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Author has written 7 stories for Naruto, Teen Titans, Jungle Book, and Hobbit.

Hi, I'm on Askfm if anyone would like to talk to me. My username is Msfunix :)

Mowgli as a teenager:

About this story: Mowgli is 18 in this, so forget pedophilia. As you might have seen, I've changed the story to 'in progress', so yay! I'll pare him up with the other animals (not all of them). Any spesificasions? Ask me. For the couples I simply won't do even if you beg:

- Hathi .He has a wife, and kid. Mowgli may be slutty in these drabbles, but he ain't cheatin' on others or making them cheat, so Hathi's off limits for good!

- Hathi's kid, Hathi's wife, all of them in that catigory: Same as Hathi. Their kid is still a kid. I only accelerated Mowgli's age, none of the others, In case you're wondering.

- Rama, Maybe? I don't know. I have an issue on that. You see, Rama is Mowgli's father, only by bond, but not blood, so it wouldn't technically be incest, but again: They have a father- son relationship. I think Rama must have a kilo of viagra and a big sense of insanity and the loss of his mate than ever considering mating with his son. Then again... I'm just not sure about him. If you guys ask I might do it, but I WILL NOT MAKE HIM DO IT ALONE, SO IF YOU WANT IT: ASK!

- The vultures. Can you blame me? All you would see would be feathers, and i just can't find the type in them, and if I ever imagine them doing it, It just wouldn't be right in any perspective. For me. And they're inspired by the Beatles! Another horrible image. Not Lucky, either, cause he...yuck.

- Girls. Sorry, Mowgli is gay.

- Human villagers. No. The only people i know in that village are kids,women in relationships and fathers, so they're autimatically off limits.

So the ones I CAN write about is: Shere Khan, King Louie, Bagheera, Baloo, King Louie and Kaa. Rama, maybe? Maybe Mowgli's "brothers"? I don't know. They're in the same pit as Rama.

1. The duo: You know...for some reason no one likes my ending on this drabble. So, how about this? I'm working on a drabble where Shere Khan and Mowgli meat, they get together, and none of them kills the other, okay?

Warning: I'm not writing this fanfiction as if I'm encouraging some actuall beastiality. I only share my imagination. I do support homosexuality, though.


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