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Konnichiwa, all you Otakus out there! This page is for Anime Otaku's only! All you'll find here is Anime Fanfiction and if you're looking for anything else, then GET OUTTA HERE! I love all animes and manga's and want to write about 'em all! My Favorite Anime of all time is Rurouni Kenshin, and my favorite Manga is Angelic Layer! I'm a HUGE G Gundam Fan, and I laugh out loud at Ranma 1/2! Wait a minute! What are you doing reading this profile! START READING THE FICS! THEY'RE WHAT THIS PAGE IS FOR!

Your Otaku Writer, Magical Girl Pretty Sammy-Chan


Name: Sammy(I have more aliases, but Sammy is the one I use for Fanfiction, so you can just call me that. Others include loads of "J" names and Razine)
Age: 14
Gender: Female...duh
Interests: Anime, Manga, drawing, story writer, reading

1. Rurouni Kenshin
2. Shaman King
3. Excel Saga

Best Pairings:

Angelic Layer:
Misaki x Koutaro

Ayashi No Ceres
Aya x Toya

Big O
Roger x Dorothy

Card Captor Sakura
Sakura x Syaoran
Kaho x Clow/Eriol

Hideki x Chi

Chrno Crusade
Chrno x Rosette (Forever! Yaaaay!)

DN Angel
Riku x Daisuke
Risa x Satoshi
Risa x Krad
Riku x Dark
Emiko x Kosuke
(Occasional) Dark/Krad

Detective Conan
Shinichi x Ran
Hatori x Me...I one! He's best by himself!

Di Gi Charat
Minataku x Usada

Hitomi x Van

Final Fantasy VII
Cloud x Tifa
Aeris x Zack
Yuffie x Vincent

Final Fantasy VIII
Squall x Rinoa (Of course, of course!)
Irvine x Selphie
Seifer x Quistis
Zell x Library Girl
Zell x Ellone

Final Fantasy IX
Zidane x Garnet (Dagger)

Final Fantasy X
Tidus x Yuna
Wakkax Lulu

Final Fantasy X-2
Yuna x Tidus
Rikku x Gippal
Paine x Baralai
Wakka x Lulu
Nooj x Leblanc

Final Fantasy XI (Don't Ask)
Marlo x Myna
Niami x Glavan
Aeran x Kaj

Flame of Recca
Recca x Yanagi
Domon x Fuko
(Occasional) Kaoru/Saicho (Only if it's written well.)
Saicho x Misora
Kurei x Kurenai (Squeeee! Me love!)
Raiha/Kurei (Sometimes)

Fruit's Basket
Tohru x Yuki (FOR-EV-ER!)
Kyo x Kagura

Full Metal Alchemist
Ed x Winry

Full Metal Panic!
Kaname x Sousuke

Domon x Rain
Chibodee x Any of his Four Girls
George x Marie
Argus x Nastasha

Gundam Seed
Kira x Cagalli (Yes, I know they're twins...but I LOVE TWINCEST! W00T! GO THIS PAIRING!)
Athrun x Lacus (Awww...I love them together! They're awesome!)

hack series
Kite x BlackRose
Elk x Mia
Kamui x Balmung
Albireo x Hokuto

Hana Yori Dango
Tsukushi x Domoyoji
Rui x Shizuka

Harvest Moon
Karen x Jack

Hikaru No Go
Hikaru x Akari
Akira x OC
Hikaru/Akira (Occasionally, only if the fic is written well.)
Waya/Akira (Cause everyone loves one-sided rivalries:D)

His and Her Circumstances (Kare Kano)
Yukino x Arima
Tsubasa x Kazama

Hot Gimmick
Ryoki x Hatsumi (w00t, w00t!)
Shinogu x Asahi
Akane x Subaru

Koki x Tanpopo
Aoi x Tsuki

Kagome x Inuyasha
Sango x Miroku
Rin x Sesshomaru

Kingdom Hearts:
Sora x Kairi
Riku x Namine
Riku Replica x Namine

Love Hina
Keichiro x Naru
Mokoto x Keichiro
Mustumi x Keichiro

Sakura x Sasuke
Lee x Sakura
Nejix Tenten

Oh My Goddess!
Belldandy x Keiichi
Urd + Mara

One Piece
Zolo x Nami

Outlaw Star
Gene x Melfina
Gene x Aisha

Radiata Stories
Jack x Ridley
Larks x Natalie

Ranma 1/2
Akane x Ranma
Ryoga x Ucchan
Mousse x Shampoo

Hikaru x Eagle
Umi x Ascot
Fuu x Ferio

Rurouni Kenshin
Kenshin x Kaoru
Sanosuke x Megumi
Yahiko x Tsubame
Misao x Aoshi

Shaman King
Yoh x Anna
Anyone x OC basically (sigh...)
Manta x Tamao

Star Ocean III: Til the End of Time
Fayt x Sophia
Nel x Albel
Cliff x Nel
Cliff x Mirage
Nel + Clair
Maria x Lieber

Tenchi Muyo!
Sasami x Tenchi (Only pairing_ Go Sasami!)

Vash x Meryl
Wolfgang x Millie

Tsubasa Chronicle
Syaoran x Sakura

Ultra Maniac
Kaji x Ayu
Nina x Tsujai

Watanuki x Himawari
Yuko x Watanuki
Yuko x Clow

Yu Yu Hakusho
Yusuke x Keiko
Kuwabara x Yukina

Yu-Gi Oh!
Anzu x Yugi (Not Yami, Yugi :D)
Honda x Shizuka

Zodiac P.I.
Lili x Hiromi

I've actually grown to be okay with Hikaru and Akira fics, they're not so horrible. But, I usually don't read them. But the pairing I really don't like(which is sad because it's canon) is Cagalli and Athrun. I don't know why, but I don't like this pairing at all.

Pairings I can't stand for some reason:

Ohjiro x Misaki (Gaaah! The anime sucks! Go manga!)
Cagalli x Athrun (Die Canon...die...)
Kira x Lacus (See above.)
Fayt x Maria (DIE, DIE, DIE!)
Fai/Kurogane (Don't know why, but I just don't like it. Odd...)
Squall x Quistis


This is the application mentioned in Chapter 19. Please e-mail your completed cameo application to me:

A template application:

Name: (Here’s the catch. The name MUST be in two parts, like Niiro-Meiru. So don’t just put “Sally”. Put “Sally-John”. ((Don’t make it that stupid, please :D)) And it DOESN’T have to be Japanese. It can be another nationality, or fantasy if you like.)

Age (Or Looks Like): No character in “The World” actually has an age, but put what age your character looks like. Don’t make them all teenager/young adults. An old man/woman or a young kid will have a better chance of getting picked because of variety.

Color: As you know, every character in “Log On” has a dominant color. (ex: Iam, red. Orizo, blue. Chikoro, yellow.) I want you to pick one of the ten colors for your character.

Design: Put your character’s design in here. (note: DON’T put colors. There’s a set color scheme I want to put in, so just put the outfit. Ex: Tank top with a long flowing skirt)

Personality: Niiro-Meiru’s kind of creepy, but they don’t ALL have to be. They can be care-free, happy, depressed, innocent, naive, angry, spontaneously combusting (just kidding) or have any other personality you want. Remember: THINK 3-DIMENSIONAL.

That’s it. Your character doesn’t need a class. The characters are A.I.s, not players, so they don’t have a class or weapons. If you’d like to apply, e-mail me with this application (my e-mail’s on my profile) or, if you don’t have e-mail, you can submit a review application. But please try to do it through e-mail. I’ll announce the chosen characters A.S.A.P. If I don’t get nine applications, then I’ll just write the rest. Until then, Ciao for now!


Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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Di Gi Charat - Rated: K - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,872 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 1 - Published: 4/17/2004 - Complete
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