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Hi my name is Anna

I live in Australia however I have parents that are both from Italy and America So you know I can eat great food and get fat. Also might I warn you I am a bit racist okay we'll I'm not like I WANT TO KILL YOU ALL !!! alright I'm not hitler geez but I do make fun of other races like don't we cant say you have never done it because everyone does I just do it more then others it's not like a special occasion it's ALL the time so don't take offence if I do mention or make fun of one of your cultures because deep down I probably do mean it but I'm not you know ARGHHHHHH!! I can't bloody explain so I'm moving on anyway bitches...*deep sigh* I can just tell this is going to be a long profile edit

Well here go these are my interests.

gaming for one there said it love Assassins Creed if you don't your probably Retarded or you have lost all mobility from the neck down. I will tell you what why is everyone so in fucking love with Ezio I know he's a pretty rich boy with a troubled life...that just screams fan girl jizz but like come on Altair started the creed and what does he get stuck with two sticky kids and two dead lovers also in the mean time he has to put up with fucking Abbas (what a dick) 8 But that is royally shit he deserves better.

Now another interest hmmmmm hmmmm I am a apprentice in art production design so that's cool. I'm just rolling in the $$$ no I'm just joking I'm renting this iPad lol. But I am a apprentice and it's going to take another 2 and half more years until I can get a mongrel piece of paper saying I am now licensed to PAINT I know what a crook of a salute turd munching.

anything else okay let me talk about some of the things I don't like. I HATE MILEY CRYUS I knew she was going to be a slut when she was still Barbie Hannah and everyone was like "oooooohhhhh she won't she's a good girl she is going to be like Taylor swift but even she has turned into a slut now like what is the song 22 is that the number of how many guys she has boned at once while still going out with Harry styles ( is that how u spell his name you know what I don't get a fuck I'm on my rant so I really could give two jerks) so yeah short ending Miley and Taylor equals jizz monkeys.

Well if you read all that here is some milk and a free tub of Ben and Jerry's cookie dough ice cream (betcha thought I was going to give you cookies ;)but I didn't) so there is me sorry again if some of the stuff I said was offensive but I did warn ya.

so Bye Xxx Anna

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