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I am just your average girl in sunny California. I'm finally going to be a senior, but I am still stuck in the hell hole commonly referred to as high school. My favorite shows are Gilmore girls and Grey's Anatomy. That's about all there is to me.I hope you guys enjoy my stories, because I really enjoy writing them and reading yours.

Okay, so here's the deal with my stories.

Hotel Paperis probably my favorite of my stories that I have written so far. It was the first I ever attempted to write Tristan realistically, true to his onscreen character. I know the ending kind of pissed of some of my readers, so...

Back to You is my current project which is the companion (optional ending) to Hotel Paper. I really appreciate the feedback as to whether you guys like the ambiguous ending of Hotel Paper or a more structured ending like Back to You will be when it is finished.

North Carolina is complete. There will be no sequals or prequals or any of that nonsense. I ended it. It's over. Someday I may go back and touch things up, but I'll probably never get around to that.

Rory and Lori. UGH i hate this story. Is that bad for someone to hate their own work? It's like in Little Women when Jo's book gets published and it's complete "rubish." That's how I feel about this story. I REALLY want to fix it. But once again, I probably will never get around to that either.

Shoot the Moon. Did I promise you guys a sequal? I think I did, but I'm absolutely positive that if I had an idea, it's long gone. And trust me, my writing haunts my thoughts all day long. So if I forgot it, it was crap and you really didn't want to read it anyway.

History Repeating. Same as above, except I remember what was going to happen in the first chapter. I think it started with Rory being depressed and ended with her "miraculously" getting pregnant again, even though she couldn't bare any more children. So there you go, the middle was lame and that was the basic gist of the whole thing.

The Effects of Diamonds and Champagne: Okay, when I was trying to post the final chapter of this, something was wrong with ff.n for several weeks. So I finally gave up and posted the last chapter as the first chapter of the sequal Not Forgotten. Now I'm going to fix that. So if you're confused to what happened, yes, I've changed everything back to it's original order.

Not Forgotten. Okay, this story is (forgotten i mean.) I deleted it. I posted it spur of the moment, without any idea of where it would go. I'm sorry if you liked it.

I'm With You This is my favorite story, but also the one I have left hanging for so long. I promise I'll finish it, and I want to re-write some of it (again.) Sorry, but to me this is the one I want to be most proud of, so I want to make sure it works.

The Elephant will be posted after I finish up Back to You. I'm really excited about this one. It is my version of the whole 'Tristan never went to boot camp' story which, I know, is sadly overused. But I think I have some really good ideas, so I hope that you guys will read it when I get it posted.

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