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Hi,I am new in this Site so be nice. I like play Counter Stiker . my sn for counter-strike is Blackhawk .I maybe will wirte one.

Thats it! wheres the rest of it? you have to write more,please IT be relly good I think.

yami yugi
good please more
you have a good chariktor list (I suck at spelling so exquse me)

Me...again. Finally! A story with character profiles! These things seriously make the reader's life a whole lot easier, and they also can help the author keep track of what personality belongs with who. (I've messed up on that a few times.) Just one minor thing: You might have done this on purpose, I dunno, but George de Sand is the Jack of Diamonds, Chibodee Crocket is the Queen of Spades, Argo Gulskii is the Black Joker, Sai Saici is the Club Ace, and Domon is the King of Hearts. Maybe you switched it all around on purpose, I dunno. Oh well...


~* ShadowTide ~*
For starters, your ages are a bit off since Gundam Fight 72 is in fact the 16th Gundam Fight. I think your oldest character would only be about 7 years old. And second, kids can't pilot a Gundam. Did you see Epidsode 27? And children would not inherit the Shuffle Crests. There's no way they'd be able to show the strength of spirit to match George, Chibodee and the others.

Plus, this is about the 10th fic I've seen start out this way. Please come up with something a bit more original.


yami yugi
good job;)
Awww...this is really sweet. And really good too!

Okay... this is a 98 word summary of what happened in the movie. WHY IS IT HERE????!!!

Look, I know there is a lot of stuff posted here that shouldn't be and this is a prime example. If you are going to write a summary of what happened in the movie, then don't post it here. This is a fanfiction site. Technically, a fanfiction is a story with some original content that is based on characters or the storyline of a book, game, movie, etc. It is not a little summary of what happened in the movie.

Notice all of the fanfictions posted here? I think we can assume that all of the good people who wrote those have seen the movie. Besides, if people want a summary, they will go to a movie site.

You can ignore this or delete it if you want to. I'm not trying to be overly mean here, I'm just tired of seeing things like this posted on fanfiction.net, especially when they appear in the listing above actual fanfictions that I know people have put tremendous amounts of effort and hours of time into.

Thank You



Um.. I hate to break it to you, but this isnt even a fic. It's just a summary. Why is it posted here?

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I will put more but this all.

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