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Message to readers: Sorry, sorry, sorry...
I've been away for an unforgivebly long time, but I'll make it up to
you all, I swear. I'm working on chapter 19 of Deal with the Devil and chapter 3 of Chains of Darkness. I'll be making my comeback soon, after a time of hurricanes (yes, I had one when I was in Florida), school (man, it hurts to be smart ;) and writing on my personal projects.
So again; my heartfelt (and I really feel them) apologies:
I'll be writing again soon and chapter 19 will be dedicated to all of my faithful readers, in short; YOU. :)

Hi, I'm Laura Nadal Uceda and I'm 19 years old right now.
I got hooked on DBZ when a couple of my friend talked about how fun it was and I started watching it.
I started writing books and poetry when I was seven years old and because I love it so much I thought it would be fun to start writing fanfics as well.
I hope some of you readers will apreciate my efforts a little...

Okay, about me:
I'm a bit of an insane person as my friends tell me daily. I'm just truly, deep-down weird and loving every second of it. I eat as much as a saiyan, but I don't have their tablemanners. I, unfortunately, do not have their fast metabolism so I have to watch my weight every second of the day. This I do by dancing (like salsa, samba e.d., streetdance, jazzballet etc), martial arts (I've done karate, kungfu, judo, swordfighting and a couple of less mentionable fighting methods since I was eight) and the normal stuff like fitness, aerobics and poweryoga. I still go to school and do the normal courses as well as a couple of extra like filosofie and greek. I'm from the Netherlands, but my dads Spanish.
I have amber colored eyes and red hair (that's dyed though, because I'm normaly blond)...
-> Okay, now my hair is more reddish brown since I changed the color again... Maybe I will be blond again someday hihi.

My favorite DBZ couple wuld have to be Bulma and Vegeta (No offence),
then followed by the rest of the couples:
Goku+Chi Chi

If I forget anything or anyone, you get the right to hit me over the head LOL.

I also love Harry Potter and started to write stories about him and his friends and foes (obviously hihi).
Ginny and Draco 4ever!

Later on there'll probably be stories with other parings too :)
If there's someone out there who wants to challenge me to writing a particular story; go right ahead hihi ;)

Well, that's it for now. If I think of anything else I'll let you know.
See ya!

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