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Author has written 5 stories for Let Me In, 2010, Twilight, and Harry Potter.

My articles on writing fanfiction can be found at /thread/37/writing-fanfiction

I am philosophically opposed to author notes, as they violate the most basic rule of fiction writing: show, don't tell. I may write a postscript at the end of a novel, but that is all.

Recently read the Harry Potter novels again. Only the third time on my own, but I've listened to my wife read them out loud a lot over the years. A story idea has been percolating for a while, and I've decided to give it a go. Trying to stay totally in canon up through the end of the Battle of Hogwarts. Can't promise the same concerning events after that. We shall see...

The Holy Grail, a prequel to Let Me In and Let Me In 2, begins in 1887 and develops Abby's backstory. The initial meeting between Abby and Constance is shown in Let Me In 2 chapter 14. Chapter 1 of The Holy Grail picks up three days after the Abby-Constance events recounted in LMI2. Part 1 Camelot (chpts 1-5) is finished. The first four chapters of Part 2 The Quest are also posted. Would love to finish it, but life and all that. Hopefully some day...

Concerning Twilight, I love that (movie) word from Marcus: "Finally." Interested in exploring for deep places in Jane and Alice. Also intrigued by the prevalence of AU/AH stories in the Twilight Fandom. What does such fanfiction say about Twilight? About Twilight fans? Can the answers to such questions be communicated through narrative? It seems unlikely Bella would be happy with how fanfiction authors change her and Edward into different people. I want to give Bella a chance to object.

My wife is the most amazing editor! If you like it, she edited it. If you don't like it, either I wouldn't let her edit it, or she edited it but I wouldn't listen to her. Where did this woman come from? What did I do to deserve her? She is not of this world.


Let Me In - Abby & Owen

Roswell - Max & Liz

Final Fantasy X - Tidus & Yuna

Stranger Things - Mike & Eleven

Stargate SG-1 - Carter & O'Neill

Doctor Who - Tenth Doctor & Reinette Poisson

Doctor Who - Eleventh Doctor & River Song

Star Wars - Rey & Kylo, Reylo rules

Falling Skies - Tom & Anne

Vampire Diaries - Damon & Elena

Smallville - Clark & Chloe

Twilight - Bella & Alice

Harry Potter - Harry & Ginny or Harry & Luna (Lunarry is growing on me)

Game of Thrones - Jamie & Brienne

The Walking Dead - Daryl & Beth

Hunger Games - Katniss & Peeta

Lord of the Rings - Aragorn & Eowyn

Star Wars - Luke & Leia

Star Trek - Picard & Kamala

Deadwood - Seth & Alma

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Buffy & Spike

Battlestar Galactica - Apollo & Starbuck

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - John & Cameron

Dune - Paul & Chani

God Emperor of Dune - Leto & Hwi

Firefly - Mal & Inara

Farscape - Crichton & Aeryn

Lie to Me - Cal & Gillian

Bridge to Terabithia - Jess & Leslie

Wicked - Elphaba & Fiyero

Veronica Mars - Veronica & Logan

Spoilers Below

If you have not seen Let Me In, spoilers below!

My guiding philosophy with LMI2 is to be as true to the movie as possible:

1) Abby and Owen are twelve. Twelve-year-olds think and act in certain ways. I can't have them use advanced vocabulary, exercise adult mannerisms, or reach complex conclusions.

2) Killing four teenagers on school property will forever ruin Abby's ability to hide. She will now receive an incredible amount of attention from law enforcement. Life will never be the same.

3) Let Me In presents Abby as hesitant to talk about her condition. There are certain topics she will discuss only with difficulty, making serious conversations awkward and brief.

4) The movie's tone is so bleak that I think it forbids any sort of simplistic solution to Abby's dietary needs - animal blood, for example, or obtaining blood from blood banks.

5) The movie presents Abby as emotionally wrecked from her experiences as a vampire. She hates being a vampire, she hates what she does - "I'm nothing." If such psychological scarring is ever to be undone, it will certainly not happen quickly or easily. Any road to a happy ending will be long and torturous.

I'm not saying that all fan fiction has to "stay as true to the movie as possible." I'm simply saying that such a commitment guides my writing, determining what I can and cannot do with the characters. The worst criticism I could imagine is, "This action/event/thought is not faithful to the characters as they are presented in the original source material."

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