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Wow. Exams and holidays sure fly past quickly. I'm in the midst of school again, with a thesis I need to write. o_x No idea how to write one, but just gotta try to make it good.

I was working on CBA, but my friend told me those movies where you go and pull a bullet out from wherever are fake and the wound needs professional treatment from doctors. That gives me a big headache. I know fiction's called fiction for a good reason, but I want to make it as real as possible since CBA's setting's not one where you can just throw in voodoo stuff, with the exception of Eriol because he specialises in being eccentric. =x

I'll try my best to juggle. x_x


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Winged Guardian: I am back from the dead. coughs Ehhh, either Microsoft Word or has messed up my "-_"s. Therefore, I have lost my divisions. T_T Please bear with it, or read later after I fix it up. If it still doesn't work, I'll write in Dreamweaver next time. -_-


Battle of the Arch Rivals - Prologue, 1 chapter
(Last Updated: 29th August 2004)

Battle of the Two ArchRivals - Discontinued

Cold Blooded Assassin - Prologue, 7 chapters
(Last Updated: 18th December 2003) coughs

CCS fans/writers, visit Tiz a very friendly place. If you want to ask me anything, seek advice, pick my brain for ideas for your fics, or simply chat, feel free to leave a review/send an email/add to your msn messenger contacts or email me at

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