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Who We Are: A group of authors who share an extreme fondness for La Corda d’Oro and its characters and write fanfiction for them. Some of our activities include story prompt contests, exchanging story requests, and collaborating with one another. There are many projects lined up, so if you wish to join, jump right in! We'll be happy to have you!


- No plagiarizing. We do not accept stories that were not written by you. You will You will automatically be banned from the group.

- Abide by the rules outlined in the story prompts or requests. Use the correct format in your submission to avoid disqualification from any event.

- Designate the proper rating to your stories. Stories with M ratings will not be accepted. Please look here for more information on the rating guidelines.

- Do not flame others. We do encourage members to give constructive criticism of other member's work, but please do not bash other people's writing. No one here is a professional author; we're all learning and experimenting.

- Help advertise Scribe's Faction's existence. For all stories you submit to one of our events, please include the following line either at the end of the summary or at the top of your story in bold font: Scribe's Faction [name of event] entry. (e.g. "Scribe's Faction May 2012 Prompt entry" or "Scribe's Faction Totally Halloween 2011 Contest entry") The name of the event is the forum topic name.

It would be nicer if this line could be in the summary because then everyone will be able to see it, but since sometimes people write long summaries, it's fine if it's just at the top of your story. =)


Click here for answers to questions such as how to join Scribe's Faction, what events we hold, and how to participate.


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Interview with Some of the Authors:
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What made you join Scribe's Faction?

MissFika says: I never really thought about it really. I always love writing very much, so I joined Scribes Faction without a second thought about it. After all,the authors in Scribe's are one of the best I've met. It'll sharpen my style of writing, fix my grammar and vocabulary and also, I'd found a way to entertain myself by joining Scribe's.

tuNGaw-GiRL says: My fondness for LCDO, reading and writing. AND the awesome members of the Faction. They’re amazing and the best people I’ve ever encountered online. Their passion for writing and LCDO altogether were the reason behind my partaking in the world of writing in FFnet so I owe them a lot, as far as my writing is concerned. They’re great friends.,

shad0wcast says: Hmmm...well, it's fun being with the members of the group. I mean, writing can be a big pain and can drive you out of your wits but having these people around you makes everything worth it. Also, we're a family here. We get to openly say our opinions because we know that we won't get judged by what we think. No matter what ship you do, you're always welcome. You get lots of love and support from the members and they're inspiring too. It's like hitting two birds with one stone: you get to write to your heart's content and you get to know a lot of awesome people.

Cheerfulhoshi says: I guess it's my liking to LCDO that made me join. Also, it'd be fun if you worked with other authors. That way, your knowledge about, not just anime, but the art of writing and using different styles will broaden. Also, the prompts and holiday challenges really perks up my mind, so it makes me think of things that I've never really imagined before. And to top it off, being with these guys here are just... amazing. *smiles*

Devilish Dream says: Friends, it definitely started with let us make a group where the entire crazy minds will work and share ideas to make an awesome story. The sole idea of working with everyone was tempting.

How does it feel like working with the other writers?

MissFika says: It's fun. The way we always challenge each others with the MP and HC, discuss things (random or not). Working with them helps me a lot in my stories, and they're my source of help whenever I've run out of ideas. Like what I've stated earlier, the authors in Scribe's are one of the best I've met. Perhaps I do count the whole Scribe members as family. -winks-

tuNGaw-GiRL says: Fun and challenging. Need I say more?,

shad0wcast says: It's a blast. You get to know them better and you get to learn techniques in writing. It feels like you're contributing into something big and wonderful. Working with other writers expanded my horizons and I'm really thankful for all those things they've taught me, unconsciously or not.

cheerfulhoshi says: It's awesome! You get to share your views and they get to share theirs. They critic you in a way that could help you improve or even get fired up to write.

Devilish Dream says: It is cool, we think, throw ideas at each other, approve, disapprove and then again approve. Working with others is an extremely awesome time, though everyone is getting busy with school, college yet we are trying our best to work together and make a nice work for you all to read. Collaboration is really a nice way to enjoy writing.

How do you find the group's activities?

MissFika says: I find them quite challenging at times, but it's very.. let's say,beneficial? Perhaps it's because the challenges provided by the other authors would occupy my free time and make me think about simple things in life (since my stories are based on people or life around me). So, instead of wasting time doing unvaluable things, I occupy my time with writing and thinking. Plus, the activities in the group is fun, and amusement. Feel free to join in the challenges, you might just be surprised how your story might turn out! -laughs- And I love reading other authors' submission to the challenges.

tuNGaw-GiRL says: Inspiring, thought-provoking and very entertaining. The authors got loads of ideas up their sleeves to keep the group active it’s like I’m working even on weekends. *laughs*

shad0wcast says: They're great ways to improve one's writing. It's a fun challenge to participate in. I look forward to these since the themes and topics are really interesting. You get to see how far you can go and be awed at your own accomplishment. And the other entries are always a joy to read. It's like we're having monthly feasts I hope more people can join and share their works. Who knows what jewel we'll get to read in one of those activities?

cheerfulhoshi says: Challenging. It makes you think beyond your imagination and makes you write stories you thought you'll never ever do (or never be able to do).

Devilish Dream says: When we have something in mind then group’s activities are fun to do, but with writers block activities can get tough but it’s fun, since you can get suggestion from the authors you are working with. Sometimes some challenges are set in front of you, which you find hard to do here all the supports from the fellows really make your day.

Do you prefer working on your own or are you good with collaborating with the other members?

MissFika says: Ah, this question is quite difficult to answer really. In the past, I've done some collaboration with an author, but she'd retired from writing now. I can do collaborations, but matching my style of writing with other's are quite difficult for me. If I do want to do any collabs, I'll have to carefully choose my partners for the best result. But in the end, perhaps I'm suited in working on my own, though of course, with some help from others as well.

tuNGaw-GiRL says: I don’t mind doing both. They bring about different kinds of challenges and I love having a good challenge once in a while. Though, I don’t refute the fact that I could write better with my own outline.,

shad0wcast says: I'm okay with both although I tend to work alone since I'm a terribly lazy writer.I only write when I'm in front of the computer and I don't do pen and paper anymore. I'm open to doing collabs and will gladly accept them.

cheerfulhoshi says: Doing collaborations is cool, but I think I write better alone. There are times when the ideas just clash and you know, misunderstandings can only ruin the story. Though of course, I still want to try =)

Devilish Dream says: Working alone as well as with others both has there pro and cons. When I work, alone I became a lazy bean while when I work with my fellow author we work like professional as we are going to publish our book LOL!

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