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Author has written 2 stories for My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute/俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない, and Freezing/フリージング.

Hi everyone I am G3NETIXZ! 始めまして木のなまえはレクスです. In all honesty I know only a little Japanese so if any of you are Japanese please correct me! Clearly I can't seem to figure out my Japanese keyboard on my iPhone. Anyways I hope you'll enjoy reading my stories.

One of my biggest stories that are prepared are probably my story for Freezing: Sub-zer0, and my re-write for Gundam SEED Destiny. I also have plans for writing a Persona Fic which involves both casts of P4 and P3, so please look forward to it! Also, i plan on doing my first crossover soon with Code Geass, Gundam 00, and my revised version of Gundam SEED Destiny. However, one of biggest projects is on fictionpress. I wrote my own Original Gundam story called: Kidou Senshi Gundam Helios.If you get the chance, or preferably interested in it please take a look!

Some of the Character information will be placed here as well.

Gundam SEED Destiny: Re-write and Revised OC Info:

Name: Sugimiya Ren

Age: 17

DOB: C.E. 56 January 5th

Hair/Eye Colour: Dark Blue/ Black

Height: 172cm

Weight: 58kg

Blood Type: A

Genetic Type: Coordinator

Affilation: ZAFT (Minerva)

Rank: Red Uniform (Elite)

Gender: Male (Duh!)

Family: -Father, Mother, Sister (Unnamed, and Unknown of current status)

Nationality: Orb

Occupation: Pilot

Mobile Weapons:

ZGMF-X34Z Gundam Luin


Ren medium length dark blue hair, that is swept mostly to the right. His bangs are slightly over his eyebrows and gets shorter as it goes towards his left. He has black eyes, which usually cause people to stare at him a lot. Ren from his initial looks were depicted as a very cold person, which usually get him into misunderstandings. Like his teammates he wears the red ZAFT uniform, and he usually unbuttons his collars. His pilot suit is a black ZAFT suit with red trimmings on the edges, and on the helmet has his name on the side.

ZGMF-X34Z Gundam Luin

Model Number: X34Z

Namesake: Luin

Manufacturer: ZAFT

Operators: ZAFT

Developed from: ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam

First Seen: C.E. 73

Type: Prototype Close Quarters Combat Suit

Known Pilots: Sugimiya Ren


Height: 18.45 Meters

Weight: 62.6 Metric Tons (68.2 with SPC and ATM pack)

Power Plant: Ultra Compact Energy Battery

Pilot: Accommodations: Emergency Ejection Cockpit

Armour: Trans-Phase Shift Armour


2x MMI-GaU5E 25mm CIWS

2x M87-KN14E Ballistic Butterfly

1x AN-5H13LD Anti-Beam Shield

1x LNG-33AMRFL Hi-Energy beam rifle

2x SWD-3E4M "Maxiar" Beam Saber

Special Equipment and Features:

Deuterion Beam Energy Transfer System

Phase Shift Transfer Point

Impulse Silhouette Transfer System

SPC-01X (Zero Gravity Pack)

-2x "Celtic" Multi-Phase cannons (Attached under the ZG pack)

-2x "La Verde" Beam Sabers

-1x "Nobunaga" Beam Edge Katana

-1x "Chi" High-Energy Plasma Phase Cannon

ATM-02X (Atmospheric Aerial Pack )

-2x "Xallidus" Rail cannon (Attached under pack)

-2x "Masamune" Beam Edge Katana

-2x "Ninjato" Short Beam Edge Blade

-1x X-APS Blade (Anti-Phase Shift Blade)

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