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The last time I was so obsessed with a show that I had to write fanfic I was much younger and the show was the X-Files. Now I am older but no more wiser because I am obsessed again. I am a Nathanatic, have come down with Fillionitis, found religion by worshiping the Patron Saint of All Things Adorable (PSOATA), and can't control my OCD. I've decided it's past time for me to clear my head of all those Castle fantasies clogging up my neural pathways and that's why I am here.

I am old enough to know better, but still young enough to do it (legally). I'm something of a loner but always love to spend time with my close friends and family. I am an animal person and would like to live on a farm, but my husband, for some reason, isn't crazy about the idea of having a cow (or a goat or a horse). So we have four cats instead. We don't have children because our friends have children and visiting with them is quite enough! Slithery-est animal I would like as a pet: snake. LOVE snakes. I think they have a bad rep. Largest animal I would like to have: an elephant. There's just something so approachable and human about them.

Intelligence, humor, compassion, curiosity and common sense are some of the most important characteristics a person can have (I think). Religious, ethnic, or racial intolerance makes me crazy. (With religious intolerance, I specifically mean being tolerant of a person's right to be free of religious belief.) We all have to live on this world, so we may as well try not to kill each other.

I like all sorts of music with the possible exception of that screaming heavy metal/death metal stuff. And jazz. I just can't make sense of it. And really bad country music (which, quite frankly, is much of it).

I will admit to being a book snob and make no excuses for it. I read just about anything (fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, biographies, autobiographies, history, social commentary--anything) as long as it is well written and holds my attention. I would like to read more classics (not just Jane Austen and Jane Eyre over and over again). Ironically, the writers featured on Castle (James Patterson and Dennis Lehane specifically) are authors I just cannot read. James Patterson writes too many damn books a year and if you're cranking them out like plastic bottles they can't be very good, can they? (They aren't.) Dennis Lehane has good plots but I find that the word "pulp" accurately describes his writing style. I find his books unreadable (I've tried), but they make excellent movies. I read the first Castle book and found it seriously lacking in every way so I won't read any of the others. I enjoy (in no particular order): Louise Penny, P.D. James, David Sedaris, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Mary Roach, J.R.R. Tolkien, George R.R. Martin, Mary Stewart, Elizabeth Peters/Barbara Michaels, Jhumpa Lahiri, Tana French, Susan Cooper, S.J. Bolton, Jane Austen, Sherman Alexie, Nick Hornby and Molly Gloss. I know I'm leaving out a lot of names because I read a lot and have lots of books, but that's a good start. Most amazing book I've ever read: Joan Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking. Most emotionally wrenching and disturbing book about war and its effects on communities (and beautifully written): Every Man in This Village is a Liar by Megan K. Stack. My literary hero, the goddess of the written word: Margaret Atwood. I worship at the altar of her published works. She is amazing and I would love to meet her except that I'm afraid I would embarrass myself and stutter and mumble like a star-struck teenybopper meeting Justin Bieber.

Bad grammar and punctuation irritate me. Learn how to use an apostrophe. The semicolon is not your enemy. However, when I read fanfic, I try to ignore all that because any effort at putting words to virtual paper should be encouraged. It's hard enough to write something without a grammar/punctuation geek like myself pointing out comma splices. Besides, I'm reading for enjoyment and not to grade.

I work in the library of a medium-sized university. I don't like it there for various reasons that you are not interested in, but I am able to get my hands on the newest books first (I have 12 piled on my desk at work right now). Mondays are not my best days (except for 10pm EST) and I don't like being told what to do. I figure most people in authority don't have a clue and I usually ignore them, if possible.

About my fanfic: I don't believe in censorship and I've never met a curse word I didn't like (unless it was a racial slur). I will use profanity if I think it works for the story and the dialogue. I'm not saying everything I write will include profanity, but it's always a possibility. So that's my only warning to the squeamish (other than the rating system). At this time, I haven't finished the long fanfic I'm writing so I don't know if it will be sexually graphic or not. I would like to think I can write that sweaty, sexy stuff and not be embarrassed, but fantasizing a sex scene and actually having to write the technical details (part A fits into slot B) makes me oddly uncomfortable. I don't want anyone to think I'm some kind of sex perv even though I do have a dirty mind. Although, really, who doesn't?

UPDATE: I have written the sweaty sexy scenes and even though they were hard work, they were fun and it seems that those of you who reviewed Kate Gets a Grip enjoyed them. I promise more in the future!

Email me if you want. I'll more than likely respond unless you write me some kind of weirdo rant about how my story sucks. Constructive criticism is appreciated and unconstructive flattery is the best.

And jeez, that's enough about me, especially as I've re-written this a couple of times and I still sorta sound like a dork.

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