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Yo, Blackcat here... but go ahead and call me BC.

Age: 18? I'm not an adult I tell you! And yes, I still like cartoons, what of it?

Gender: Girl... :3 Ok?

A little about me: Well... I'm a tomboy, I don't swear. (That means when I stub my toe things like freaking, flipping, fudge, god dangit, and oh shiiiitoki mushrooms come out of my mouth.) I like those pixie sticks that come in the plastic tubes and not the paper ones, really candy in general... but I go off and on between chocolate and fruity candy. And I don't like sour ALL that much, but depending how sweet it is, I can deal. Pocky and other japanese candies are a big hit with me. And I like Butterscotch syrup and Ramen too. Yes, Ramen isn't candy... but it's still soooooo good. Oh, and I'm somewhat of a gamer. Not too good, but I do play some Halo. I 3 my L33T 360! And yes, the 360 is a l33t machine. I may not be, but my console is.

Apperance: Why I'm just a normal girl! Wait I don't think I ever really was... Well I wear a collar with an oversized bell thanks to QJP. I think it was so I couldn't spy on her or something like that. So far it doesn't seem to do anything, but once QJP starts planning, who knows? (Be afraid, be very afraid) I also have a LUVERLY pair of black cat ears! (I saw the school play My Fair Lady a couple years ago. I couldn't resist! Is-n't it just luverlyyyyy.)

My catchphrase: Nee. It's very usefull when you have nothing else to say. Or when there's just too much to say.

Favorite color: Green... WHAT? Is there somthing wrong with green? Why does everyone hate green? You, over there. Explain NOW.

Fav anime: Inuyasha has a special place in my heart... but I can't pick a fave.

Other anime I like (This could take a while...): Bleach, Ranma 1/2, Full Metal Alchemist, Tenchi Muyo, Yu Yu Hakusho, Shaman King, DN Angel, The world of Narue, Rorouni Kenshin, DB/Z/GT, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Magical Arcade Abenobashi, Crest of the Stars,Pokemon, Hamtaro, Case closed, Wolf's rain, FLCL... There must be a few more, I'll add them when I think of them. And so you know, that's not in any order. One of these days I might put it in one, but till then...

Fav. Anime Movies: Princess Mononoke, Castle in the clouds, My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, Kiki's Delivery service, The first 3 Inuyasha movies... I have to wait until I watch some more...

Fav Mangas: Yu Yu Hakusho, Inuyasha, Ranma 1/2, Doctor Slump, DN Angel, The world of Narue,Naruto, Yugioh (I dont like the show that much since the Manga has a better/deeper story), One Piece, Fruits Basket, Demon Diary, Hikaru No Go, Shaman King, Sandland, HunterxHunter, Black cat (Where has this been all my life), and Eyeshield 21 (Yes it's football. But Sena's so cool and Hiruma is just crazy. GO DEIMON DEVILBATS!).

Fav food: RAMEN! I said that already, right? RAMEN! Or... is it Pocky? o_o I don't know!

Some little wierdish quirk I have when I get all sugar high: Don't ask me why, but I like to make up my own words. Like little verbyesque thingys. Just like that! Pay attention to my AN's and reviews and sometimes you'll see it. In other words... I make up my own words.

My Minions... er, friends... yeah, that's the word.

QJP: Queen of the Jean Purse, She threatens people but doesn't hit them all that often... unless they're Baka-chan. But, she kicks too, and she hits me! WAHHH ABUSIVE FRIEND! Err, nevermind.

Baka-chan: He has his own account. Actually, it was PLP's but, who cares. He's a pyro... Infact so are PLP and QJP! I'm starting to think my friends are at least a little nuts... just like me...

PLP: Princess of the Leather Purse, is now QJP's co-author. She too has a purse... and a short temper. When she's mad, SHE IS MAD! You know... all angrilly like. I have been on the wrong side of her anger, (like once, but it was enough) she's scary. She put holes in my FF notebook! And I didn't even do anything to her that time! That was because of someone else!

Now these are my Minions...

My Crickets: Led by Cricket 13, they came about after a review... they are like Jaken and won't leave me. Guess it's cause I keep a good stock of Butterscotch syrup around. (The crickets wages are paid in it) They're a lot like... well, if you took Myouga and crossed him with Jiminy Cricket, you'd have 'em. They are useful though, keeping my FF "lair" in order... they could be worse.

The annoying purple fuzzy chickens: They're like body guards, and they tend to hang out in my maze of doom. They were created by a song that I (QJP helped a bit) wrote for creative writing. Thank you Mr. Hall! A lot of my friends like the song, QJP hates it.So they're perfect! I think it might be because I like to sing the song a lot. And just so you know, these guys tend to peck.

That's really enough bout me... READ MY FICS PLEASE! or fic... whichever I feel like this week. And just so you know, whenever I get a new reviewer I always try to look at their bio. So if you have one, or have stories on a friends account, or just want to get a friend some reviews, make things easier on me and put the account name if you don't sign in please. Because when I look at the Bios, I try to find at least one story that interests me. Ok, got that? Now read!

Obey the Cat! (If you actually know what I'm referencing, I love you. You are my knew bestest friend. Have some Pocky.)

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