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I’m not as big a Weasley fan as I used to be, still adore Arthur, Charlie, Percy and Ron though! Just gone off the twins and Molly since book five and I can take or leave Ginny. Loved book7 mostly but cried at the end, can’t believe she killed Snape! He’s not dead in my head of course and this means I’ll probably never write anything compatible with all seven books!

My friend and muse/personal devil on the shoulder is also writing and you can find her at honest_iago and her work HP or otherwise is well worth reading.

Harry Lovers beware, he does not exactly figure largely in my stories as I find him a little uninteresting. However, since he got angry I found him more interesting so he might begin to appear more than he did, particularly as the fics I have planned are less Slytherin oriented than my previous ones have been.

I do love Slytherins though so if you like them you'll find them portrayed fairly and in character (I hope).

Story Info.

‘Wedding Bells Just Turned to Rust’, ‘I Built my Life Around You’ and ‘I Found a Little Courage to Call it Off’ make up a trilogy about Narcissa Malfoy’s life from when she left Hogwarts to past the fourth book where it goes off on a tangent of my own. Up until the end of ‘I Built My Life Around You’ it fits in with the first four books then the last part is made up of my own ideas. The whole trilogy is now complete and uploaded.

‘Turning Point’ is a one shot about Severus Snape offering to turn spy for Dumbledore and I'd love you to review it because no one does! It fits in part way through chapter ten of Wedding Bells but it tells you more specifically when it takes place in the A/N.

‘The Blind Fight the Blind’ is another one shot about Severus but it doesn’t fit in with the other stories I’ve written, instead it is entirely OotP compatible and is my idea of why Severus became a Death Eater in the first place. It starts out near the end of book five where Draco and Harry are fighting in the entrance hall after Lucius has been arrested and moves backwards in time from there with Severus remembering his own school days and encounters with the death eaters.

'Shades of Grey' - pretty mild slash between Remus Lupin and Severus Snape set in the summer between Harry's fifth and sixth years so basically the summer after OotP. I’m working on a sequel at many requests, not least that of my evil muse honest_iago who has ways of making me write things I never intended to! The sequel will be up eventually but not just yet as it’s not even resembling being close to being anything other than a random collection of scenes. I did say it would probably have an element of Ron and Hermione to it, well they might get one line somewhere but the story I was planning has been cut from this as they didn’t fit as well as I’d hoped.

‘Neon Hair Shades’ – One shot companion piece to Shades of Grey with some RL/SS but mostly Charlie Weasley/Tonks.

‘Someone to Talk To – One shot, sort of a prologue to What You Left Behind. Percy and Ginny talking after Penelope’s been petrified, only neither of them really talk about what they want to with anyone, or at least not with anyone they should be talking to.

‘What You Left Behind’ – This is all about Percy after OoTP and what he does with the news of Voldemort's return.

‘A Subtle Change’ – Sequel to ‘WYLB’ that shifts focus to the wider conflict in the wizarding world leading up to the final show down (that phrase makes it sounds like a bad western!) with Voldemort. Currently in progress being updated when I can get round to it and I promise you not going to be abandoned!

‘Understanding – Another one-shot this one about Snape trying to talk to Draco in a bid to save him, set pre book six.

Coming soon:

I’m pretty busy at the moment but I’m working on a couple of things. Primarily I’m working on the and on ‘A Subtle Change’ and also on the sequel to ‘Shades of Grey’, I haven’t given up on that it’s just on the backburner while I finish ASC but I am working on it still.

Like every author, I do love reviews!

I hope you enjoy the fics!

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A Subtle Change reviews
Sequel to 'What You Left Behind'. A view of the wizarding world as it heads into war, with relationships tested to the limits and the guarantee that everything will subtly change from now on.
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