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I am currently righting a fanfic Crossover between Mass Effect and Halo however it is a multiverse Fic including star wars, Alien vs Predator, Transformers etc. if you would like to see a universe in it then please give me your suggestions and they may be added. It can be anything from SCI-FI (Star wars) to Fantasy (The Elder Scrolls) if I like it I’ll find a way to put it in.

Please note I use the British spelling. I also have Autism which can cause an effect on my fic (I think) and I am a bad speller (Don’t worry I have a spell check otherwise I wouldn't be doing a fic)

Ruptured Universe Next Chapter Progress:

(SPOILER ALERT) This Profile will show my ideas, plans and peoples suggestions for my fic, if you don’t like spoilers then don’t read on. Also note though that what is said here might not come about.

Current Franchises:


Mass Effect

Star Wars

Alien vs Predator

James Cameron’s Avatar


Jurassic Park

Fixing fan confusion: This is to clear up a few details I notice in reviews and PM’s regarding of people being confused or not fully understanding what I’ve written/done.

The Shepard misunderstanding: Ok as of now (chapter 14) the actual Commander Shepard, that is the player character of the series, is only 4 years old (will need to check date of birth). In chapter 13 there is mention of a Daniel Shepard, again this is not “the” Shepard. He is in fact his dad who has married Hannah Shepard and Commander John Shepard has been born to them 3 years before chapter 2 starts (in 2654 while ch2 takes place in 2657)

Noble Six and Jane: Due to calling Six, Jane this has caused some confusion and the belief that like in errterkings New Origins, Six and Shepard are one the same. In Ruptured Universe they are different people as explained above slightly. Jane is Noble six’s name while Shepard will be male and go by the default John (in the story Hannah and Daniel name him after the Master Chief.)

Upcoming Franchises:

Outlander: The alien creature Moorwen are almost wiped out by one of the citadel races before the Jedi of the OSA interfere and put a stop to the genocide. They are discovered to be intelligent and are permitted to join the OSA and become war beasts. The OSA makes plans to uplift them.

Battlestar Galactica (maybe): The Humans of BG enter an OSA controlled system. The OSA display anger at how they treated their AIs but join the fight when it’s clear the Cylon's don’t seek peace.

District 9 (Maybe): Poleepkwa (Unsure story for them.) The following is an idea made with the combination of suggestions and ideas made for the Poleepkwa by, alienfinderx, Legionary Prime and MEleeSmasher as well as my own : The Poleepkwa have finally broken away from their alien masters. On the run for years they slowly are able to build a small fleet capable so they can defend themselves better should their masters come after them. They are discovered by the citadel races and ask for asylum and protection. The council have no plan for making them part of the Citadel because of their prejudice against Insect races but allow them to remain in citadel space. They are treated worse than the Quarians by the people of the galaxy. The Council does not make known their existence to the OSA. Several weeks go by before the citadel discovers that they have technology that is on par with some of the OSA races. The Council attempt to invite the Poleepkwa to join the Citadel. They see through the Councils shared knowing they only want their tech, they refuse. The OSA arrives with a fleet after the existence of the Poleepkwa are made known to them just in time before the Council does something drastic. The Poleepkwa join the OSA and become great allies of the other insect races. Does not include alienfinderx's latest idea on them, is mentioned below.

Metroid : Space pirates (as suggested by Lucus bane for the slaver alliance), they will be long time enemies of the Mandolorians and allies of the batarians

Upcoming features from current Franchises:


Halo 4 and Spartan Ops: The events of both are likely to be canon in Ruptured Universe, with obvious edits, addition and removals. Examples include Chief not being alone but with surviving Spartan II’s (and possibly surviving Noble team). Storm covenant not being covenant at all but enemies of the OSA. The drifting in space year gap being shorter (2 years instead of 4). Spartan ops events will mostly be the same with the exception of aliens on the Infinities crew and Halsey being brought on board by Rada who is protecting her and leaves her in the care of Laskey with the assurance that she will be ok. The hit will also be called on Halsey but will be rescued by the Demons and Spartans (2 and Noble). Likely hood of fight between Chief and Palmer is large.

Admiral Margaret Orlenda Parangosky: Currently has no role in Ruptured Universe, there are no plans for her appearance until after the destruction of Sovereign and Shepard’s death and disappearance of Chief and co. she see her chance to finally get rid of Halsey and has ONI leak the truth about the Spartans which causes a public outcry and call for Halseys head. Knowing the Director will never agree with Halsey’s arrest she had him demoted and replaced with Serin Osman (He will remain in charge of Project Freelancer) and cuts support to Cerberus for being against it as well. (The arrest of Halsey will cause friction between the OSA races), this also results in her coming to heads with the Demons as they (Rada and Blade) rescue Halsey and protect her. Here is a sneak preview.

“Now then Director, you should know by now what happens to anyone that gets in my way,” she replied confidently, answering his question.

The Director sat back in his chair, back straight, hands held together. He may no longer be head of ONI but that did not prevent him from speaking boldly to her.

“But I assume you know as well ma’am what happens to anyone that threatens Thel Vadam’s son.”

Star Wars:

Wookiees: A year after first contact with the Council, the OSA discovers through Rada Vadam that the Batarians have enslaved an entire race and kept it secret from the rest of the Galaxy. Thus results in the OSA sending a large army to liberate the Wookiee homeworld from Batarian occupation. The Wookiees join the OSA much to the dismay of the Council.

Chewbacca: Discovered by Rada Vadam and several padawans to be sold to an Asari as a slave by the Batarians they eventually give him his freedom. He then joins the OSA in an assault on his homeworld to free it from Batarian occupation.

Zygerrian: First discovered by the Batarians, the two of them (allow with other races) enter what becomes known as the Slaver alliance. They join the citadel but despite the law against slavery continue to practice it. After many years the OSA lead a deadly assault on both them and their allies space.

Trandoshans: Are the first of the Batarians allies that make up the slaver alliance. After their appearance to the rest of the galaxy the and the Batarians have been petitioning none stop for an embassy on the citadel. However after the OSA launch an attack on their home system to free the world of Kashyyk from them and the Batarians the Council knocks back their admission of an embassy several years unlit they abolish slavery. They and their Batarian allies threaten to withjoin (and not join)from the CC but with even dangerous threats from the OSA force the two of them to keep peace with the CC. Eventually they enter into the slaver alliance with the other races. As with the other SA races the OSA launch a deadly attack on them.

Mandalorians: At the suggestion of many fans they will be added. One user suggested that they be part of an alliance with the kominoians. Instead they will be the head of a third galactic government including races suggested by people.

Story features to come (Note not all will make it)

Liberation of Kashyyyk: See Wookies.

Slavery Alliance (SA): A secret alliance with the Batarians among many races that practise slavery and piracy. Races to join, Zygerrian (More to come, need suggestions).

OSA war with the SA: After a serious attack on an OSA colony by slavers, it is discovered the Slavery alliance is responsible (The Governments of the races.) The OSA launches an all-out assault on their space. The SA ask for the council help but are declined after evidence is presented. Rebel groups among the races help the OSA to liberate their people.

Terraforming Rakhana: After the OSA discover the truth about the Drell they confront the Council as to why nothing was done about their homeworld. The Council responds that it was their own fault and that first contact with a non-new spacefaring race is forbidden it is also discovered that the Council were against the Hanars actions. Appalled the OSA takes action to save the homeworld and the remaining Drell. After terraforming and numerous battles to secure a government the Drell of Rakhana join the OSA. The council expect them to join the council but as with the Wookiees the Drell verbally refuse. The Drell saved by the Hanar remain part of the Citadel however. The Drell race is divided between the OSA and Council.

The Truth of Humanity: After years of study it is finally discovered that Humanity had been a spacefaring race on par with the Forerunners (look up ancient humans on the Halo wiki(a)’s). Looking through the Forerunner data it is discovered just what the ancient humans created including things called Stargates capable of send a person through a gate from one side of the galaxy to another gate on the other side instantly. It is discovered there are two stargates on earth.

Third Galactic government: After a patrol C Victus discovers a new races trying to open a relay. No wanting a repeat of the OSA incident he sends a warning. However the new race prove hostile and the patrol is attacked. They are quickly saved by a new race however and the enemy destroyed. After introductions it is discovered that the new race is in fact an alliance. Victus invites them to the citadel for introductions. The council fearing losing them to the OSA have the ambassoders held up so to speak and talks are held with the new alliance not knowing of the OSA. Again though the new alliance shows signs of not joining the citadel due to the restriction and the superior arau around the council. An osa fleet turn up halfway through the talks and reveals the councils treachery to the new alliance. The OSA show a better attitude to the mandilorians, they continue to be a third galactic government.

Fans OC ideas and suggestions:

As it say these are not my idea they are those of others, that have given maybe a character or even story idea that I like and am adding to the fic. Again though these are just under consideration and may not happen. Writing in italics or bold is done by me. Normal is quoted from their suggestions.

Artark: One of the few to suggest the races from the Destroy all Humans serious. Origonaly when I first hear this suggest I was reluctant, fealing their sexual humour had no place in this fic (An alien walker has a human scrotum for energy storage.) However Artark came up with an idea I quite liked. Here is his idea shortened down a bit. The OSA or Council world comes under attack by an unknown enemy, the OSA eventually responded with the enemy putting up a good fight in space. Groundside the enemy is revealed to be the Blisk who are taking the colonies resources and mutated several of the colonists with their spores. Because of their hive mind Jedi mind readers ( Artark suggest my oc Rada) discovers the Blisks sad history and their hatred of alien life stemming from their war with the Furons. The OSA goes on to swear vengeance on the furons for what they have done. Months later the location of the Furons homeworld is discovered and the OSA send a massive force to subdue them. Despite the Furons tech level (between the UNSC and covanents) the OSA find they have a small fleet which result in utter over kill. However the real HQ of the Furons are not on the planet but on an asteroid on the planets 4th rings, the OSA immediately begin landing troops which starts fighting the Furon and Nexosporidium Warriors and walkers. (qute from Artark followes)

“After getting through the defences and the defence shield they confront Emperor Meningitis and demand a complete surrender, he refuses saying that he will not lose to primitives, Rada could lift him up by his neck and threaten him, though this is a back idea as just like in the game the emperor disintegrates due to his age, though in furon society when the leader usually dies the one who kills him be becomes the new leader, it since Rada is not furon they just select one of the elders of the furon council, Later on its discovered that the furons have been a space faring race shortly after the covenent are formed and that their society is mainly based on cloning (and since they don't fear death you can never really thretan them by killing them, but their still scared of the pain and a gun pointed to their head they will receive so not to difficult after all) When asked about their war with the Blisk they revile that they started it because the Blisk would not follow under their rule( saying: Attention Blisk. We are the furons of the Planet Furon. This planet is now a territory of the Furon Empire. And your asses belong to us.) and even stating that "they're ugly as sin" and "They are indeed a most repulsive race, and incredibly vicious. Further, they treat their workers very badly and have offensively short tempers" and " imagin a cockroach mating with a lobster" Also to the great shock of the OSA it turns out that the furons did not only attack the Blisk, but hundreds of other primitive races as well to extinction , but to their great anger after taking the planet it turns out that they just abandon it after wards and only attack because they get board, then to a even greater shock it turns out that a forerunner lab is on the planet furon and they used it to get into space and start their empire, but once the labs researched by the OSA it turns out to the shock of the furons the lab was an observation post to studie the furons phycic power but to also implant some human DNA in them to see how they would adapted

(now origanly it was the furons who gave their DNA to humans due to a 'shore leave' insadent with earily humans, but to make it more Sirius the forerunners gave a bit of human DNA to the furons as a experiment which means humans and furons can produce human children with weak phycic powers and able to use furon weapons because of the DNA locks on them) So after some time the furons could become part of the OSA or stay neutral but OSA forces will be keeping them in a tight watch to make sure they do nothing funny until they can be trusted, but the furons can provided trade like their advance cloning technologies for cloning body parts for hospitals and the furons could be in competition with the volus since they never pass up the chance to make money”

All but the last part I like with the Furons joining the OSA, that I would change should this be implemented. So what do you think.

He expand on his idea should I add the Kaminoans: Well it's quite simple really, since the furons will be part of the galactic community they will need allies, so some of their solders, nexosporidium Included, will do stuff like mercenaries on omega, or sucurity details for private company's and on Kaminoans space ships, since they do have certain talents and powerful weapons, but those two will also be most likely in a competition for business in the cloning department,

as with the Kaminoans they have good top of the line labs but their cloning is very slow and they also have to take the time to train the clones as well, while with the furons their cloning is extremely fast and the training and memories from the previous person our already in their heads, plus in furon culture they believe that by cloning a dead person your letting their soul have a new body, but the draw backs are that over time the DNA will get weaker and weaker as each new clone is produced and not having a steady supplier of the origanel owners DNA to avoide this problem.

Another key fact is when the OSA are trying to cure people infected by Blisk spores, the furons can offer the anal probe formula they use to help cure them (although it will have to be modifided to work on the different races infected as well as having that head exploding side effect taken out) as well as the OSA getting a type of new gun that was copied from the zap'O'matics so they can get past Blisk shields since only electricity can make them collapse, and I'm sure the furons won't mind giving the designs for one of their most basic guns, for the right price of course.

More from Artak: As for the furon idea it's not much just that instead of what I said about furons and humans sharing sone DNA thanks to the forerunners it's instead revealed that the reason furons have such high phycic peers is due to the forerunners testing out different ways to harness the force (and no furons will not become Jedi but some of the more high ranking ones (and crypto) might be at a simular level close to a fully trained Jedi, but not master level) also I've made a list of the few phycic powers that furons can use with out being over powered or too Wierd (such as body snatch).

Holo bob- Furons are naturally mentally adept, and as such, they can project mental images of themselves into the brains of nearby species of a less-than-harmful civilian of the species they are around, this technique is known as Holobobbing. By imitating the appearance of a nearby spieces, Furons can travel amongst the other Aliens unnoticed. This ability is powerful enough to imitate public officials, allowing them to spread propaganda amongst the populace, typically used in an attempt to cover up all Furon activity, however Holobobbing causes huge mental concentration and strain upon the Furon using the ability and strong minds (Jedi for example) can see through these illusions, only the warrior caste (mainly scouts and spy's) know this ability.

Psychokinesis: Allows any furon to pick up enemies or objects twice its size and throw them like ragdolls (warrior and leader caste only because workers have very low phycic power)

Hypnosis: A handy ability that distracts,controls, or puts humans to sleep, because of its mental strain only higher rank furons can use this power.

Cortex Scan: Allows furons to read minds.

Mind Flash: this ability is able to stun every human around a given area for a short period of time, however it can only be unlocked by enormous amounts of drugs and dangerous experimentation, therefore only generals and commanders can use this power and live through the operation.

Extracting: Allows the furon to extract a human brain stem by crushing their heads with their mental power, again only strong furons can use this.

The only exception to all of this is crypto who despite being a normal warrior has powerful mental abilities and has the lastes in top secret weaponry.

I don't know what the furons ranking system is like but I think it goes something like this: Leader. nexosporidium warriors (black ops) ,General, Commander/ scientist, Warrior, Grunt (new solider?), Worker, If you want in the future I can help you out in coming up with a codex for the furons and Blisk?

Mandalore the freedom: Gave an idea as to how to get the Quarian in talks with the OSA, here is his idea as follows which I will likely do: a Quarian Crusder get's attack by Batarian Slavers and only the OSA come to help and after killing all the Slavers the Quarian captain of the Crusder is both thankful and somewhat hostile to them and since there ship is badly damaged the OSA decide to help them to the Migrant Fleet and the Crew is thankful but also somewhat worried and after some talking with the crew some of it's members are somewhat surpise about this Human Covenant War and are Hostile to the AIs but after leaning how there made they are very much surpise about this but are still somewhat hostile to them and I was thinking that Tali was on boad that ship and thanks to a AI she was saved from getting rape by a few Batarian Bastards(god damn rapists ):() ) and she's somewhat thankful but still the relationship is about the same as her's and EDI's it's somewhat same as Freedom's Guard story there but different in many ways and the rest you think of from there I hope you like this ideal dude if not well it's your story dude your rules dude and another then that I wish the best of luck to your story am really enjoying it :) well till next time,

Or his other idea which is still the same kind of: well I was thinking maybe the Capatin of that Crusder was Rael'Zorah and the Capatin of the OSA Ship is Hanaha Shepard and end up saving Rael's life when a Batarian was about to take a shot at his back and Rael was very thankful of this through his very untrustful of the AIs but he still owe's the OSA for saving his Crew and this made the Zorah and the Shepard Family's to be close to one other and this will give a good name to the OSA to the Quarrians and hopeful this will lead some talks with the Quarrians.

His next idea is: Okay what if one Reaper. It's former people minds that were use to create it some how over come the Reaper programing and took control of the body and must to espace the reapers. This Reaper took the name Tron, he went into hiding but not before he took control of a few Collecter crusers and 2000 Collecters and gave there former minds back and promise them pay back against the Reapers but they must wait for the right time to strike. So they forzen themselves on a ice planet they are now waiting. Now they come back to aid this cycle from the Reapers so the Reapers that.

His next ideas follows my OSA slavery alliance war idea: "okay when that Pirate OSA War started. A Female Turian Spectre name Vanhi Kandros try to get the Council to help in the War but yeah the Council made no move to help though they did send supplies to them, they not though send Military surpport. So Vanhi got tired of this and went against the Council's wishes and she and other Spectres went in and help in the war. They become know as the Talon. They were pretty much like Revan's group of Jedi in the Mandalorian Wars. The Talon offin work along side the UNSC and the Mandalorians. Vanhi become...close to a young Mandalorian Warrior name A'den Gorple. By close i mean in a possible relationship with him." Again I like this idea though I may replace the Mandalorian with Jorge.

Alienfinderx : Offers another idea about how to add the Poleepkwa from district 9. The follow idea is more than likely to be integrated into the idea for them already mentioned.

30 or so years ago before Citable made contact OSA, the Poleepkwa Mining Ship (insert alien name here) comes to Salarian Homeworld or Colony, hovering motionless above one of their cities near a a desert/Savannah (similar like Johannesburg, South Africa).

Salarian keep it a secret, so that everyone in Citable Space would panick.

After three months without any contact, the Salarians decide to take an initiative and cut their way into the ship. Once they enter, they discover a million or so insectoid aliens (Poleepkwa), all in a terrible state of malnourishment and sickness. The Salarians are later assessed that they must similar to Rachni, as they apparently being all "workers," with their leadership that controls their 'Hivemind' is mysteriously missing.

One theory suggests that the entire leadership had been wiped out by a disease that had spread through the ship, or they were killed in a accident. Salarians keep Poleepkwa a secret from the Citadel Council and Citadle Space, because of Poleepkwa similarities to Rachni, it may caused fear and panick across Citable Space and Salarians wanting keep the highly advanced technology of the Poleepkwa for themselves.

The Salarians a top secret orgiazation (A Salarian MNU) that is part of Special Tasks Group, to keep the Poleepkwa a secret from the rest of the universe and unlock their technology.

You can make Wikus (Wikus Van Der Merwe,the protagonist of District 9) into a Salarian, turned into a Poleepkwa/Salarian hybrid by the fuel and becoming the most hunted Salarian in the galaxy, as well as the most valuable after he escapes MNU labs when they try to vivisect him because he could use Poleepkwa tech.

Hunted by his own poeple forces him to make contact with OSA, telling them what the Salarian MNU are doing to the poor Poleepkwa and what they were planing to do to him.

OverLord3475 : Some cool ideas for the Tranformers which I really like. However some background ideas for idea 2 is something I had already considered, kind of, such as a Decepticon attack on CC space and a protest (though only mentioned unlike Overlord’s which goes into the protests detail) as well as the CC demanding the Transformers destruction. Been meaning to add it to “Story features to come.”

1 Ok sense ONI is creating a new branch called Cerberus to keep their secrets away from the STG and the Shadow Broker what if the STG create a new branch called MECH Dedicated to create better firewalls, stronger VIs and making better defenses against the Transformers .The Citadel Council charges MECH to creat the ultimat defense against the Transformers a project called Nemesis. The first attemts of this project would probably look like G1 Optimus and move up every time its destroyed ( G1, G2 ,G3 ,Armada )

2 After the first Decepticon attack in Citadel space a large Protest is held outside of the OSA Embassy. The protest is being covered by Naria' Malok of the citadels News Net.

This is Naria' Malok live just outside the OSA embassy Where local Citadel citizens are outraged by the latest attack in Citadel space. From the reports given to the public a Group of seven Cybertronians ,Who are a part of a group called the Decepticon Attack the colony of ( Add name of planet and colony here). The report also Claims that the Attackers stole whatever technology they could get their hands on, Downloaded Images of vehicles from the Internet(I'm not too sure what Citadel version of the Internet is called) and Abducted 44% Of Colony (It's a small colony also Shockwave Would need test subjects to study The Citadel races). And from this one attack our defending forces were only able to defeat two of these Decepticons.

Here with me now is the leader of this Protest Larir Orkal ( a turian) . So Larir Please tell us why are all of you Protesting to the OSA when the Decepticons are the ones Who attacked the colony.

(Larir Orkal)*

Don't listen to the OSA Propaganda these so-called "Decepticons"Are the product of OSA.

(Naria' Malok)•

And what you mean by that?

(Larir Orkal)*

XX (Add how many years have passed ) years ago When we first made contact with them ,the OSA claims that at the exact same time they were "liberating" the Planet "Cybertron", The odds of these two events happening on the exact same day has to be 1 million to one . The OSA also showed us that they have the ability to create planets, What's to say that they didn't create Cybertron or its inhabitants. The reality of this situation is the OSA is in Control of the Decepticons, And they are using them to attack us Without going to A all-out war with us. We demand That the OSA Give us the truth and pay for the damage their machines Created! I would also like to ask them this, If they Are not the ones who create the Cybertronians then who did ,you can't expect us to believe that they Have existed for as long as you claim or they were created by another machine( Most Cybertron Legends would have been known to most races by the time this happened)!

(Naria' Malok)•

Thank you for your time. Well their you have strong words from the leader of this protest this has been Naria ' Malok for the citadel news net Signing off.

(Also the two Decepticons that were killed could give the Citadel a kickstart to the Other comment I made about project nemesis and MECH)

His next idea follows project freelancer: Okay so this is a idea for project freelancer
In the months after the director's demotion He is still trying To make his freelancers into the top Fighting force in the OSA. To do this he convinces alpha to allow him to create an exact copy of him(Another alpha) And then split the copy into fragments and share them with the top 23 (Alpha will stay with the director) ranking freelancers. He will also have his top scientists work on making the latest groundbreaking armor technology such as, Advance decoy ,plasma bullwhip, armor boosts and omni-tool Weapons .
(I was watching RVB season 5 when I Thought of this)
1 Advanced decoy
Remember when Wyoming Used his time distortion unit(In this story this seems like a unlikely ability to have), Well how about we change it to advanced decoy. With the assistance of an AI (gamma) this ability will be able to create up to 10 Wyomings and Have them move freely to both the AI's and Wyoming's orders. The drawback to this ability would be that any attacks the decoys make will do no damage to the enemy (there will be fake bullets passing by the enemies).
2 plasma bullwhips
( I was Watching Ironman 2)
It's Basically a combination of Whiplash (from ironman 2) and the Cerberus dragoon/ Rogue Cerberus agent.
3 Armor Boosts
We have seen Meta lift a warthog , California run at unbelievable speeds and Florida pro-form amazing Acrobatic skills. It's time to show how there armor boosts works. So to
Activate the boost the armor reroutes the shield's power to where ever the freelancer has it set to, Upper body lower body or throughout the entire suit. The down side is once the boost is on the freelancer has to rely on there armor to protect them ( Thayer like geth primes Heavy shields and great armor) And the ability is on a timer. Unless they have an AI , In which case the AI can switch the ability on and off whenever they needed it.
4 omni-tool Weapons
This would be weapons like the omni-Shield/Energy shield.( I have my own idea for one, For infiltrators like York, Must have an AI to use) Freelancer-hack, The freelancer activates two omni-tools(One on each hand)then Creates Two keyboards and three videos screens. The user will be able to hack into enemy files, view through cameras ,Turns Friendly's into enemies and enemies to Friendly's on radars and mess with simple AIs (Mass effect Guns Have small computers in Them).

His next idea involves a Yautja terrorist group, now I had already come up with something along similar line (A Yautja terror group that ignores the OSA laws) however there is a difference that I can do both of them.

When the OSA first made contact with the Yautja They offered them to join the OSA. the only condition is they have to stop the hunting of sentient beings, Not all Yautja accept the OSA's condition. A Group of Yautja who call them selfs "The Chosen" they deliberately break both OSA and their own species Laws . What truly sets them apart from other Yautja Is there appearance and there Physical power(And how few there are). This other class of Yautja Believe that they are the apex(The greatest version) Of their species, They view themselves as above the laws of their kin and the Other species. They Illegally kidnap other species(and there own) and hunt them for sport.


Unlike Standard Yautja Who stand at a 7'2" (feet' inches" ) ,"the Chosen" stand at 8'1". There Mandibles are much larger overlapping there helmets, it is Believed that a Chosen's strength is Double that of a stander Yautja.


It is a Known Fact that the Yautja keep one Xenomorph queen in lock up to preform there Right of passage Ritual (Wikipedia), But what is unknown to the rest of the galaxy is that the Chosen have there own Xenomorph queen. They Use The queen to in pregnant unsuspecting victims(People from each race those who wouldn't be missed like the homeless or criminals) and train to kill all the varieties of the Xenomorph

Possible future

The Chosen needing a way to fund there life style start to sell Xenomorph eggs to the shadow broker and STG(for large sums of credits ) . They have no problem sell eggs to them since they believe e that if a Species is to incompetent to protect themselfs Against the Xenomorph they don't deserve to live.

On the Yautja Wikipedia page There is barely any information on this new class of Yautja , Only referring to them as the "black super predator" to add them to the story would not be as difficult as adding a different race since there is little to no info on the "black super predator" ,you can make theme to what ever you want . Also to me this new type seem to be like human albino or Asari Ardat-yakshe, you are born as one. I was also Thinking of a way to put the Xenomorph In contact with Citadel races. And in case you wondering why they were selling the eggs, in Any organization good or bad they needs some type of way to fund themselves, for Food ,weapons and ships.

His latest idea or at least latest when I was adding this next part. A note on the Gears of War race Kaminioans ideas is that they won’t happen for several reason. Also a Big thanks to Overlord for making me aware of what the Kaminoans were really like. In the years after the Wookiees liberation the council seeing the OSA expanding throw out both council and terminus spaces begin plans to re-explore The arms of the Galaxy that their home world are located within. To do this they create a new class of exploration ships. designed to carry more fuel ,travel to Further distances ,provide food for its passengers and mine for more fuel. They believe that this will expand their territory and hopefully find new client races.

Council conversation.

Every year, every year the OSA continue to expand their territory within Council and terminus space! When they liberated the Wookiees they gained a foothold within Batarian space and with their continue negotiations with the Krogan they will soon have a planet at the back door of The Citadel! Sparatus exclaimed to his fellow councilors.

I agree with you ,and I believe I have the solution to this problem. The Salarian counselor Said while tapping a few buttons on his Console , soon an image of a new design for a ship appeared, The design of the ship was easily larger than any dreadnought.

This ship design was obviously made by my people and if our calculations are correct if our three governments pull our resources together we could have two of the ships complete by the end of the Galactic year.

And how exactly are these ship supposed to solve this problem, asked Tevos.

The ships are designed for deep space exploration , if we create just one of the ships we could re-explore The arms of the galaxy we have access to now ,potentially we could find new garden worlds and even new client races.

Ships/ discoveries

Asari's ship "seeker of truth"

Nearly four days travel from the Asari Home world a world that could sustain life is discovered. This planet is Called P.C.C-201(Planet ,Colony ,Citadel) until an appropriate name can be given to it, almost instantly colonists flock to this new planet, to this new frontier. But unknown to them there is already a sentient life living on this planet, or within it. Deep within the planets surface The Locust hoard lives, a subterranean reptilian race that call the planet Sera home.

First contact

During a mining job the Asari colonist discover a newly made tunnels not made by them. Shortly after exploring the new tunnel a locus mining crew is discovered. First contact resulted in a short war with the locus winning (the Asari home world four days away unusable to send reinforcements). After the battle the Asari government sends diplomats to negotiate a peace treaty/cease-fire and hopefully plans to uplift them to the space age(sooner or later the council will have to remove the law regarding younger races ,maybe this could happen after the drell ).

What they bring to the table

Since the Locus are new to the Galaxy they have a small fleet, but there ground forces and there war beasts are not something to laugh at. The Locus also bring advance mining, this skill let's species live and create cites underground effectively increasing a worlds population. Also in GOW2(gears of war 2) the Locus are seen having human prisoners maybe they could join the SA .

Salarian's ship "seeker of knowledge"

The Salarian's expedition proves fruitful when they discover a race in there space age. The new race call them selfs the Kaminoan from the planet Kamino. The Kaminoan are a scientific race that have extensive knowledge of cloning. With the knowledge of a galactic government the Kaminoan agrees to join , with there knowledge in cloning and overall science they quickly become a notable galactic power(like the humans from ME seres).

Possible future

1 The Kaminoan havering no moral /ethics with cloning they gladly provide there survives to slavers to produce perfect slaves(Citadel slaves) for the right price. This causes the demand for OSA slaves to rise(not having OSA DNA)

2 The Kaminoan seeking a way to gain a council seat employ several specters to study there DNA to determine who is superior ( genetically) so that they could clone an army to offer to the council.


Ok so i'm sure you want this race to join the OSA because of the clone troopers ,but before you decide please read their wiki page. There wiki page claims that they Creat clones for there own slavery ,other slavers and mercenaries. Or maybe the OSA finds them first but with there continued uses of clone slaves the senate orders them to stop there slavery or they will not join the OSA. The Kaminoan join the citadel to continue there slavery/cloning practices.

PeaceMonger373: Suggested the Vortigaunt from and though he is leaving it up to me whether they join the OSA, Citadel Coucnil or are independant he did offer this suggestion as to why they join the OSA. the reasons that they could join the O.S.A

The first is that the Vortigaunt still remembers the Human Race rather warmly because of either their alliance or joint empire that they had thousands of years ago.the second is that the Batarians attacked the Vortigaunts to make them into a slave rice, but a Human-lead O.S.A force stopped them, the Vortigaunts joined the O.S.A soon after.

Another idea of his involves a cult forming in the OSA: It compares of members of the Covenant who had long since forgotten the "Old. and forgotten Gods". and began to worships the Humans as their new "Gods" this of course angers the Human Race and the Senate tell them to abandon it, but it continues despite the actions and the orders by the Humans to stop. The name of this group is known as "deos et ipse nouos" translated as "The New Gods" form latin.

His next involves the Helghast: The Helghast, or what's remains, are around 10 million strong, namely because of a near successful Genocide that was committed by the U.N.S.C/U.E.G but the reason for that was for the four wars that occurred between the them and the Helghast (simple referred to as the Helghast Wars) and from the second Helghast war onward, the Helghast had been trying to kill off the Human Species, so, in order to protect their species, the U.N.S.C (with the approval of the U.E.G) ordered the Helghast Species to be exterminated, it nearly succeeded, but, about a million Helghast survived, and now, wises to avenged their brothers and sisters, stayed in hidden on the wartorn ruins of Helghan slowly rebuilding their forces to attack the Human species in one last war to determine which of the two human groups will survive and which will be exterminated, this is to help paint the O.S.A in a more gray light then what your story usually paints it out to be, but this is in the sense of it having it's members doing things in their past that they're not very proud of.

He is also helping in giving me suggestion to make the OSA more Grey and less Utopia/ holy light. you could have them start preforming brutal experiments on captured S.T.G and shadow broker spies/Mercs/Assassins. (the following is influenced by Spec Ops: the line) you could have a city whom population was a major supporter of the New Gods Cult buried by either a massive Snowstorm or Sandstorm and it drove the Forces sent to the city to save it insane. The O.S.A Senate had called for the total extinction of enter species that they first meet (it could be the Hutts, Daleks or a very peaceful species). They could have develop a planet cracking bomb that can completely destroy a planet entirely. Both Cerberus and O.N.I could be kidnapping Citadel Children to try and experiment on them to better understand Biotics the the Citadel uses. The following is my reply to his suggestions. Ok experiments (and torture) of Shadow Broker Mercs is doable, STG I'll have to think on but that still could be done in some capacity . (breaking agreements and having attitudes similar Actuss.) Extinction of species that is peaceful or like the hutts is a no (though the Twi'leks have done it in their background) however I have been looking at races say akin to the Daleks or Independence day Aliens that I could go with. I'll keep the Spec Ops idea in mind, not sure though. I'll keep the planet bomb in mind as well but it is extremely unlike, as I told someone else who suggested Cerberus or ONI create the death star, the OSA would never allow such a device. And the Kidnaping children, I was going to say no but I'll actually think on it, since A) Jack of Mass Effect and B) Spartan IIs origins so both are capable of it though the Government (main leaders) and Demons would have their hides.

Fallout5368: Gave me an interesting idea of the addition of the Dragon age universe Now I find this interesting as a few other have suggested the same Universe as well as other fantasy universe (such as the Elder Scrolls). Now I think this idea is cool but because of its heavy fantasy element I am unsure but I'll leave it up to you readers whether I add it in or not. Now if people are happy for me to add fantasy universes, and I do go for it (No promises of this idea actually happening) I did/do have plans in place and a few ideas of my own which can be incorporated or combined with Fallout's idea. I may put my fantasy ideas up at some point but I'll definitely put them up should people express interest. So anyway here is his idea:

An OSA recon ship finds the world of Fereldan, curious they send down small cloaked recon drones. Seeing humans their they start to become more curious and send down some agents to blend in with the populace seeing what their cousin species is doing to the elves and mages; the recon team is disgusted. About to leave they go to Lothering to rest. Seeing the refuges they ask around. Learning of the dark spawn and their similarities to the flood they remain and help out the people. When the dark spawn are about to destroy Lothering the OSA sends in the "Demons" (meaning the Spectre like organization of the OSA not the creatures of the Dragon Age universe) to stop them. The chantry hears of this and tries to make them out to be the Makers warriors. The OSA seeing themselves being worshiped go to stop it; but when they find out the crimes of the Chantry they make it their mission to destroy the Chantry, educate the populace, and uplift them, the Council hears of this and tries to stop them only to be told that they are meddling in the affairs of another government. This causes mixed opinions in council space and forces the Council to back down for fear of public backlash.

In regards to many requests to add the Star Craft universe (which I can say for definite will be added in some way), Fallout came up with an idea on how to do that. However some parts I am not into due to conflict with my own plans (mainly regarding the Salarians) but the rest I find fine, however I may come up with my own idea over time so things may change or this may not happen at all (the events mentioned here): Salarian scientists find the korpral sector of space and the Terrans. Keeping it a secret from everyone else they start to study and experiment on the Terrans. One terran escapes and ends up in OSA space. Hearing the story of the evil dominion, the protoss and the zerg. The OSA also finds out about the UED. The UED turns out to be a left over of the rebels before the war that left UNSC space and triedd to conquer the sector. The OSA sends a fleet that arrives during the time the zerg and Raynor's raiders where attacking Korhal listening in on the transmissions the OSA decide to help the rebels and the zerg kill Mengsk. After the battle and finding out about the Fallen one they ally with the sector to fight them off. The Salarians try to destroy all evidence that they where there. Only to be stopped and evidence brought forward the the Salarian Councilor had authorized the experiments. This causes the Salarians to loose their council seat. This could cause a civil war among the Salarians splintering them into different nations. This could also lead to a Salarian terrorist group that believes they should rule the galaxy, and they try to destroy the Council and the OSA, along with the third galactic government if it is made.

Alliance Empire: is among the many that recommended the Godzilla franchise, Pacific Rim, starship troopers and the roughneck chronicles (will need to look that last one up.).

Space Trooper: 1) Jedi Armor: I know it's common for Jedi to wear robes unless under certain circumstances (Ex: Obi-Wan wore armor during The Clone Wars.) But have you ever heard or read of the Imperial Knights? Even if you do I'll explain anyways: Imperial Knights were neither Jedi nor Sith, that served during Fel's Empire (This is EU by the way). So these force users were trained in the light and darkside aspects of the force. Since Imperial Knights hold no allegiance to either side, they simply used Grey Lightsabers. Now the interesting thing about Imperial Knights is that unlike Jedi and Sith, they wore armor. This is not just any armor either, this is shipgrade armor (Durasteel) interwoven with Phrik which makes it even more effective against lightsaber (and energy sword) attacks. Even their gauntlets are made out of pure cortosis, which, if a lightsaber and energy sword touch it, they will be useless for minutes. This is not all encompassing armor however. It's just merely upper body armor such as the chest, back, shoulder, and forearm (gauntlets) armor. On top of that the armor comes with a cape and hood. Trust me these guys look really awesome in this armor. If you do take this suggestion then obviously we can't call them Imperial Knights. I was thinking we could call them OSA Knights (these are extremely loyal to whom they serve) or Grey/Gray Knights as a subunit of Jedi Knights.

2) Battle Droids: I know Demolitions was the first to equip utility droids with weapons and since then the OSA have expanded that, but does the OSA have any droids dedicated for battle? I mean from what I read on your Bio the OSA will declare war on the Batarians and their allies soon and I think that they should have more droids to fight with. Well let me introduce you to General Rom Mohc. In the Star Wars lore he was a famous hero in the Clone Wars and served the Galactic Emperor afterwards. The thing about him though is that his is fascinated with droids during that war. So I was thinking that Rom could be another hero in the Pirate wars with the Twileks. Upon discovering droids from the Calamari and Twileks he would be fascinated by them and thus after the war he could then join ONI and get to work on his own battle droids. Here are some battle Droid suggestions you could use: Dark Troopers, SD-10's, X-1 Vipers, Droideka Mark II. Obviously there are plenty more to choose from and you're not limited to these alone. If you don't know about those that I suggested then you can find them on Wookieepedia. If you want a full list of battle droids then just type up "Battle Droids" on wookieepedia and you will find them.

3) Last but not least: the Chiss. The Chiss are an offshoot of humanity. The only difference between them and humans are their blue skin, red eyes, and higher metabolism (not on par with Salarians though). I have an idea on how they came about: During the early reign of the Ancient Human Empire they sent sleeper ships to colonize far away worlds (just like what the UNSC did years before the human-covenant war). Unfortunately one of these ships malfunctioned and crash landed on a nearby planet (Csilla). Many people thought all hands were lost and thus erased them off their records. However in reality the people survived the crash and began to colonize the planet. However the planet experienced an ice age which forced the people underground. Overtime they start to become what they are today. Another reason I say Chiss is because they can use Imperial ships if you wanted them to. Though since the Chiss are more intelligent than the Emperor when in relation to military ships, I suggest you use Imperial ships and fighters that don't have glaring weaknesses (such as the overexposed bridge and reactors on Star Destroyers.) Here are some examples: imperious-class, Pellaeon-class, tie defender, tie phantoms, and Chiss Clawcraft are a few example the Chiss can use.

Prototype summary: A heartless marine pilots a prototype suit to hold off a covenant invasion, while UNSC and civilians alike evacuate the planet. The official name for the prototype suit is: HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark I Prototype Armor Defense System (what a mouth full). These suit are pretty much like Dark Trooper Phase III's. They have heavy firepower, tough armor, strong shields, and jetpacks. Here is how I think they should come about: After the success of Rom's Dark Trooper Phase III's, Dr. Halsey makes her own version of them and have Jorge test it out thus the Prototype Armor Defense System is born. I know it's not incredibly detailed but it's a start. I always dreamed of some sort of rivalry between the Phase III's and the P.A.D.S. to see who is the baddest of them all.

The Package summary: Master Chief along with four Spartans must rescue Dr. Halsey using the new Booster Frames from the Covenant. Obviously I will suggest the Booster Frame. These are space craft specifically designed for Spartans or other Spec-Ops. They carry lots of fire power however they could be only used in space or in low atmosphere. I was thinking that in a future Arc, Halsey gets kidnapped by the Slaver Alliance and the Dawn could have these prototype fighters for just such an operation.

darkeglie555: I think you should add the human's of Sera along while going to war against the locust horde and go into detail about the war.

A good fan: following on from darkeglie555 suggestion of adding gears of war. A good fan had the following. Can you put the locust from gears of war in this story i have thought about their backstory. on the remote human colonie of sera where the humans who live there have been stranded (because thay have been there since the unsc/insorection war and Covenant war everyone was too frightened to space travel the ships where also destroyed) but the only different is that the humans and locust worked togther to destroy the lambent after a short-lived war with each other and are now alies and then the osa finds the old unsc colonie and locust become part of the osa and the locust queen is still alive also if you can make raam and marcus deamons that would be great!

ThirteenMoney: Suggested the following for the death star as well as suggested adding the fallout Universe. There are problems however with both however, as I’ve already got plans for the death star and there is the obvious problem of fallout being two Earth version, however I could go either, change from Human race or Dimensions.

First off: Fallout. Think about it. The OSA could be going through an area of space looking for new planets or land when they get a distress call from a planet not far from where they are. When they land, they discover that the Brotherhood of Steel is cornered by the Enclave. The OSA help the BOS fight back the Enclave and they get purifier up and running and it gives fresh water to the capital wasteland. Then you could move on to the events of New vegas. In the end, the people of this version of Earth join up with the OSA, giving them hand held plasma and laser weapons as well as power armour. And, they had a army of Deathclaws, ghouls and super mutants at their command. And they with the help of the Think Tank, anythink can be possible.

Of course, it could be any race that finds them. . .

Or, how about this: the Death Star

ONI has been secretly funding a project. While some facts about it are un-sure, from what some people say, this space station that is the size of the moon has the power to destroy planets. ONI has put a group together to fund, build and manage the Death Star. These men and women are part of Operation: Planet crusher. After a while, ONI wants to try out their new weapon. They find a planet that is un-habitable and they fire the Death Star's beam at it. It blows up the planet, but an STG probe manages to record the whole thing. The probe gets back to the citadel and it shows it foundings to the council. In the end, it could either lead to an act of war, or a or a bunch of people to destroy it.

Of couse, if it does get blown up, then they is always the Death Star II. . . .

Superemopowerz: Suggested adding the elder Scrolls.

ArchangleMV: Suggested the Stargate universe.

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