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Author has written 4 stories for Lion King, Pokémon, and Hetalia - Axis Powers.

Well this is my profile, don't really know what to say I guess.

I'm one of the seemingly few males on this site (overwhelmed by the girl power),from the UK, and I'm in my late teens but in spirit I'm still about 10-11.

I enjoy writing, despite only achieving a C grade in English but at least I passed. I've held my interest in most of the things I loved as a child (Pokemon, 90s Disney etc.) but now add in my love of sci-fi on the top of it.

I'm currently loving university, studying a joint degree of history and international relations as I love seeing how nations interact with one another both in the past and the modern day. That led me on the path of no return Axis Powers: Hetalia fandom which I somehow stumbled across in the depths of the web. The result is me, a heterosexual male, being bombarded by the fandom's scary and sizeable yaoi fangirls screaming about the sexiness and wondering just what kind of fandom I've gotten myself into sometimes... then I shrug it off and read some Hetalia. Oh and I've recently started cos-playing so I guess I've gone all the way in now.

As my stories tend to shift around from franchise to franchise I try not to focus my profile towards one thing in anyway.

I love the villains. In most stories I find them becoming my favourite characters, possibly because evil is cool and a hero is only ever as good as the enemy s/he fights.

I've been asked about putting some more shipping in a few times to my stories but I'm not sure. I understand shipping is veeery popular here and I take the guilty pleasure of searching for my favourate pairings too but I'm not confident in my abilities to write any romance. For now I just tease the hell out of any pairing possible but I might be persuaded otherwise if someone offers a good incentive. Like chocolate.

Basically that's all I can think of at the moment. I'm always happy to talk to anyone though if you want to message me, just don't be rude ;)

Currently working on:

Háborúzik (Axis Powers Hetalia): This is my little pet project at the moment. I'm doing a fair amount of research to get it as accurate as possible. Combing back through constantly to ensure I'm writing to the standard I want to be... its all surprisingly hard work but I enjoy it. Unfortunately free time is more fleeting than we give it credit so updates are infrequent and chaotic. Haven't updated for a while now though, I will do, trust me please! I've had a variaty of difficulties pop up with computer issues and university and blah, blah, blah. I'm working on it!

Other stories:

Enemy Mine (The Lion King): The oldest story of mine on this site. I was pretty pleased with this overall when I first wrote it but looking back, I can clearly see how much I've developed as a writer. I can find glaring faults with it but still... my first oldest story so be gentle... It seems to be getting a lot of views recently and I haven't the faintest idea why. It should be buried deep in the archives right now but I keep seeing the view count go up at an unusually high rate so I have no idea what that's about.

Europe's last dictatorship (Axis Powers Hetalia): Me flexing around the Hetalia fandom for the first time. Incomplete and currently on hold (sorry!)

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Dimensions and Deoxys (Pokemon [dur]): A prime example of when plot bunnies get the better of me. I had an idea and had to at least start writting. A whole reasonably long fanfic for this still rests in my head but I'm unable to act on it. Possibly discontinued, I don't even know.

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