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Hey, people! Haido Retreat here. Just thought I'd lay down some things about me:

My real name is Mihai. I come from a pretty nice town, Sibiu, in Romania. :)

I go by lots of nick-names. Some of my friends call me 'Sketch' because I really enjoy drawing, but mostly sketching, hence the nick. ;)

They also call me 'Mom', but in a mocking way xD. I tend to take care and worry for everybody. Seriously, they walk around almost naked in the middle of winter and when I tell them to put a jacket on, they look at me as if I just kicked a camel. Gosh.

So why Haido Retreat? Well, honestly... I don't know. It just popped in my head one day while I was going to the store.(that's when my brain comes up with most of my ideas.You'd be amazed how many times I barged in my sister's room with a Pepsi tucked under my arm screaming "Move aside! Genius at work here!" xD)

Every time I write, I tend to have 1-5 songs that are the main inspiration for the piece. I leave them on repeat, and when I feel a certain scene of the story doesn't work, I change the song. Then, I don't know, it kinda changes the atmosphere and how I view what I write. I recommend you try it as well. ;D

I'm not very social, but I'm not and introvert either. I just don't trust people that easy. I've had first-hand experience with some persons and I was disgusted every time I looked them in the eye. Unfortunately, the world is cruel, but some of its inhabitants are worse. Anyway, I just have my circle of trusted friends. People that befriended me for who I am, and not for benefits. :) Also, I tend to judge people a lot. It comes with the trait of observing everybody from a corner of a room in which you don't belong. But hey, I'm happy :D

My best friend is a girl. She also acts as my best guy-friend. As in, she tells me I suck at a game, and when I challenge her, she plays it better than a guy. Not to mention she also beats the crap outta me when we fight. I mean, in an argument she's the first to land the punch. Always.(don't worry guys, we're not hardcore. I just hit back because I know she's got the black belt in karate, meaning I'll always get my ass handed to myself xD) Basically, she's your typical gamer girl, BUT, she loves fluffy stories. She's the one who got me into fanfiction, actually so if you wanna be grateful to someone, give her a call ;) (she'll lash at you for disturbing her League of Legends match. She'll also call you a noob if she's moody. You've been warned)

I have read only one book translated in English. Which, ironically, became my favorite book. And that is 'The Shadow Of The Wind'. It's a wonderful read, I wholeheartedly recommend it. :)

So far, I've really enjoyed my stay here on ff, and I really want to give you a good reading experience. I'm also looking forward to learning more about writing, and remember, I'll always accept constructive criticism! :D

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Setting Lives Alight
After the Dark Lord's fall, Harry finds himself fashioning the thought of beginning a normal life. But, like always, Fate had a way of meddling in peoples' affairs. A new figure is guiding the escaped Death Eaters and trouble is prone to spring up at every corner. Chaos is brewing in the wizarding Britain, and a revolution is about to be ignited. mainly HG; rating may change later
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