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Name: Confidential

Favoite Color: Green

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Unique Writing Style: Using OC's in my fanfics, mostly non-happy endings

Favorite Mystical Creature: Dragon obviously

Favorite Real Animal: Cats, especially the African Serval

Favorite Books: Warriors series, Inheritance series, Hunger Games series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians/ Heroes of Olympus series, Harry Potter, anything by Tamora Pierce and Erynn Mangum

Favorite T.V. Shows: Chuck, Psych, Haven, Warehouse 13, Eureka, Sonny With a Chance, Shake it Up, Big Time Rush, iCarly, Victorious, Terra Nova, Big Bang Theory, Avatar the Last Airbender, Leverage

Favorite Movies: The Avengers series (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk), various romantic comedies, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games

Looking Forward to in 2012: The end of the world (jk), Hunger Games Movie, Avatar the Legend of Korra, The Last Hope (Book 6 in Warriors Omen of the Stars series), My 18th birthday, The Avengers movie


Hi people! so one of the things on my "looking forward to in 2012" section has happened. For those of you who saw it, wasn't The Hunger Games amazing!? Now that is how you make a movie based off of a book! Some people could learn something from The Hunger Games *cough* *cough* Twilight *cough* *cough* Anyways the next thing on my list comes out tomorrow! All of you Warriors fans out there I know we are all excited about The Last Hope! Finally, after far too long, the battle with the Dark Forest is here! We get to find out who the Fourth is. Personally I think its Firestar. After all, he is on the cover. *Possible spoilers!!!!* And in the prologue of The Last Hope (the first six or seven chapters are available on harper collins browse inside for those of you like me who are weak and can't wait until tomorrow) they mention how crucial Firestar and his kin are and how the "fire alone can save the clan" prophecy is like the oldest and most important prophecy ever... Finally, we get to find out who will replace our beloved Firestar as leader of ThunderClan. I've had a poll up for a while now asking you all who you think will be or who you want to be the next leader. All three of you who've responded have said that you think/want Lionblaze to be leader. Before I get into my theory for the next leader I want to explain something about the poll. I only included cats eligible for becoming leader. Thus any cat that never had an apprentice was removed (thus no Hollyleaf) Brambleclaw and Graystripe were removed because I'm pretty sure the Erins have already told us that neither will become leader (which is too bad because both would make better leaders than any of the other eligible cats) and I didn't include Leafpool because she has never had a warrior apprentice and besides, she is a medicine cat at heart not a leader. Ok on to my theory. First off I don't think or want Lionblaze to be leader. 1. He is way too obvious and hopefully Erin will go with the unexpected. 2. He is way too battle hungry and an invincible leader with nine lives is way too much power for any one individual even one as good as Lionblaze. I think the next leader should/ will be Cinderheart. 1. She is kind and wise and a good warrior. 2. She is far less expected than Lionblaze. 3. She was once Cinderpelt. She was always meant to be a warrior, possibly even one that would have made a fine leader one day but fate (and Tigerstar) got in the way and she became one of the clans' most beloved medicine cats. Now she is back and has become the warrior she was meant to be- though lately she is conflicted due to Yellowfang and Jayfeather's mistake of telling her about her past. 4. Her past life gives her a wisdom and experience that would make for a great leader. 5. It will finally secure her place in the clan and possibly force her to realize that she too is special and she can give up her stupid idea that she and Lionblaze are not meant to be. My second choice is Brightheart. 1. How unexpected is that! I mean she has never quite gotten the spotlight in the series that she deserves. 2. She is kind and loves her clan as fiercely as she loves Cloudtail. 3. She will never give up without a fight (though she is anything but battle hungry). Few cats could have overcome all that she has as well as she has. She is a true warrior. 4. She is brave. She went to face the dogs when she was only an apprentice with none but one other apprentice with her. She has the strength and courage to keep on living despite the loss of half of her face. she is brave enough to face the looks of pity and horror on the faces of other cats whenever they see her face without getting upset or angry. She has proven that there is far more to her than her face. If anyone is reading this I would like to know your theories on the subjects of the Fourth and the next leader so if you want to share, PM me and tell me your theories and why you think what you do. *End of Spoiler*

Well I just finished The Last Hope! It was amazing!! *Possible Spoiler* Don't worry I will try not to reveal any spoilers here. All I will say is that I- and I'm sure a lot of people- am surprised by Erin's choice of leader. I shouldn't be but after all the rumors going around I was. well that just goes to show you- don't believe everything you read on the internet! Also, for those who read the book, why the heck was Spiderleg suddenly older than Dustpelt, Firestar, Sandstorm, Graystripe, Cloudtail, Brambleclaw, etc (Page 237)?!!! That was the only thing that really bothered me. There were a few name mix-ups and pelt-color mix-ups and the Allegiance list was clearly not updated since The Forgotten Warrior but those mistakes were minor and the rest of the book was amazing! *End of Spoiler* For those of you reading this, when you finish the book feel free to PM me and discuss what you thought about the book and if your theories were right/wrong!

Ok I'm coming off of my TLH high and I'm starting to realize a few holes in it. It was still a great book but it needed a little bit more of a resolution- maybe an epilogue or something. While I'm looking forward to the supposed Dawn of the Clans, I really want to know what happens next. How will TC move on after the final battle? I guess that's what FanFiction's for though right?


I just learned that the first episode of Avatar the Legend of Korra is set to air on the 14th! And it is available for free right now on AppleTV! I hope that they do as good of a job on this series as they did the original Avatar series. Wow There are only three things left on my "looking forward to in 2012" list and I don't really want the end of the world to happen... but if it does my heart is prepared. Is yours?

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