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Okay, I know I claimed that I would return to continue my writing fanfictions, though a lot of twists in my life have keep me from writing anything lately. My heart just wouldn't be in it and it wouldn't be the best I could create. I won't lie to you all; I think, after some blistering training from my new english teacher, I might be able to pick up my hands and type out a story. I won't make any promises though. As much as I want to, there might be something going on that prevents me from doing anything with a full heart for a while.

The only thing I can promise, is that I will get to work on the works I have out now...however, since that's only one, it won't be too hard.

In essence, though, my absence has given me a few things that I can add to my works. I am branching out into different topics of fanfiction that I hope you like. I like it and I will try and capture all that I see and put it into my writing. I'm still no good at battle scenes or first chapters so I hope that I'll be able to get beyond that and make some stuff you will really like.

SPECIAL NOTE: To all those that read and liked Yu-Gi-Oh: A Feudal Fairytale, I will be taking that story and completely revamping it from the ground up. It is now longer Ryou centered, though he is one of the Main characters and not a minor like he normally is in the show. This story will also be the one and only Yu-Gi-Oh/Inuyasha fanfiction I do. Being unable to keep-up with the Inuyasha storyline and having my love for Yu-Gi-Oh reduced to a like because of GX, it's the one thing I can do to commemerate it. I hope you all like what I have in store.

What's New?

1) Yu-Gi-Oh: A Feudal Finale - The final incarnation of my story that never really was finished. This will be one of the first things I work on and I hope to have the new Chapter 1 up soon. On a vacation from the hustle and bustle of the city, Ryu, Yugi, and Tea are taken into the past through a magic portal where locked doors are destined to open. While the three work to stay alive in the Feudal Era, with the help of Inuyasha and his gang, Joey and Kaiba must team up to bring them back...if they don't kill each other first. Are Ryu, Yugi and Tea doomed to be traped in the past? Probably, though there is a possibility for everything.

2) BlueBlood - Navar, a White Mage of the Federation of Windurst, has been missing for the past year and without their most powerful caster, the magic world has been in a the Empire of Aht Urhgan, Xavran, a Blue Mage, has been seeing the memories of the missing White Mage in his dreams. Could Navar be trying to reach the outside world though the low ranging Blue Mage? And how does a Hume Samurai and his Elvaan Summoner companion fit into this mystery.

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