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most people think of Hades as evil, I do not. Most people hate him, I do not. Considerd a creep for this I may be. But here's an ode for all to see. an ode to the judge, the condemned king an ode to hades the mighty

The Ballad of Hades

The Ballad of Hades

Trapped deep in the earth’s core

Banished forever more

Endless pain


And strife

This is what the death god calls…


All because of one ill-fated draw

All because he drew the shortest straw

As his hatred for his brethren bloomed

And so his insanity was groomed

In exile, and now insane

He was the Olympians’ bane

His brothers shunned him

Threw him to the fire

And in so doing

Drew his ire

Snow white fingers; bone weary and old

Strum for the death king

A harp of gold

as the death king listens to the master musician’s tune

One thought is present in his mind:

The Olympians die soon

Hear the ballad of Hades

Hear the ballad of the forever doomed

Hear the one whose heart hatred had consumed

Hear of the death king now insane

Hear the ballad of the Olympians’ bane

Hear it in darkness

Hear it in night

Hear it during your greatest plight

Hear the ballad of Hades

The condemned king

He is the one of whom I sing

Hear it in the raven’s cry

Hear it in the silence of the midnight sky

Hear it as your body draws its last breath

Hear it as you embrace the cruel harmony of death

Hear the ballad of Hades

The condemned king

Hear of my kinsman

The one of whom I sing

Hear the ballad of Hades

Hear the ballad of Hades

Hear the ballad of Hades!

ps: Random peace of info, Hades (the place) is not hell, it has three levels: the feilds of punishment, the feilds of wandering, and the feilds of paradise. please do not think of Hades as hell it irks me to no end that people who do not know their facts automaticly think of hades as a an evil place, and of its ruler as an evil god, this notion is completly wrong. Hades is described as dark but his job was to judge souls, I bet that would do a number on anyone's sanity. Plus it must suck to have the screams of the punished and the laughter of those who are in paradise for a lullaby, thinking that they are all laughing at you, must suck indeed. This is probably the longest pot script in history.

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