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Oh hi there.

I'm Clare, I'm 15 and I live in England. I'm very unexciting really. I watch far too much television and spend the vast majority of my waking hours that I'm not in school on the computer.

My fanfics tend to be Starship things, which is usually TUp, although I've also written a Nikita fic. I have written other stuff for other fandoms, but it's not that good so I haven't really go around to publishing it. My fics tend to be oneshots because they're easier and they tend to be rather fluffy and full of banter because I start off with a conversation in my head where people are teasing each other and eventually a fic arrives.

I use excessive commas which I apologise for. I pause quite a lot in normal speech so when I'm writing, I just put commas where I would normally pause. My lovely proof reader gets rather irritated. Also, I'm appalling at labelling things as oneshots of saying they're complete because I have to force my brother off the computer to upload things so I always do it in a rush and end up forgetting these things. Sorry about that.

Anyway, criticism is always welcome and I can't thank any of you who actually sit through my writing enough. Seriously, it's a wonder your brains haven't turned to mush with the garbage I write.

You can find my tumblr here: igottagetbackup.tumblr.com

It's not very exciting I'm afraid, because I don't post very often. But y'know, feel free to look at it if you would like.

I don't know how to finish these things, I just feel incredibly awkward and cheesy whatever I do. So, hmm, uh, yeah, bye. Thanks.

Oh, oh, oh. By the way, you should totally check out my awesome buddy/proofreader nevthebunny (or any of my favourited authors for that matter). Like she's amazing. She also manages to fix my inabilty to use commas correctly. By fix, I mean she corrects them, I still use them stupidly because let's face it, I just really love commas. They are my favourite type of punctuation apart from semicolons. I can't remember what my point was. Ah! nevthebunny. Read. Then have your brain explode. Or not as the case may be. But whatever. Fun fun.

My Fanfiction...

Right In Front Of Your Eyes - Starship - Another version of the TUp meeting. I don't particularly like it. It was my first fanfic okay. Please fogive me for the awfulness.

Home - Starship - A chaptered TUp fic in which they basically spend the time teasing each other and other stuff happens. It is okay. I guess. I mean I liked it enough to write a sequel. So, y'know. I must have thought it was worth continuing.

Addiction - Nikita - Ooh, variety. This is not in fact a TUp fic but a Nikita fic. Basically an insight into Alex's mind. I wrote it at like midnight. But I think it was okay. Maybe.

Comfort - Starship - A TUp Oneshot about Taz's inability to sleep. Lots of TUppy fluff. Well, let's face it, all these oneshots are TUppy fluff. It is just easy to write. Don't murder me. I vaguely like this one.

Broken - Starship - A oneshot where Taz breaks her leg and then there are some cute fluffy moments. And anaesthetic. Probably my favourite fic (that I've written, that is.) I just liked the fluffyness. Hooray for fluff.

Practice - Starship - A oneshot where Up is attemting to to teach Taz how to play basketball. Vague teasing I guess. This one is alrightish.

Training - Starship - A oneshot about training. Involves Taz and Up teasing each other. Oh wow what a surprise. I mean seriously, I honestly write the same thing all the time. But hey, I enjoy it. And hopefully you do...

Finding A Way Back Home - Starship - Finally, something else that is not just a TUp oneshot. No, 'tis in fact a chaptered (possibly TUp thing. It's a sequel to Home. But reading ofthat isn't that necessary. Taz thinks Up is dead. She's trying to get over that. Up is trapped. He's trying to find his way back home. Geddit? 'Cause the first one was called Home? I find myself incredibly witty okay? Currently been slightly (okay, let me rephase that, completely) abandoned, but I may return to it at some point. On the other hand, it may be deleted...

Sons - Harry Potter - Written after the end of the books. It's a small look into Molly Weasley's Christmas. I kind of like it. I thought it was reasonably okay.

What Fred Wouldn't Have Wanted - Harry Potter - I apologise for the awful name. I'm really awful at thinking of names for fics. It's a George-after-Fred's-death thing. I know, another one of those. This one is alright. Ish. I don't really know.

In writing these summaries I would just like to say I really how many of these are TUp oneshots. I also realise that I often am not very good at encouraging people to read my other fics. I seem to just say that they're okay. That's basically the extent of those paragraphs. Exciting, huh?

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