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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter.
Bitter is Better is: Lallie ( and Tiny Q ( They have LiveJournals as well, but are much to lazy to post a link here, so you can go hunt for them elsewhere.

Tiny Q: Hello. I am Tiny Q. I am an Oobernoose. I live in Canada. Say it with me: Canada.
Lallie: Ditto for the most of that but I’m me and not her.
Tiny Q: That was a good point to make, Lallie. We wouldn’t want people to get confused. Though it is what we love to do. Confuse people that is, for all you people who are already confused...
Lallie: I sometimes like to say it is one of my super powers because I do it so well. Anyways we think up ideas for stories to write together and sometimes, if the planets are aligned perfectly and it’s written in the stars, we actually write them.
Tiny Q: And it’s so fun when it actually happens, isn’t it? I mean, we write and we write, and then you scream at me to write, and I doodle, and you scream some more, so I try to write, but then my eyes hurts and you tell me to hit them, but that hurts so I just keep doodling until you get violent, and you are so bloody violent some times, and whack me repeatedly with the notebook until I actually write. ~takes a deep breath~ And that is my story on writing, and I am sticking to it.
Lallie: She’s a liar you know. I don’t actually get violent, I just make complicated plans for world domination that would work if I could talk to the animals like bears and such like creatures. I’m really all about the plans and getting someone (or quite a few someones) to carry them out for me.
Tiny Q: Her plans scare me, which is why I have learned to tune them out. Anyhoo, for fear of this little bio thing getting too long and annoying people to no end, I think we should stop babbling. I would just like to say that I love Draco. He’s my book boyfriend. ~grins stupidly~ Yay for blondes!
Lallie: You see he’s blonde like us but we really aren’t the stereotypical blondes. I have plans for people who imply that we are. Have a good day!

Our Slogan: Bread is better butter side up because butter is better. BUT bread will always fall butter side down, so bitter is better!

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