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Let's see, what to say? Well, I've been lurking around reading fanfics for quite awhile. I figured it was high time to create an account so I could review the stuff I read and maybe post some of the stuff I've been working on.

The main things I read are really Supernatural, X-Men, and Power Rangers (a revived interest. loved it as a kid, now suddenly have the urge to watch again). Mighty Morphin, Zeo, Lightspeed Rescue and Time Force were the first ones I watched this time around. I'm slowly working my way through other seasons, albeit totally out of order. Ninja Storm was good. Lothor was more entertaining than he was evil. The team had an interesting dynamic though. Dino Thunder was good, loved seeing Tommy in the mentor role. And how can you not like Conner? He's like a mix of Tommy and Jason. A typical Red really. Just finished watching Mystic Force. Did anyone else think Nick was a terrible Red Ranger? I almost think Xander would have been a better Red. So that season goes in the "ok" category. Not a big fan of some of the others though. Tried watching Wild Force. It was terrible. Watched the Time Force/Wild Force team up and Forever Red, then gave up on that series. Same for SPD and Operation Overdrive. Watched the team ups and then decided there was no way I could tolerate them otherwise. Watched less than one episode of Samurai and couldn't stand it. Fishing for a Zord? WTF was that? Heavy sigh. Kids shows these days.

Some days I find my way over to Star Wars, Merlin, Doctor Who and Harry Potter. There's a few others I pop into on occasion, but they seriously depend on my mood.

A friend of mine finally talked me into watching Stargate: Atlantis with him. He watched it when it was on and finally convinced me to watch the DVDs with him. I had watched Stargate: SG-1 but lost interest in it around season 8 so I was hesitant to try another Stargate series. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really liked it. So I'm just starting to read fanfics for that fandom.

The same friend as mentioned above got me into the Avengers. So I totally blame him for the amount of time I have spent reading Avengers fics the last few months.

I'm on a total Hobbit kick lately. I have read the book and love the movie. Don't know why it took me until after the movie came out on DVD to start reading fanfics about it, but it has. *shrugs* I especially love family related stories revolving around Thorin, Kili and Fili.

I like to read stories with actual pairings and stories that are just friendship or family fics. As long as it involves characters I like, I'll generally give anything with a decent sounding summary a shot.

Pairings I like:

MMPR: Jason/Kim (I blame the Turbo movie for that one. I was a diehard Tommy/Kim until watching that movie about a year ago), Jason/Tommy (Didn't give this a second thought as a kid, but watching some of MMPR now, heck yes!) and Tommy/Kim (Despite the other two, I can't quite give up on this one completely. I didn't watch Zeo as a kid so I didn't know about "The Letter" until recently. Even when I learned about it I was crushed. Seriously I was convinced those two were made for each other.)

Lightspeed Rescue: Carter/Dana (its rather cute and it keeps up the Reds and Pinks theme) and Carter/Ryan (don't really know what it is about this one, but I like it), Chad/Kelsey is cute as a background, but I wouldn't go out of my way to read about them

Time Force: Wes/Eric (Having now watched Time Force the only explanation I can give is that I seriously have a thing for pairing two alpha males together. Its hot.), failing Wes/Eric, I like Wes/Jen (Alex was a jerk) and Eric/Taylor (I can't stand Wild Force, but I liked the interactions between these two in Reinforcements from the Future)

Ninja Storm: Hunter/Tori (Blake bugged me and I think these two would work better long term. Blake seemed more than just a bit self centered), Hunter/Dustin (Dustin is adorable. I think they would work), well really I'm okay with Hunter/any of the other Rangers or even Hunter/OC. I have yet to find a pairing involving Hunter that I don't like.

Dino Thunder: Conner/Kira (I just don't like Trent and I think these two would be cute together), and failing my fav pairings from MMPR for Tommy, Tommy/Hayley

Supernatural: Dean/Cas (Umm, yeah. Does this one need an explanation?), Dean/Lisa (Before she became a bitch in season 6, I kinda liked the whole Dean as a family man role), since I don't want to ignore Sam I'll say Sam/Sarah (She was in an ep in season 1, can't remember which. She's the one Dean was talking about when he said "Sammy, marry that girl" I'm ignoring what happened last season. In fact, I'm in denial about a lot of SPN things right now.)

X-Men: Erik/Charles (seriously, they scream UST. it needs to be dealt with.), and Hank/Raven (They were just adorable)

Doctor Who: 9/Rose, 10/Rose, 9/Jack, 10/Jack, even 9 or 10/Rose/Jack (These all fall into the same category of: I just like them. I can't give a decent reason, I just do. I normally don't even like threesomes, but the Doctor, Rose and Jack would totally have worked.)

Stargate: Atlantis: Sheppard/McKay (such opposites, but there is so something there), Sheppard/Lorne (kind of back to that alpha male thing I mentioned earlier)

Avengers: Clint Barton/just about anybody, Tony Stark/just about anybody, Steve Rogers/mainly Clint or Tony, but I'm open to others. So yeah, lots of possibilities for me with this fandom.

Pairings I don't like:

MMPR/Zeo: Tommy/Kat (I just can't stand her first of all and secondly we all know she was just a rebound. There was no future for it)

Dino Thunder: Trent/Kira (As stated above, I just don't like Trent. He bugged me the whole time.)

X-Men: Erik/Raven (Just, no. Erik belongs with Charles. End of story.)

Avengers: can't say I've come across any I especially dislike.


So I didn't fall off the face of the earth. Just had real life get really crazy for awhile. I'm still working on that follow up to Mentor's Memories that takes place towards the end of Dino Thunder. With any luck I'll get it finished up and posted soon.

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