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Hello, and welcome to my very lengthy profile. In case you don't want to read the whole thing, I'll summarize it here, and you can choose what you want to read. The first section is a light-hearted, rather silly and cheeky, blurb about why I write fanfiction - it's just a get to know me (in the context of the platform on which we are interacting) kind of thing. Think dating profile. The second section is a brief overview of the stories I've written, or plan to write. And the last section is stupid trivia.

In case it wasn't entirely obvious, my username is the Imaginizer. What does it mean, you might ask? Well, I just thought it sounded rather grand. Makes me seem a bit more important than I am, I guess. It also kind of makes me sound like a machine, which is pretty cool.

The choosing of it also makes me sound like some hybrid between a pretentious twat and a jaded clown, which is rather fitting.

Now, you might at this point be curious as to why I'm here (or you might not care). To put it simply, I'm in serious need of a distraction, am a little bored with life, often feel underappreciated, and really wish there were more than 7 Harry Potter books.

Now, let's address these one at a time:

1. Anyone with even the slightest self-reflective powers knows that the pressure, frustration, and fear of failure in life can get a bit much sometimes. Anyone who's as much of an [obsessive, pessimistic workaholic who is constantly aware of their own mortality and insignificance in the world] as I am knows that sometimes, when life gives you just have to start ripping out your hair and setting fire to it. Unless you have access to these handy things called distractions.

Anyway, true, effective distractions can be hard to come by, and I find nothing more distracting than writing.

2. Let's face it, everything is dull compared to the wizarding world.

3. Being an introvert that obsessively keeps secrets kind of prevents people from appreciating me, so it's kind of my fault if I'm underappreciated. But whatever.

4. Seriously, why are there only 7? Why? Harry Potter should be like one of those TV shows that just won't die. Like South Park. I want 20 seasons of Harry Potter.

Anyway...that's why I'm here in a more abstract sense. Practically, I'm here to write stories. Here's some more info on those:

Harry Potter and the Arcana: Ah, nostalgia. A relic *cough*slightlyembarrassingtestamenttoaterrifyingstateofmind*cough* of my adolescence. This is an AU in which a blatantly OOC (read: slightly sadistic/sociopathic) Harry inherits some Seer genes from his mum. Lots of absurd humour, and it borders on crack at times; it was going to be Harry/Luna, and was going to span all 7 books...but it is, unfortunately, for all intents and purposes, abandoned. I've had several people ask me why, and beg me to continue it, so I'm going to be really frank here: this story was written by a version of me who was still pretty miserable, but was in many ways happily oblivious and filled with hope. An overwhelming number of things have gone wrong since then, and I don't have the energy to try to get inside the head of the slightly psychotic, conceited, and optimistic teenager who wrote this story. Maybe one day I will - maybe one day I'll even recover the parts of my identity that the last few years have brutally extinguished...but that day is not today.

Harry Potter and the Accidental Horcrux: The premise for this story is the not-uncommon one of the piece of Voldemort's soul in Harry's head awakening and making contact with him. In my story, this occurs when he's 8 years old, so this story focuses on his earlier life (ages 6 - 13); as this is the case, there are no pairings in this story. If had an option for 'psychological' as a genre tag, that's what I would have chosen for this story; there's a reasonably strong plot (at least, I think so? I admittedly stick close to canon for the first part but I have practical reasons for that), and a lot happens, but in my opinion what the story is really about is trading one form of oppression for another, and the way the human psyche construes transformation as freedom in order to provide the illusion (?) of progress. This theme is developed more in the sequel. So yeah, lots of adventure and drama, and a fair bit of humour, but pretty psychologically heavy.

Harry Potter and the Chrysalis: The continuation of Harry Potter and the Accidental Horcrux. There will be pairings, but it's a little complicated, and I'm being kind of tight-lipped about it (pm me if you want some details), and speaking of that, it should be noted that this story is rated M, and will earn this rating. Continues to focus on a lot of character psychology/drama, but the plot becomes more complicated/canon-divergent, and poor Harry finally gets to have some positive psychological development. WIP.

Outtakes: One-shots that supplement longer stories I've written. So far these are all Harry Potter and the Arcana spin-offs.

Empathy (?): Currently in developmental stages. Tom Riddle-centric; an AU in which Merope survives and raises Tom. The result is a far more complex (or at least fleshed-out) version of Tom Riddle, blessed with more well thought-out ambitions, greater self-awareness, liberal political views, and an understanding of love and friendship. Unfortunately, he's still...well, evil. Even mummy-Riddle couldn't reach the depths of his depravity. Shocker. Anyway, if this continues to pan out, I'll start posting when I've got a fair bit of material written down. To be clear, I'm not abandoning Harry Potter and the Chrysalis - I'm not even planning on slowing down posting. I just write whatever comes to mind, and I'm not going to just discard a bunch of ideas because they're not part of the main project I'm working on right now.

Anyway...if you want to know more about me, here are some opinions that nobody asked for:

- Ice cream is the best food in the world. Closely followed by sushi.

- Tea is likewise the best drink in the world. The best tea is a tie between jasmine and earl grey.

- Bach was the single greatest musical mind to walk this earth.

- Country music is nonredeemable and should not exist.

- The best two albums ever released have been Led Zeppelin's IV and Tim Hecker's Virgins.

- Marijuana should be legalized, regulated, and taxed. And taxes are awesome.

- Universal health care should be a thing everywhere.

- Quine was wrong about quantifiers in modal logic. And his opinion is fury inducing, fyi.

- The descriptive complexity interpretation of the intuitive concept of randomness is the correct one.

- Non-classical logics are da bomb.

- Object oriented programming is beautiful.

- Airplane tickets antidepressants/antipsychotics/sedatives. (running from problems drugging away problems)

- Statistics is ugly and not real math.

- There is no good and evil; there is only power, and those too weak to seek it. If you replace power with (significance, meaning, influence) then I totally agree.

- Identity isn't all it's cracked up to be.

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