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Name dwight anderson hight 6'9" and its looking like i wont hit seven even
age 21
brown hair
blue/green eyes
totaly insaine(not kidding)

later dwight anderson

i suffer from bipoler, cronnic insomna, and as far as the docs can find out i can only be a part of socaty if im on 3diffrant medacations.
i write when i dont have anything else to do, which is realy often.
i have a high intelagance but that dont matter as much becase i got a slight learning disablity, i cant spell very well and my voice dosnt do what i want.
i live in a house thats over 87years old, and has so many drafts that it could be a frizzr in the fall.
my computer is an old gateway2000, and only runs half the time.
after all that your probably thinking that i dont have much thats good, i dont, what i do have is a great imagantion and can speed read.

i hope that helps you undersatind me some.

later all.

im not sure i will EVER go off to collage. simply becase i dont know what i want to do.

im going to put my Email here so non-account users can find me, feel free to email me. just make the topice something i will see, like FFnet

i use yahoo messanger. im cockpitdude2002. dont spam or i WILL retalate.

my computer is STILL dieing and i still havent found a new one.

also. im giiving away my oneshots to anyone who thinks they can turn them into anything good. but DONT just take them, ask me first. the fics in need of good home are, In Plain Sight, Moonlight Hearts and Feather Dreams, Two Worlds, UnLiving Nightmare. i have no ideas for plot in them and as such they are not going anywhere, if you like them and think you can do something with them email me or drop your resqest for that fic in a review of said fic with your email.

To: Fans of 'A Blaster From the Past' try as i might i am having extreame trouble deviseing a plot for this fic and have had no luck in just 'useing' any of the offered ones or even a tipical plot. with no plot for strutcure this fic will rapidly go down hill in qaulity, the latest chapters have been suffering from severe time/ story filler. some of you may like filler but i for one think it rather stupid if the story is never going to go somewhere. to this end i am postponing this fic untill i have a least some form of major plot structure. honistly i have no idea how this came out so well liked, i was turning Rock into a... whatever you call a male mary sue. i only wrote the first two chapters as a two part oneshot idea and my plot for that was done even before the second part. dont hate me, after all i did give you six entire chapters tat i had little intrest in writing. again sorry for the let down.

i finaly started something that wasnt fan fiction, check it out.

statis of my works:

Meda Magic- dead but still here for some reasion.

Riddles of Fate- alive and growing. just a bit slow becase review rate is at a snails pace. if you want more review, otherwise it stays traped in my head. trust me it is happy there but then nobody can see it.

Missing Love- i cant belive im doing a full length romance. it still going on and is likely to get updated with or without reviews, not that i wouldnt like a few.

I didnt belive in destany- will not be around as it is for long. while i do like the story idea and plot the main chariter isnt relistic and has to be elimiated. so i am starting from sqare one with a new charicter and chances are that it wont look the same as it dose now.

the Unortadox Commander- i realy like this fic, and the world it is in. however as with most my stuff without reviews to incorage the effort of typeing, and it is an effort, it will stay in my head. i have a half typed chapter 3 but it hasnt so much as been opend in years.

a blaste from the past- i covered this up the page some. it might be back after i find a new plot idea.

the Forgoten Heros- still growing, just a matter of insperation and time. not to mention it has to contend with everything else.

medabots anatomy 101- not a story but i still have to write it down. i have a new chapter that should be up in a few days from nov-24-05

later all

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