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As you can probably tell from the name, I am a HUGE fan of the Tommy/Kimberly pairing. I was deeply saddened when she left the show and when the writers put Tommy together with Kat. You will never see a story from me with a Tommy/Kat pairing unless it is just referred to in the story as in the past. The "letter" was, in my opinion, the biggest bunch of BS Saban could have come up with. Her "brother"? SERIOUSLY?! I don't know about you, but I'd NEVER kiss my brother like that, even in the innocent ways they actually did allow in the series. The whole situation was poorly thought out by the shows writers. It seriously does not make any sense what-so-ever. Let's see, Kim leaves the show to go 'follow her dream' and ends up callously breaking Tommy's heart and ending a near 3 year relationship with a LETTER! Then she comes back in the Turbo movie and it's like the letter never happened. No mention of it, no hard feelings, no explanations, no nothing. By the way Tommy acted a) when he saw her on the screen, and b) when he took off his helmet in an attempt to turn her back good, it was like he'd forgiven the whole thing (or forgotten possibly with his infamous forgetfulness, though I doubt anyone could forget something that harsh). Totally confusing if you ask me. That would definitely be a question I'd be asking the writers WTF they were thinking when they wrote those scripts.

I also really don't care much for any PR series that Tommy is not in. I had a huge crush on JDF when I was younger, during the MMPR days. I still kinda do, but don't tell my hubby (LOL). Who wouldn't? He is a total hottie!! I would love to meet him someday, but then again I'd be so afraid I'd be too starstruck to be thinking coherently enough not to make a fool out of myself.

I have recently become interested in the subject of SLASH. Although I wasn't originally into the subject before, the idea has sparked my interest. So much so that I decided to make my first story a slash fic.

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