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Hello, I'm Rogue. Thank you for visiting my profile.

To be frank, there's really not much for me to say about myself. I'm for the most part an introvert, yet I have a bit of a contradictory personality. One minute, I believe, think, and feel one thing, and the next I could change my mind. It's weird. X_X

I also have a tendency to be blunt on certain things but I do try to be fair overall. Everyone has an interesting way of viewing things, and you can either agree or disagree is how I approach it. So long as everyone is respectful.

As far as my writing goes, I'll be the first to admit that my skill is... well, hit or miss. I can't say any story I write was intended to be "ground-breaking" or a "masterpiece." I mostly just like to write the ideas and stories that appeal to me in my imagination, and in the best and most believable way possible. I spend a lot of time doing research on whatever media I may be into for a "certain kind" of fanfic because I want it all to come together smoothly and not bastardize the original canon in an atrocious fashion. Of course, there are some exceptions where I loosen up on my "canon-nazism" ways, or apply a little bit of headcanon instead. But I normally only do it if the original canon was in itself confusing, dealt with an unforgivable retcon, or something of the like. Other times, I may go away from it just for the sake of exploring an intriguing concept, but again I hope to do it in a way that's not TOO far from the original canon, or making whatever characters I'm writing agonizingly OOC.

In fact, I get so nervous about writing any kind of fanfiction because I fear I'll do something wrong or forget a particular detail; maybe I missed something because I didn't look into it enough. This kind of stuff makes me antsy and that's why it can take awhile for me to produce anything.

Another thing I fear is that my writing in general isn't good enough. Believe me when I say I'm my own worst critic in that regard. (If it weren't for my best mate JG, I probably would've abandoned my ideas long ago.)

Well, in short, all I really wish to do is explore "different" and "unconventional" possibilities. I can't say all of it will be the most original material going but I do hope what I do write is enjoyable, at the very least.

On Shipping:

Let me tell you a story.

In the old days, back when I was just starting out, I was your typical shipper. If I liked what I saw, I shipped it. Any fanfic I could find about them, I'd go for it and praised it regardless of the actual quality. And if the pairing was popular, H'OH boy, did I go hunting all over the internets for whatever was available.

Well, those days have passed, and nowadays my shipping standards have drastically changed from that fourteen year old. To be quite honest, I'm not your typical run-of-the-mill shipper. While I do still enjoy shipping as much as the next person, I've become extremely picky about it. That isn't to say I look down on others' work; what I mean to say is that my ships are very particular.

In other words, the couplings I go for are the types that, with no other way of putting it, probably only exist in my head. Why do I say that? Because I rarely participate in pairings that are popular anymore.

Let's face it, when a pairing is exceedingly famous, coming up with new things to write about them is considerably scarce. What could be done for them that hasn't already been done? Take a popular couple like Inuyasha/Kagome for example. The pairing is so well-known that merely typing in the seach engines something like "Kagome sees Inuyasha and Kikyou kiss, runs away, etc.", will guarantee COUNTLESS amounts of stories using this scenario with varying interpretations.

Am I saying this is a bad thing? Well, no. Not exactly. (It's only a bad thing if the fanfic is severely lacking, in my humble opinion.) Despite this, there are many ships I still support that have a strong following with an abundance of fanfics. (House/Wilson being one example.) My point is that with this in mind, I find myself getting bored. Scrolling through archives of over 1,000 fanfics for one pairing easily becomes tedious after awhile; at least for me.

Now, I know what you're probably thinking. "Oh, c'mon. Not every pairing has a huge following like Inuyasha/Kagome or House/Wilson!" This is true. A lot of the old pairings I used to ship came from obscure titles that not many have heard about. As a result, even though it was the fan-prefered couple or official couple, there was very little work to be found for it. You'd think that would mean more ways this could be worked with, but for me, I still wasn't entirely happy. Why? Simply put, I thought it was typical.

Playing a game, watching a TV show, or so on, I'd find it so typical that Character A would be naturally shipped with Character B or Character C, or switched up. Either way, I found it all too predictable that I couldn't get behind it fully this way either.

That's become the trouble with me lately in regards to shipping in general. I've become significantly picky with portrayal and quality (which makes finding or reading any fanfiction difficult for me), I get bored if the couple is too famous (not to say I can't still enjoy them, but I usually don't stay long as a result), and I sometimes turn away if I found it all too easy/predictable for the couple to be shipped (especially so if one of the two characters is obviously just there to be nothing more than a love interest/ship tease).

Tl;dr, much like my ideas, I go for unconventional ships. The types not many, if any, have actually thought about before. And I don't like to just slap them together either. I like to interpret the possibilities of them meeting, getting to know each other, becoming close, explore the potential of them falling in love, overcoming the hardships around them, and, if possible, coming together forever in the end. That's all there is to it.

Put in the simplest way, I can like a lot of pairings for different reasons. But my favorites are by far the totally unexplored. A pure clean slate to unleash all kinds of imaginative things upon is how I like my couples.

And that's how my point of view on this matter goes. Believe me, I have a lot more to say but I feel I've said enough. Whatever couples I write about in the future are more than likely near totally new to the fandoms; I can only hope that I can do a good enough job of making them acceptable so some people will give it a fair chance.

That is all I wished to say. Apologies for being so wordy.


I would like to mention that most of what I write can vary from Hetero to Same-sex couples. So keep that in mind, and please be open-minded. If you can't, well then, there's naught I can do about that.

Fandoms I'm Currently Into:


Final Fantasy VII

Kingdom Hearts

Doctor Who

Silent Hill

Katawa Shoujo

House, M.D.

Yume Nikki

Status of my fanfics:

NOTE: Fanfics written before "When Paths Cross" are old and out dated work from long ago.

Updated as of 06/02/2012: "When Paths Cross" under construction.

When Paths Cross: WIP

What Feels Right: Hisoka and Tsuzuki are lying in bed together when Tsuzuki asks an odd question. (HisokaXTsuzuki) (complete)

One Rainy Day: Joe's been feeling depressed from pining over a certain silverblue haired German. That is, till this certain person finds him under a tree on one rainy day. (004X009) (YAOI) (complete)

Friends Forever: Jennifer sits at home reminiscing about her late friends... (songfic) (complete)

Love Can Be A Disease Or A Cure: Eike has become ill with a terminal disease. This time, he decides he's not going to fight death. But, what does Homunculus think? (HomXEike) (slash) (discontinued)


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