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Hello fans of Stargate Universe. The name's sheesh.

This is the story of our friends onboard the Destiny, 3 years after they made the fateful FTL jump from one galaxy, to another. We follow them as their jouney continues through this new, and strange galaxy. What mysteries await them? What sort of alien species will they encounter, and will they be hostile? And what has become of the one man we have come to know and love as the incredibly smart, Eli Wallace? Has he survived the jump? Or did the crew wake up too late? To find out the answers to these questions, read the story that could have been, the story that many of us SGU fans would love to see finished.

This is a fan fiction that I have been working on for the last few years. Forgive me if you see mistakes here and there, as I have been a novice writer for about 7 or 8 years now. Since I learned while watching the season 2 finale that there would no longer be new episodes, I was haunted with many, many questions about where the story of the Destiny would go, and what would become of the characters we have come to love. After giving it some thought, I decided I would write my take on a season 3 of Stargate Universe. This is a fan fiction, written by a fan, for the fans. I hope that you guys enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it. This is the biggest project I've ever done. Please, I only ask one thing from those of you who read it...REVIEWS! Again, I'm still a novice writer, and I need...would like reviews from other fans and readers about my writings. If there is something that you did or did not like, please tell me in your review, so that I may improve upon it in future chapters. Again, PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW! Also, I am open to listening to your own ideas. If there is something anyone would like to see within the story, PM me your idea, and I will see if I may be able to work it into the storyline I have already set. Again, got an idea you think is awesome, or something you want to see in the story, I'm open to hearing to what you have to suggest!

Now, about my latest fan fiction, Eldäriän. It is my continuation of the book series entitled, Inheritance Cycle. After I finished reading Inheritance, I was very disappointed with the conclusion to an otherwise great book series that I'd been following since I was a little kid. I will be honest, as the years rolled by I gradually lost interest in the books. I especially lost my interest in dragons, like most people do as they mature. I still retained some interest in the book series, but only for the pure enjoyment of reading. So, why am I telling you all this? Because I felt that Christopher Paolini could have done MUCH better with the conclusion of the IC. It was the most anticlimactic ending to a good fantasy book series...and so many questions that arose from throughout the series were left unanswered. I felt like I was denied a better ending. And you know what? I'll compare it to the Mass Effect games. Great trilogy of games, terrible conclusion to Shepards adventures throughout the galaxy, before the Extended Cut DLC of course. I felt I was denied a better ending before the DLC came out, but I got it in the end. But with a book series, there's no DLC to explain the many questions that the original ending left unanswered. I felt that CP got sloppy towards the end. So, I decided to do what many other disappointed IC fans have done, and that is to write either their own version of the ending to Inheritance, or write a continuation. I chose to write a continuation, because I like to keep the original storyline intact, but I also like to add my own original storyline onto the end and keep it going.
Anyways, I'm getting off-topic here. I'm continuing the IC with my fan fiction story, with a new original storyline, new characters, a new form of evil, a new mystery and a new take on an adventure story. Many IC fan fiction writers stick with what they already know about the IC, and they stay within the boundaries medieval world that they are already so familiar with, only they may expand upon it. But I'm not like most IC fan fiction writers. I'm going to go outside the norm of a fantasy/adventure story. I'm going to go beyond the boundaries of a medieval-themed story. I'm not just expanding the world of the IC...I'm expanding the universe of the IC. Yes. You read that right. This is still a fantasy/adventure story, but I'm taking a different approach to the term 'adventure'. I'm taking adventure into the world of science fiction.
How is my story going to be any different from what other IC fan fiction writers write? Well, for one, as I already stated above, most of them tend to stay with the medieval-themed world they're already familiar with. Most don't dare venture into the world of scifi with their IC stories. But I'm putting the science fiction into the adventure.
Eldäriän focuses primarily on Eragon, but also on Roran and quite a few other familiar characters, as well as some new ones. This story brings an unknown ancient evil back into the world of Alagaësia, an evil that once threatened to destroy the entire world of Alagaësia. Not only that, but it also brings the answers so many fans have been looking for by introducing our favorite characters Roran, Arya and Angela to a new mystery. From this mystery, a new yet ancient character emerges. It is only then that our favorite three characters are made fully aware of the ancient evil. Now, you may be wondering what this ancient evil may be and where it might be. It's not a question of where this evil is, rather it is a question of when. I will only say this one thing; it is only a matter of time before the evil is made apparent once more to the world of Alagaësia. Those of you who are sharp readers will understand what I mean. But for those of you who don't understand, know that Eragons adventure doesn't just throw him into the wider world. Eragons adventure will take him further, for it transcends both time and space. Because in order to fulfill a prehistoric prophecy, Eragon must not just move foward in his journey, but he must also look the future.
This isn't just a fantasy/adventure story, it's also a science fiction story. But I promise, there will be the adventure that most of you IC fans are looking for. And for those of you who are romantics, there will also be some of that, because this isn't just any normal fan fiction. This is a fan fiction written by a fan, for the fans. I'm not just writing for myself here, I'm writing for the fans too. Because we all want answers, we all want to see certain things and we all have our own desires. Eldäriän is a story tailored to everyone, IC fans, romance fans and scifi fans alike. I'm writing for everyone, because it's what I love to do. I love writing,not just for my own self, but for those who love reading, especially those who love good reads.
And before anyone asks, I randomly came up with the name Eldäriän. I was looking for names, and this name just popped into my head. No, I had absolutely no idea that Eldarian is the name for a species of beings from the game Star Ocean. Truly had no idea, because I never heard of Eldarians prior to me writing Eldäriän.

More about me: I'm a senior in college; I'm an avid photographer; I'm a gamer; I'm a writer(3 attempts made at writing a science fiction novel); I'm a fisherman; I'm a thinker; I'm a dreamer; I'm a science fiction fanatic; I'm a devoted Stargate fanatic; and I'm 22. I am an English - Writing option major. Writing is what I'm the most skilled at, and it's what I truly love to do, so I believe that writing is my true calling.

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