Chase sitting around campfire in a big forest.

Raimundo turns invisible. Kimiko destroys a Khar'all fighter's reefshard. Clay draws energy from danians. Omi heals a cut on Kimiko's arm.

Raimundo: What do you mean the real beginning?

Raimundo shoots lightning. Kimiko fires a wave of lava. Clay shoots vines from his hands. Omi unleashes a storm of ice. Gigantroper shoots missiles at Uboraan.

Chase: The Shen-Gong-Wu, the Xiaolin Dragons' legacy, Dashi's powers. It all began here.

Omi: Why should we believe a word you say?
Raimundo summons a huge glowing dragon (Gintanai, the Forgotten).

Chase: I was Dashi's apprentice. I was there when it happened.
Clay shoots a parasite at Nunk'worn.

Dojo: It's true guys. I was there too.
Kimiko uses Discord of Disarming mugic.

Omi activates ice cloak.

Chase driving all of them in Weightless Energy Vessel which fires a Canon of Casualty mugic.

Kimiko: So we're supposed to save this world and our's from the Mar'illians?

Clay: With that mind control powers, it does seem really hard.

Jack takes off mask and attacks the Xiaolin Dragons. Raimundo leads Warriors of Owayki in a charge. Kimiko driving Dread Tread and fires missiles. Clay fires a storm of lava from a large bazooka. Omi looking at map. Raimundo and Kimiko look at each other. during a sunset.

The monks use Wudai Orion formation to use an Almageddon attack.

Jack: All my life, everyone I've known has taken advantage of me. Well now the only orders I follow are the Mar'illians'.
Jack is wearing lobster armor holding a reefshard. Raimundo rushes at him with a cyclance.

Screen flashes through images of characters from both shows.

Jack fires a hand of poison at Raimundo.

The Secret of the Shen-Gong-Wu.

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