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Author has written 5 stories for Beyblade, and Ragnarok Online.

Latest News from a Dead!Hika:

Whoa!? People are still putting alerts on my dead fics! People are still commenting! I feel evil now. orz
It's been an awfully long time since I've touched Kale and Kaze's Ragnarok Online version, but since so many people are waiting for something I might need to get back on and type something up again. That will really depend on when IB decides to release me from the hell of internal assessments and may exams. D:
Looking back, though, Stray was a TERRIBLY written story. Must... resist... urge to... rewrite...
But then again, it's been ages since I've written stories ever since I've transferred to doing manga scripts instead, so beware, there might be a DECLINE IN WRITING ABILITIES. (dun dun dunnn)

Oh, and for the sake of it;
My blog will have a lot more updates (and the occasional Kale and Kaze fluff), as will my dA account.

My most sincerest apologies. Really. TAT

Name: Hika
D.O.B: Jan/2/199x
Class: Fujyoshi
Job: Weirdo

Hika is weird. She likes thinking up new stories and then never finishes them. She also talks to herself (or what one might call an "alter ego") in little brackets (like these). Yes, she can type up an entire paragraph, discussing ideas with herself. (The most boring thing one can do.) I think it's a sign of intelligence. (Yea right.)


The person who writes because she can't draw as well. Not that she can write much better, she's just... better at writing. Somehow. This becomes a huge problem when Hika realises the fact that the concept for her stories in her mind are actually in moving pictures (or unmoving manga shots), and sometimes, words really fail to convey that meaning.

Also, Hika believes in the fact that different languages have different merits. For example, she believes that Japanese is better when it comes to emotional scenes and character dialogue, whilst English is definitely the language to describe fighting scenes.The sad thing about this is the fact that none of her readers are completely billingual, so she has to remove most of the Japanese, and resort to footnotes when she can't help but do it. Hika would like to take the chance to apologize now.

The only fanfic that will be updated will be Kale and Kaze's "Stray" (Ragnarok Online). I think I'll be writing more original stories from now on, so when my FictionPress account is ready for me to post to, I will put a little link here for anyone who is interested. (no one will be interested)

Taking a Break till IB Diploma Lets Me Free

Backstep! :

Kale's background story. Hika's very rare attempt at first person point of view. Meant to be rather messy. And stupid. BECAUSE IT'S KALE, OKAY!? orz...

Stray : Mild BL
(i.e. Shounen-ai, slash, whatever you'd call it) that can be explained as a very close friendship! Chapter 15

One Stalker. One Assassin Cross. Hika's very weird collection of short little happenings in their not-very-normal lives. On Hiatus because Minou called off the Collab... I'll use Backstep! to do more explaining, so bear with me for a bit... orz Hopefully this is not the end, and I'll be able to post chapter 16 soon... (once I get Minou's approval...)

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