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Author has written 3 stories for Teen Wolf.

Sometime in June most likely the 15th, I won't have a laptop anymore.
The one I'm using now belongs to my school and since I'm graduating I have to return it.

So I will be gone for a while.
I don't know when I'll return.
It may take a long while because I plan on joining Army.
But I promise I WILL be back and I WILL continue my stories

Anyways, until June 15, I'll be updating. Just be on the look I guess =)

You all are amazing, thanks for the reviews etc.

"No paws, no claws, remember the law. Hands and feet, don’t be a creep"
I made this up when writing a fanfic for Teen Wolf =D

I'm 17 years old
I'm half mexican
My birthday is on the 2nd of June!
I graduate on the 16th of June!
My favorite animal is a wolf always has been since 2nd grade.

I write stories to let my emotions out since its hard for me to show them in real life. When I'm mad, I make a gory, bloody, story. When I'm lonely and want someone to love I make a romance story (which I write a ton of :3 ). My stories reflect my mood.

Skin on your elbow!
Becoming serious now.

I love to play Xbox 360, my game variety is pretty much anything. Don't mistaken me for the girl that plays Black Ops because they think its cool, they want attention, or to gloat how well they play. NO. I take it seriously, okay not extremely serious but I play to enjoy it and I can really get in my zone and go balls out ballistic. I've been a gamer since I was in 2nd grade which leads to the reason why I have horrendous grades. I loooove me video games.

I really love- Castlevania, Sphinx, Skyrim, Oblivion, Black Ops, MW2, MW3, Call of Duty 3, Dragon Age 1-3, Gears of War 1-3, Oblivion, Assassins Creed (all of em) but I specifically love number 2 and Ezio is hot...=).

My music consists of- Two Steps From Hell, Audiomachine, Brand-X Music, Future World Music, etc.
Basically anything with instrumental for they help me with my writing. It gives me a better visual and I get in the moment and can really visualize everything.

Well, I hope you enjoy my stories!

Can't believe you read all of this...well done =D

This is what Aubree looks like, Aubree's a wee bit darker in the skin though

I don't own the picture or the girl or the website. I simply googled it on spotted this little munchkin.

Willow Dakari looks like Kat Von D, same clothing, but shorter in height and more of a smaller feminine soft face? Not that Kat doesn't have that!!

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