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Hello and thank you for visiting my profile page. I have been signed up with FanFiction.Net for awhile now, and it has been a blast. I've got six stories so far, four of which are for Mortal Kombat because the newest game has really made me interested in the series again, also, I really like the community in the MK section. My first story is about Mass Effect, and I also started to write a Dragon Age story but I'm ashamed to say that I have abandoned that endeavour.

I enjoy long stories that I can really get into. I have a great passion for romance stories, action and adventure stories, and stories with characters who experience great personal turmoil. I dislike stories that are written by authors that seem like raving lunatics through their writing, as well as majorly out of character stories that aren't done well.

I like to meet new people. I am very happy to receive private messages from other authors, and I generally respond to all reviews with a pm of my own. If you want to help or be helped then great, if you want to be friends then even better, but if you want to be an asshole, go bother someone who cares.

As Of November 25, 2013

I have been away for a long time. The reason being, I was in jail. I had no access to the internet, but even if I did, I wasn't in the best writing mood as you can imagine. I don't think the details are that important, but no one was killed, so rule out murder right away. I hope that, whatever readers I have left, don't think less of me, and I plan to get back to writing asap.

Here is a quick rundown of my stories:

New Battles, Old Defeats

This is my very first story, and definitely my longest, and I've still got a ways to go. It's my interpretation of Shepard's life as a member of the Reds, the gang that he was a part of if you chose the Earthborn backstory in the game. I like to think that it is dark; sure its got humour, romance, and action, but I try to keep the theme very sorrowful and regretful, I'm expanding on the character that I imagined for my Shepard. It's got a lot of original characters, but I've incorporated many of the cast from the game as well.

Meet the Edenians

(Completed) This is the second story I published on this site, and the first one I ever finished. It was partially inspired by the films Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers, but it took up a life of its own. It follows Liu Kang and Kitana, as a couple, and Liu Kang's attempts to fit in with Edenian royalty.

Afraid of My Own Shadow

The third story I published, it is centred around Noob Saibot. Saibot is Noob's shadow and a totally independent character, and the basis for this story will revolve around the interaction between the two. I've made the setting as a heavily altered war between three armies, one each belonging to Outworld, Edenia, and the Netherrealm.

Dead Age

My fourth story. After I got the Dead Space armour in Dragon Age 2, I had an idea to make a crossover of the two. I generally had great fun writing this story at first, but after a long time of not updating it, I kind of lost interest. I tried to write another chapter, but the inspiration just wasn't there. The release of Dead Space 3 has reignited my interest in writing this story, but for the time being, consider it an abandoned work.

Made for Eachother

The fifth story, and my second favourite after New Battles, Old Defeats. The main characters are Ermac and Skarlet, and is predominantly a romance story; thus the pun in the title, being that they are both artificial beings. I took great agency with Skarlet's character, making her the embodiment of human instinct and animalistic savagery, mostly because she is a blood being. Ermac is the embodiment of emotion and bordering on insanity, thus he struggles greatly with his feelings. I'm trying to keep this story truer to the actual storyline.

Meet the Edenians: Diplomatic Nubility

Story number six. It's an offshoot of Meet the Edenains, and is starring Mileena and the guard Eric, both returning after events of the previous instalment. I decided to write this in the mean time rather than jump right into the full blown sequel I had planned.

I have a few ideas for more stories in the future. One is another Mass Effect story set during the events after Mass Effect 3, starring Garrus but featuring just about everyone that was present in my play through. Another is yet another story for Mortal Kombat, this one following the ending for Kitana, and featuring Havik as the primary antagonist. Finally, as I said before, I'm going to try and resurrect Dead Age.

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