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Author has written 14 stories for Doctor Who, Merlin, Torchwood, and Supernatural.

11-17-12: Wow, sorry I've been MIA. School, life, etc. Graphic art, too, for some reason. However! I am participating in the SRS2012 (spn rare pair shipping fest) so hopefully that will get me back into the writing groove, and I'll come back. Love y'all!

Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome

NAME: Alex, or your Ladyship (kidding, please don't call me that)
SHIT I ENJOY: classical music, singing, theatre, cinematography, folk music, folk dance, tea, crying about TV, sandwiches, butts, David Tennant, Stephen Sondheim, anthropology, soup, mythology, Jared Padalecki, steampunk/dieselpunk, world-building, science fiction, tumblr
SHIT I DO NOT ENJOY: people who can't take a joke, most modern music, early mornings, winter, tumblr

Doctor Who section (it's my favorite tv show so it gets its own section)

My OTP: Rose/Nine. Look, they were adorable. I like Rose; I think she's brilliantly written and well acted, and I thoroughly enjoyed going through her character development. After the Doctor committed a double genocide, I imagine that he went around doing small, heroic acts, but thoroughly creeped out everyone he came in contact with. I think he would have fallen in love with anyone who didn't immediately run away screaming after an adventure with him, because he just needed someone to remind him that he is a fundamentally good person. It could have been anyone; Rose was just in the right place at the right time. (Rose/Ten also applies, mostly because we see more of Ten than Nine, and because Billie and David are so cute together I can't fucking stand it.)

2nd OTP: One-sided Jack/Doctor, with the Doctor not reciprocating. You know this is true, folks. I personally believe that, while he has fallen in love before and has had many fulfilling, deep, and meaningful romantic relationships, the one person Jack loves above all else is the Doctor. *cue screams of Janto fans* You can tell in the way that the Doctor has had such a profound impact on Jack's whole life - how else could he turn from conman and coward to hero so quickly? - and in how Jack tries his hardest to emulate the Doctor in Torchwood. It's just too bad that he fails epically, because he's not a hyper-sensitive time alien, he's a mostly normal human. (Incidentally, that was perhaps one of the only things I liked about Miracle Day.)

(And then there's the issue of the Doctor's original Time Lady wife... unless they don't do that on Gallifrey. Which is fine.)

Classic Who shipping feels really weird to me, for some reason, but that won't stop me from shipping Four/Romana II, or from shipping Doctor/Master/Rani. If you watch Doctor Who and you don't end up shipping Doctor/Master, you're doing it wrong.

(Of course, my OTP to reign over all OTPs is Doctor/TARDIS, but that's kind of a given in this show)

Other stuff:

BBC Merlin - I ship Merlin/Morgana something awful. (Their foe yay is delicious, you must ship it.) Also, Merlin, Mordred, and Morgana would be the greatest druid family ever okay. DRUID OT3

Anime/Manga - Evangelion, Gurren Lagann, FLCL. Kare Kano. Ouran High School Host Club. Baccano!, Durarara!. Gankutsuou. Black Butler. Kure-nai. Fullmetal Alchemist, FMA: Brotherhood. Hetalia. Junjou Romantica. Code Geass. Millenium Actress. Hayao Miyazaki. Boils down to Mechanime and the works of J. Michael Tatum, really. And some others. Mostly short series, like 20 episode average. Any longer and I start losing attention. Baccano! is my favorite anime of all time, and I don't care what anyone else says, I felt sorry for all the shit that Shinji had to go through in Evangelion. Poor kid's led a pretty terrible life. Gendo is a dick. Also, Gurren Lagann makes me feel like a badass. And FLCL got me into my favorite band, the pillows. Thanks, Gainax!

Supernatural - I have a fetish for religion and I'm not sorry. As a further note, I'm going to say this right now so we're very clear: I ship Sam/Castiel like burning. Mind you, I'm not hating on Destiel, here; I just prefer Sam/Castiel. It makes logistical sense to me and appeals to my aesthetic preferences. Also, you know, as much as people like to deny it, Wincest is the most canon ship in the universe. Sorry, guys. Sam and Dean are soulmates - irrationally, psychotically, erotically codependent, and all. Also! I reserve the right to Superwho.


Firefly - [The author is currently unavailable because the mere mention of Firefly or Serenity sends her into a catatonic state of sorrow. She still hasn't gotten over the movie. Or the cancellation of the show. She has issues. Also she really loves Wash and Zoe. Which is why it hurts.]


BLANKET DISCLAIMER: None of the following TV shows, movies, books, etc., belong to me; they are copyrighted to their respective owners. Because, seriously, can you imagine what would happen if I had the creative rights to any of this stuff? They'd all be terrible.


The Dog Days Are Over - 10/4/11
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: K
Character(s): First Doctor
Genre: General/Supernatural
Pairings: none
Warnings: none
Notes: Oddly enough, written while listening to Florence The Machine over and over again. Weird. I think this song is perfect for the Doctor. Inspired by the fact that I just read Lungbarrow and was really interested in the Doctor's childhood. Yup. (Also heavily abuses the literary device of foreshadowing.)

Dreams of Dragons, Dreams of Stone - 10/8/11
Fandom: BBC's Merlin
Rating: K
Character(s): Arthur, mostly
Genre: General/Fantasy
Pairings: a little Arthur/Gwen (not overt and can be interpreted as Arthur/Merlin if you like)
Warnings: S3 spoilers, I guess, although if you know anything about Arthurian legend, it's really not an issue.
Notes: The title is a line from a book that was my, and probably a lot of other people's, first foray into Arthurian legend: Merlin and the Dragons by Jane Yolen, with gorgeous illustrations by the supremely talented Li Ming. Similarly to the show, it has Uther acting like a complete dick.

Elephant in the Room - 12/17/11
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating: T
Character(s): Gwen, Jack, with appearances from the other three. Also the Doctor's severed hand.
Genre: General/Humour (hopefully)
Pairings: none
Warnings: Owen is kind of a douche, Jack is kind of a child. What else is new?
Notes: I wonder if there are people who watch Torchwood without the context if its parent show, and if, like, seventy percent of the references just go right over their heads. Edit - According to Bookjunkie007, Torchwood viewers are not at all confused while watching it without watching Doctor Who first. Thank you!

Parallel - 12/21/11
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: K
Character(s): John Smith, Joan Redfern, Tenth Doctor, Martha, Timothy Latimer
Genre: Supernatural/Tragedy
Pairings: John/Joan, hints of Ten/Rose and maybe Ten/Martha? Not sure about the last one.
Warnings: none
Notes: I think that what happened to John Smith and Joan Redfern is truly tragic. Also, spot the parallels between the death of John Smith and the death of Ten! (Subtlety is not one of my strong points, if you hadn't noticed.) The repeated "John Smith" might be a bit awkward, but I kept it because John Smith really isn't an actual person. He's a construct of Ten's personality with a name. Stolen - ahem, borrowed dialogue is italicized.

Songs of Berkley Square - 1/3/12
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating: T
Character(s): The real Captain Jack Harkness, our Captain Jack Harkness, and a bit of Tosh
Genre: Spiritual/Romance
Pairings: Jack/Jack
Warnings: bad writing?
Notes: Ugh I am so not satisfied with this, but I needed to get it out there. Expect some major editing in the future. Also, ignore the telepathy thing, I am blaming it on rifty weirdness. Despite my shit job, I still love this scene to death, and always cry whenever I see it. It only hit me after, like, the fortieth time watching it that the real Jack probably thought our Jack and Tosh were angels. And then I cried some more.

This - 1/9/12
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: K
Character(s): Amelia, Eleventh Doctor
Genre: General/Spiritual
Pairings: none
Warnings: none
Notes: La Raconteuse had a dream and I stole it. Sorry. Anyway, this is dedicated to her, and it was originally supposed to feature Ten, except Eleven worked much better here. Poo. Sorry dear.

Lighter Than Air - 2/15/12, 3/23/12, 9/3/12
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: T
Character(s): Sam, Hallucination!Lucifer, Dean
Genre: Horror/Supernatural (Not really horror, though, just general mental unhinged-ness. Unfortunately, there's no "character study" option like there is on Teaspoon.)
Pairings: All over the place, really
Warnings: Vaguely suicidal Sam in Ch2
Who's excited for the return of Hallucifer?! This guy! Everyone else spent their Valentine's Day either with their significant others or moping, and I spent it taking out my frustrations on poor Sammy. Anyway, I was experimenting with insanity-writing, and I sort of like how it turned out. Also, Sam's thing with clowns is endlessly amusing.
(This wasn't supposed to have a second chapter. It may have a third.) Augh I love Sam so much and 7x17 hurt.
-Ch3: That's it. I'm done. NO MORE OF THIS.

Clash of the Titans - 3/11/12, 7/8/12
Fandoms: Doctor Who, Supernatural
Rating: T
Character(s): Tenth Doctor, Lucifer
Genre: Supernatural/Angst
Pairings: none
Warnings: none
Notes: Man, Sam and Ten are so alike at times, what with the care-for-every-living-thing devolving into guilt complex devolving into crazy...
-Ch1: The Doctor meets Lucifer.
-Ch2: Tumblr-ask-box-sized snippets of Sam and Ten's adventures in time and space.

Jericho - 7/29/12
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: T
Character(s): Sam, Castiel, Lucifer
Genre: Horror/Drama
Pairings: none, Sassy if you squint
Warnings: torture, shitty writing
Notes: Written for the 2nd Great Blind Sassy Exchange. Also I find that SPN fic comes easier to me than other fandoms now. Which stinks, because River Song is looking at me like she wants to kill me.

World Without End - 11/16/12
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: T
Character(s): Sam, Castiel
Genre: Drama/Supernatural
Pairings: Sassy, full stop
Warnings: one bad word, implied sex, general bad quality all around
Notes: Everything is Jack's fault always and forever. Yell at him at

Fortune plango vulnera stillantibus ocellis - 12/31/12
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: T
Character(s): Sam, Castiel
Genre: Supernatural
Pairings: Sassy pre-slash
Warnings: blood drinking, vague hierophilia
Notes: Sassysanta2012 on tumblr. God fucking hell this took way too long to finish. BUT IT IS DONE HUZZAH. Written for, the queen of sassy.

Nor Cease In Singing Twilight - 3/1/13
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: T
Character(s): Sam, Castiel, Lucifer
Genre: Horror/Tragedy
Pairings: Sam/Castiel, Sam/Lucifer kind of
Warnings: graphic violence, slight drug use, character death, Sam!Lucifer
Notes: written for the Supernatural Rarepair Shipfest round 2 (winning entry!!!!!!!! thank you to everyone who voted!!!!!) Co-written by the fantabulous Katelyn (

Untitled, or, bless me father for I want to suck your dick - 3/30/13
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: M
Character(s): Sam, Castiel
Genre: Humor, Romance
Pairings: Sam/Castiel
Warnings: priest kink


I have them. Currently...

Doctor Who
- After "The Last of the Time Lords," the Doctor and Jack have a falling out. Tish helps put them back together. One, I need Ten/Jack sexual tension like air, two, Tish Jones needs to be her own character. Also some of the scenes are in my head and they won't leave.
- Jack in the bar during "The End of Time." Once again, Ten/Jack sexual tension. That, and I miss Torchwood on my TV.

- Facebook chats and Stumbleupons and the world's first fuckyeahsherlockholmes blog

- A meandering tale from the Impala's point of view. I have a lot of feelings. I also watch "The Doctor's Wife" far too often to be healthy. Not actually finished yet. Baby wasn't back for long enough.
- So uh. *cough* There's this bunny. That went wild. Um, it's probably going to be very long, which is already weird, and it's going to be pretty solidly AU. Which is terrifying. Anyway. It involves Sam and Godstiel, and disregards S7 entirely. It will be Sam/Castiel. It will involve lots of mansex. It will have a severe power imbalance and power play and severe blaspheming. Uh. It'll be fun for me, I'll tell you that much.

The River Song Project, or, Out of Joint

This is a big collaboration with La Raconteuse and this wonderful lady on tumblr named fontgoddess. The long explanation on my tumblr, but the short version is that, while we do enjoy the River Song plotline and all of its timey-wimey goodness, we had originally imagined her story to be pretty different. This is going to be a five-part series, and pretty frigging AU, but hopefully still recognizable. (I'm writing an AU; what is happening?!)


Prologue - 3/31/12
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: K
Character(s): Eleventh Doctor, River Song, Amy Pond
Genre: General/Adventure (it will be adventure, I promise)
Pairings: misguided Amy/Eleven (nothing develops, and it plays out exactly the way it does in canon)
Warnings: none
Based on: "The Time of Angels"/"Flesh and Stone"
Notes: This prologue plays out almost exactly the same as the original episodes. Which is why it's a prologue. I didn't want to novelize the episodes because I am lazy. Only one piece of dialogue is changed.

Story 1
Based on: "The Pandorica Opens"/"The Big Bang"
Notes: Trotting along! Being very cooperative currently! (6/2/12)

Story 2
Based on: "The Impossible Astronaut"/"Day of the Moon"/"A Good Man Goes To War"/"Let's Kill Hitler"/"The Wedding of River Song"
Notes: Things take a big left turn around here. This will also probably be the longest of the five pieces.

Story 3
Based on: Um... nothing, really. This is going to be all our own ideas. Probably. It depends on the events of series 7.

Final Story
Based on: nada
Notes: River meets the Doctor for the first time in a library. The closing of a temporal loop.

Deh vieni non tardar, o gioia bella

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Crossover - Doctor Who & Evangelion - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Horror - Chapters: 117 - Words: 217,122 - Reviews: 1624 - Favs: 1,222 - Follows: 1,280 - Updated: 10/29 - Published: 9/8/2011 - 10th Doctor, Shinji I., Misato K., Asuka L. S.
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S4 AU / In an attempt to break Sam away from the debilitating effects of demon blood (and, subsequently, Sam's addiction), Castiel offers something in exchange: He will train Sam to use the gifts he was born to wield with angel blood as the conduit instead. For sassysanta2012. *SEE PROFILE FOR MORE INFO*
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"Some would be inspired, some would run away, some would go mad." "What about you?" "Oh, the ones that ran away. I never stopped." *SEE PROFILE FOR MORE INFO*
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