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I am sorry to anyone who has had to subject themselves to the monstrosity of a profile that used to be here. It has been, and much to my dismay might I add, here for an awfully long time. It was created by a younger, stupider version of myself that existed about a year or so ago. Luckily to of my best friends, time and personal growth have murdered him and used his blood to decorate the floor of their wedding reception.

My name is June Summers, I also go by Junebug at times; both are pseudonyms crafted solely for the purpose of my writing and it's gay sex and BDSM persuaded veneer. While gay sex and BDSM are wonderful things, the idea of annexing it to my personal identity was one I was unsure I was ready to take up.

My sex is male and my gender, while examined in a non-linear light is like a bowl of wibbly-wobbly gendery-wendery stuff. My age, had been a secret kept from the public by the secret police and known only by myself and some carefully selected government officials but I have decided to ditch the fallacious act and that it might not be so grody to tell you the truth of my existence and how many years it has been in enactment. I am, in fact, one of the very first gay-elders. It has been my job for millennia to watch over the LGBT community. I solicit the LGBTQ community members and impart my knowledge with them in their dreams. I am an overseer of the LGBTQWE community and have watched it grow, both in number of personage and in arbitrary terms to add to the end of the LGBTQWERTY initialism. In the near future I foresee that the LGBTQWERTYASDFGHJKL community will be known by one letter only. P for people.

Oh yeah, and so I have been alive for approximately all of human existence, seeing as LGBT people have been around that long. I was even around before Christianity was a thing and everyone decided we were evil. During those times I spent my days pretending to be an evil wizard and waited for handsom knights to come and try and kill me. Memories

If you have read all that you have probably guessed that I am a very sarcastic individual, and I take ironic humor very seriously. However, I am capable of being serious, which I plan to do now.

What you will find here: sex. I mainly write all of my stories with sex in them, some of them will be more hardcore than others but nearly all will have sex in them. I don't really know why that is, I am just drawn to that side of things, my stories will be sex-positive, and full of kink. Individual warnings will be placed for individual stories and chapters.

The Prestigious and Highly-efficient Academy of Alter Waters (or AW for short) is actualy my first fanfic, I usually work on original fiction because it is my dream to become a published author, but I think it has gone surprisingly well. If you have read it and are now reading this, thank you so much! If you haven't, get on it right away! It is a Eene fic about princes, multiple-personality disorder, love, sex and other things. And it is my fanfictional baby, so please check it out.

My approach to fanfic

If you know anything about Eene (that's Ed, Edd n Eddy just in case you don't know) than you know that my description for AW up there is a bit absurd, but fear not, I shall explain myself here.
When I write fanfic, what I strive for is an experience that is entirely knew, while keeping the same qualities that made the original show what it was. Usually for me, that means getting the characters and putting them in a new situation and allowing them to develop naturally that way. So most of my fanfic will be AU or alternate universe. There will be some times where I write stories within the constraints of the canon, but I honestly don't see the point in that. If a fanfic is exactly like the canon, a person might as well just go with the canon and watch/read the original show/book/comic right?

Along with the characters personalities, what I've taken from Eene is the idea of friends goofing off, oddly enough! I think the majority of the story is just a big huge pot of fun, characters interacting with each other and having fun and just being friends. While the tone is different fro Eene, it is meant for a mature audience after all, I think I kept that somewhat. It's a story about making friends and drifting from what you know into something new just to learn it might not be what you wanted in the first place at all, and once I write the ending, I thin it's going to really hit home with the Eene fans. The story is about growing up, but not letting go of what it is that makes you young and fun-loving. It just happens to have a bunch of sex, rape, abuse and violence in-between all of that.

Where you can find me

If you want to see me everyday, you can follow me on tumblr at,

If you wanted to read some of my original works, you can check out the sidebars on said tumblr, or go here to read a webcomic called Fate that I write.


Or you could just PM me here, I am actually very friendly.

Also, I try to respond to all of my reviews but don't take it personally if I don't respond to yours! I probably just missed it or was very busy.

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