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Well Hi. :) Um I guess this is the part where I'm supposed to tell you stuff about my life. Well there's not much to it, my names Tara, and I'm 14. I live in a house and I go to school. I like food and sleep. And that's about it, welcome to the wonderful world of my mind.

So here come my obsessions, I've got a lot of them, too many to actually list, so I'll tell you some of the major ones. I'm absolutely positively never-gonna-give-it-up obsessed with Grey's Anatomy. I live for that show, okay maybe I don't live for it, but I mean I'm pretty close. I love the whole show and although sometimes I really want to go after Shonda Rhimes with a pitchfork because she killed off my favorite characters she's also a mastermind and Grey's Anatomy couldn't exist without her, so yeah she's pretty cool. I've recently become pretty attached to Scandal too, but I wouldn't say I'm obsessed. I love House and Bones, they're great shows too if you don't know already. The Mentalist and Psych are up there too, along with Law and Order SVU and Once Upon A Time. Right now all of my stories are about Grey's Anatomy and I promise as soon as I finish the one I'm on right now I will broaden my stories to other subjects too. I'm a total bookworm too. Jodi Picoult is my favorite author and I love each and every one of her books, my favorite book is actually one of her's and it's called Handle With Care. I'm also obsessed with Harry Potter, but who isn't? I also really like poetry, and right now Edgar Allen Poe has caught my attention. Some movies I love would include Les Miserable, Enchanted, and The Ugly Truth. Now I think I'm boring you so I'll move on.

Thoughts and opinions on various ships.

Grey's Anatomy

Meredith and Derek (MerdDer): Okay so this has got to be one of the most popular ships in Grey's actually I think it is the most popular one because well you know, the show was originally centered on them. So I ship them, I know people ship Addek too and I do agree that at one point he was in love with her and vice versa, but there wasn't much chemistry between them, or at least not as much as Meredith and Derek. They are in love and they have a child( Zola is adorable!) and I absolutely loved the post-it wedding, it was great. They've had ups and downs, and they've gotten through them, and that's what matters. So yeah they're great. Love them.

Izzie and Alex (Lexzie): OMG I love them together so much, god I wish Izzie would come back so he could finally be happy, although Jo seems pretty cool, I think him and Izzie were such a better fit, it's a shame Katherine Heigl didn't want the job anymore. They got through the cancer and Denny and everything just to be broken up. I miss them. A lot. They just fit together you know? They were good together, and now Izzie's gone and ugh. :(

Christina and Owen (Crowen): Okay this is one of the more trickier couples, they're great together, and they have so much passion, but they want different things. I do ship them, and I really want them to make it through this and meet each other in the middle because honestly, they deserve each other. And yes there was a point where I thought Owen was a god-awful jerk to Christina when she had aborted the child because she had made it clear she did not want any children, and I don't think Owen understood that. But he had accepted it and the recent thing he had going on with that patient shows just how much he wants a child but he chose Christina, and she turned him away because she knows he wants kids, but he CHOSE her. Ugh this is getting confusing. Bottom line is that they just need to meet each other in the middle so they can finally be happy and be okay again.

Mark and Lexie (Slexie): SPOILERS- Okay so I absolutely love them together I cried so much when they both died, especially when Lexie died and Mark broke down and kept saying "Meant to Be" That was like a dagger through my heart. And then he died, oh my god, I was sobbing, those were very emotional episodes. But anyways just like Mark said, they were meant to be, they had differences and those differences did lead to a break-up, but neither of them could stay away from each other. They were fated to be together, they were amazing together, they belong together. And I guess they are now.

Callie and Arizona (Calzona): Oh my god yes. I ship them, and so much more than Callie and Erica, no offense to fans of them but other than introducing Callie to girls I though Erica had no purpose, and was kind of a jerk at times, but she was okay at times too, it's just that I did not ship them at any point. But anyways back to Calzona, they are so amazing with each other, they're great in every way, and I do think that they will make it pass the cheating, and they will have a happy family and they will be great, and amazing.

Richard and Catherine (Richerine): Yes, I do think that both people do deserve to be happy, they've both gone through a lot and they seem to have found each other. I mean if Adele was alive I would ship her with Richard, but she died for a reason. And then there's Ellis...and I really don't know what to do with her. Ellis and Richard were great together too, but Richard had a wife, a loving wife, that was willing to forgive him. And Ellis, I really do not know what was going through her mind at that point, but they were in love, and then they weren't Simple as that. But as for Richard and Catherine, they're good for each other, and they're good together.

April and Jackson (Japril): I do ship them, but it's so much more confusing now. Especially with the paramedic that's like male Kepner and is like, well he's just like April. And he proposed to her, but I think we all know that even though April and the Paramedic would be good together, Jackson and April were literally made for each other, they would be a better couple. They're great, I love them together, I love them so much.

Henry and Teddy (Tenry): They were short lived, yes, but as we all saw those moments that they shared were amazing. They were great, and unfortunately Henry died when he shouldn't have and left Teddy alone. But they were great they were amazing, and now they're gone, just like my sanity (just kidding!). Anyways bottom line was that they were good together.


Bones and Booth (Semperance): Yes, a hundred times yes. I am so happy that they are finally together, I mean the past seasons have literally been teases for me, they were meant to be and everybody saw it but them, but now they saw it too, and they're together and they have Christine and it's great. If only serial killers could just stop targeting them, but I guess they need to have something to keep the show going. 'sigh'

Hodgins and Angela (Hodgela): Yes they're great, they have a child, and they're both dedicated but leniant with each other which is exactly what the other needs. (Sorry, these are starting to get shorter.)

Sweets and Daisy (Swaisy): I think they're pretty self explanatory, they're each others other half, I mean come on, can you find any two people that are so similar to each other than them?

Cam and Arastoo (Carastoo): They just got together so I don't know how it's going to turn out, but for now yes I will ship them.

The Mentalist

Jane and Lisbon (Jisbon): Okay they are so amazing together and although Jane does get on Lisbon's nerves I think she actually likes it sometimes. I also think they both have feelings for each other but they're both won't go after the other because Lisbon is all professional and crap and Jane is afraid to move on from his deceased wife and daughter. I think they will get together at one point though, maybe after Red John is caught?

Grace and Wayne (Grayne) I ship them. They both know that they love each other, why can' they just go through with it? But anyways they're both very good together, I love them.

Cho and Summer (Chummer): Although it was short lived I do like them together. They were complete opposites but that was exactly what they needed from each other. It's a shame summer had to leave.

Now I'm just going to List the rest of my ship names with the shows


Olivia and Fitz (Olitz)

Abby and David (Dabby)

Cyrus and James (Jyrus)


Shawn and Juliet (Shules)

Gus and Rachel (Rus)

Lassie and Marlowe (Carlowe)

Law and Order SVU

Benson and Cassidy (Bensidy)

Benson and Stabler(As friends though)-(Benler)

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