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All cats in the world inherently belong to me. While I may lend them to you for your familial enjoyment, I retain the right to repossess any and all felines at any given time with or without provocation, without prior warning, be it verbal or written.

My name is Maru Taiyro.

I also go by Grey, Reeve, Irizun, Drug or Emery.

A few things to know about me:

I love music. This is the first and foremost thing you should know about me. I don’t really have a favorite genre. Country is gross, in my opinion. Such a superiority complex. I’m finding more and more that opera and symphony/orchestra are really beautiful. I can’t pick a favorite song anymore of all the ones I love, but my favorite band is Get Scared. After that, there’s Linkin Park, Adair, Hollywood Undead, Our Last Night, The Used, Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows, The Bravery, and Bring Me the Horizon. A few of my favorite songs from each are as follows:

  • Get Scared- Hurt, Sarcasm, Built For Blame, Start to Fall, Not At All, Told Ya So
  • Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows- We’re All Fucking Crazy, Laminated E.T. Animal
  • Hollywood Undead- S.C.A.V.A, Outside, Paradise Lost
  • Adair- The Ghosts of Who We Were, The Prison Island, I Buried My Heart in Cosmo Park
  • Our Last Night- Conspiracy, Same Old War, Mouth Machine Gun, The Air I Breathe
  • Linkin Park- No Roads Left, By Myself, Krwlng
  • The Used- The Bird and the Worm, Pretty Handsome Awkward, This Fire, Empty With You, Hospital, Cry, Shine
  • The Bravery- Hatefuck, Red Hands and White Knuckles, An Honest Mistake, Above and Below
  • Bring Me the Horizon- And the Snakes Start to Sing, Deathbeds, Hospital For Souls, Drown
  • Based off of that, I’ll take song suggestions any day. I’m always looking for new music.

    I’ve got a thing for honey mustard. And another thing for gummy bears.

    My favorite colors are black and white.

    I love to cuddle.

    I love sweets and meat. My favorites are chocolate cheesecake and T-bone steaks seasoned with lemon pepper and cooked in butter. My least favorites are sugar cookies, anything sweet with fruit in it aside from pie or cobbler, turkey, and ham. I hate brown soda, caramel, hard/salty pretzels, tootsie rolls, suckers, all forms of cooked tomatoes, chili (excluding my birthgiver’s white chili), soup (excluding some very fancy soups you get at restaurants), wheat thins, and all fruit cereals aside from Fruit Loops.

    I read a lot of Fanfiction. I especially like cross-overs.

    These are my major fandoms and corresponding ships:

  • Supernatural- Destiel; SamXKevinXGabrielXAdam; BobbyXEllen; GarthXJo
  • BBC Sherlock- Johnlock
  • NBC Hannibal
  • Dr. Who- AmyxRory, NinexRose, MarthaxMickey, TenxSimm!Master, ElevenxRiver
  • Marvel- NatashaxClint; TonyxLoki; StevexBucky
  • Harry Potter- HarryxDraco, RonxHermione
  • Homestuck- HOLY SHITBALLS LET’S TALK ABOUT THE SHIPPING. GamzeexDavexTavros; Johnkat; KanayaxRose; Erisol; DirkxJake; EquiusxNepeta; RoxyxCalliopexJane; VriskaxMeenah; also I kind of think Karkat should have Sollux on the side and John should have Dave sometimes and also Kanaya with Vriska AS WELL AS STRIDERCEST; okay actually basically the Striders with everyone; Equidan?; alright let's be honest I can ship almost anything in this fandom this is stupid
  • Gravity Falls- Mabifica; Billdip; CandyxGrenda
  • Rick and Morty
  • MULTI-FANDOM SHIPS YEA SON: Moriarty (BBC Sherlock) and Crowley (Supernatural); Four (Divergent) and Meg (Supernatural); Will Graham (NBC Hannibal) and Lucifer (Supernatural); Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty), Stanford Pines (Gravity Falls) and Stanley Pines (Gravity Falls)
  • I intend to read/watch Merlin, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, Teen Wolf, Orange Is the New Black, Orphan Black, American Horror Story and Lord of the Rings eventually.
  • Pansexual/panromantic. Agender. Atheist. I accept anything that doesn’t hurt anyone and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

    I have been diagnosed with severe depression, anxiety and ADD.

    I don’t want to talk about my body type or my overall appearance. Don’t ask for pictures.

    I write fiction, poetry, and lyrics. I love to sing and aim to be a famous singer in a punk rock band. I love to draw, although I’m not too good at it. I also love to cook.

    Roleplaying is legit. If you’re willing to share a more private platform, message me with plots, fandom related or original, and I’ll be glad to try.

    Pretty much anyone who isn’t a piece of shit should feel free to converse with me about anything their fluttery little heart desires.

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