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Hey. My name is Katherine, but please call me Kat.

I'm 24 years old, and my birthday is the January 16. I'm from the United States, never mind which one, and I just love it here. USA baby!

My favorite TV shows are ‘The Good Wife,” “Glee,” and “Desperate Housewives”. My fic’s are mainly gonna be those three, with a few others thrown in.

And if you're friends with ladybug-josie please kindly refrain from reading my fics and then reviewing them rudely and harshly just because you think I stole a fic idea from her. It is both transparent and just not classy, and it's very childish. Thanks!

My Favorites:

TV shows: “The Good Wife”, “Glee”, “Desperate Housewives”, “Cougar Town”, “C.S.I” (All of them, including Miami), “Go On” (No fic possibilities there), and “The Nanny”.

Movies: “Mamma Mia”, All of the “Pirates of The Caribbean” movies and the “Lord Of The Rings” trilogy (haven’t seen the Hobbit yet) and pretty much anything Marvel or DC.

This is who I ship:

The Good Wife:

The only Alicia couple that even matters: Alicia/Will


Desperate Housewives:

Robin/ Katherine

Tom/ Lynette (Their break-up tore my heart out :( )

Bree/ Karl (Shut up. They were sweet.)

Every once in a while; Katherine/ Bree ;)


Everyone with who they’re supposed to be with (i.e. Kurt and Blaine, Brittney and Santana)

Everyone with someone that’s not their usual preferred gender. (I.e. Blaine and Santana, Rachel and Quinn)

Cougar Town:

Jules/ Ellie (Shut up. You know you love it. Jellie forever!)

Jules/ Grayson

Couples I hate and don’t ship at ALL. (And I won’t read anything written about them)

The Good Wife: Alicia and Peter. (Does no one remember he cheated?) Alicia and Cary. (That would be too weird!) Will and anyone other than Alicia. They’re soulmates.

Desperate Housewives: Katherine and anyone except for Robin. (And maybe Bree ;) They belong together people! Bree and Orson (Yuck!) Bree and Chuck Vance. (Double yuck!) Carlos and anyone besides Gaby. (ESPECIALLY not Edie!) Gaby and Victor.

Glee: Anything with Terri in it. (No. Just no.) Will and April (Emma’s his soulmate, not April.) Emma and that dentist guy. (I seriously can’t remember his name!)

Cougar Town: Andy and Bobby. (They’ve always been kinda… close… and I’m just saying that in case someone went there.) Travis and Laurie (I don’t know why I just… don’t)

That’s it!

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Imagine Me and You by kathreeotp reviews
Bree's alcoholism is out of control, and she is isolated from the entire Lane. However, with Katherine's help, she slowly begins to pick up the pieces of her life and, with love and care, put it back together.
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A Lying Heart by hopelessromantic39 reviews
This takes place a few weeks after "Red Team/Blue Team", but with a more dramatic ending than what was aired. Owen is helping Alicia recover from a nasty case of the flu, but what if it is something more? What will Alicia do when something outside of her control forces her to finally make a choice between Peter and Will?
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Ever Since Georgetown by aliciastequila reviews
Back to the beginning, if Alicia had chosen Will. AU, fluffy. Not sure if I should continue this or leave it at that, but for now it's a one shot.
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Haunted By Your Shadow by A.Single.Gal reviews
Katherine comes back from Paris sans Robin. As she starts to glue her life back together she reunites with ex Adam Mayfair, but their intent of getting back together is affected by the ghosts haunting Katherine from her previous relationship with Robin.
Desperate Housewives - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 10 - Words: 11,553 - Reviews: 46 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 2/21/2011 - Published: 9/27/2010 - Katherine M., Dr. Adam M. - Complete
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The Road To Here reviews
What if Alicia had chosen Will instead of Peter back at Georgetown? Would her life be different? Would she be happy? Read on to find out! I might make this longer if you like it... NOW WITH CHAPTER TWO!
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