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I'm a little insane, but fun. I'm very creative. I love manga and anime. I do not believe madness is an illness or curse, but a gift that lets us see pass the norm and what is considered possible. It allows us to do great things. Writing is a fun hobby of mine that I enjoy.

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"Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the universe striving to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the universe is winning." --Rich Cook

Story notes: I will try to update aleast once a week, two at most. Review my stories for faster updates other wise expect delays.

Current stories:

RWBY/Dark souls:

Fire Rose: (Expect inconsistent updates from a few weeks to a month or 3)

Heart No Kuni No Alice:

Behind The Shattered Looking Glass. Ch. 9 (abandoned)

Joker's sacrifice Ch 14 (abandoned)

Joker sacrifice. An innocent past: Ch4 (abandoned)

Fire Rose: thoughts, Lore interpretations, and ideas

I have gotten a few pms asking about the stat sheet for Ashen. I feel I should make it clear, I am not using stat sheets for him. I am approaching Dark Souls from a realistic direction. That’s not to say he doesn’t get stronger from the collecting of souls from those he had slain, only that he doesn’t have a number sheet you can go by. If this was a crossover with a different series that uses stat sheets in a video game like setting then, yeah i would leave it and try to blend the two, but RWBY doesn’t have that.

Something I feel gets left behind in video game based stories is the difference of strength and mechanics reality/lore wise and gameplay wise. A character may have the strength of a god and be able to destroy the world story, but when you fight them, they may feel “nerfed” gameplay wise, because how else could they make the fight work? A good example to explain what I mean: look at the old Dragonball Z games where the fighting was like a street fighter game. We know that there are many characters who are strong enough to punch people through mountains, but gameplay wise we could never get to do that, we were limited by what the game could do. Now we have games where you can level the map easily during your fights so it better reflects their strength reality/lore wise.

When I write these characters I treat them as people, not NPCs bound to a number of sets of moves. So when I address those fights, they are going to be much more hectic and vicious. Your character developed all these different skills to help them through those fights, so why not use them. I’m blending many of the gameplay mechanics into reality with an occasional twist here and there to make them function how I think they would in a realistic way. Some mechanics may be ignored outright because they won’t work outside a game setting. Example: summoning is replaced with encountering said people and having them help Ashen with that opponent. Invaders will be somewhat similar to what Paleblood did with Bloodborne’s summoning bells in its story.

I’m taking the same approach with Dark Souls. Remember, whether they were hollow or not, you are fighting gods. The Lords of Cinder themselves had to have the strength of a god to be able to Link the Fire because it takes strength on par of a god’s to link the Fire like Gwyn did, but gods are not equal in strength which is why the time between cycles differ. Stronger soul means more time, weaker soul less time.

As for the flashback in chapter 9 I took inspiration from the Dark Souls comics, and various fantasy games. It’s easy to forget that Dark Souls takes place in a Fantasy Setting. The games have us experience what is happening during the end of a cycle of fire, but we never see what goes on during the time when the Fire is burning at its strongest and the Undead curse is temporarily lifted from humanity. What were the kingdoms like? Did they fight against each other like any normal kingdom would eventually do? What was the wildlife in each kingdom? I came across some interesting creatures introduced in the various comics. One of which would have made me quit DS if they ever put it in the game. One big Nope. There are also various mythical creatures we encounter like the hydra, so what else was running around? What threats did they face when they did not have to content with the waning of the Fire and the Undead curse that it brings?

I feel that many writers neglect this fact when they write Dark Souls stories: Who was your character before they became Undead? What was their life like, Ect, ect. Dust, Darkness, and Knights I feel did a decent job of building up a past behind the Chosen Undead and showing a glimpse of what life was like before the waning of Fire. A lot of the Lore for Dark Souls is open and blank so people should be taking more advantage of it.

When I created Ashen, I already had the backstory for him established. Where he was born, how he became an Undead, the people he met that aided him and helped shape him into the man he is now and all the events that would lead to him traveling to Lordran and the events of DS3.

I did the same with many of the companions he met, like Matheus who you were all just introduced to in chapter 9. I know some of you are going to want to know more about these people, but unfortunately none of them are the main character of this story so many of you are going to be left wanting. I built Drifters interactions off of these storylines I built for these side characters. What you will be getting are small fragments of larger stories where you will have to fill in events and details with your imagination based on the small references and details to pasted events and their interactions together. It may seem like a lot of extra pointless work as most of it will never be shown, but it helps me establish the relationship between Ashen and these characters I will be introducing in these flashbacks. This way even if they are only around for a short time, they feel alive with history that we want to learn more about and it further breathes life into the world of Dark Souls and Ashen’s past.

I get a lot of my lore about Dark Souls from Vaatividya. If you have never heard of him, he is like the official Lore Master for Dark Souls and all other Souls games on youtube.

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RWBY - Rated: T - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 104 - Words: 811,331 - Reviews: 12978 - Favs: 8,434 - Follows: 7,362 - Updated: 2/14/2019 - Published: 12/25/2016 - Jaune A. - Complete
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Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir - Rated: T - English - Angst/Family - Chapters: 49 - Words: 53,418 - Reviews: 252 - Favs: 296 - Follows: 245 - Updated: 4/19/2017 - Published: 6/1/2016 - [Gabriel A./Hawkmoth, Emilie A.] [Adrien A./Cat Noir, Marinette D-C./Ladybug] - Complete
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